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Ravi International


Ravi International

Ravi International

New delhi, Delhi, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1979

Ravi International manufacturers of Garvin Tools is a worldwide recognized company engaged in the manufacturing and export of a variety of engineering tools and accessories. Based in India, we have been manufacturing and exporting precision tools, machine tools and cutting tools since the year 1979.
We also specialise in MODEL ENGINEERING TOOLS and also supplying our wide range of products to MARINE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIERS worldwide.

Products :

Manufacturer and Exporter of Machine Tools Accessories - Drill Chuck Arbor, Drill Sleeve, G-Clamps, Lathe Carrier, Live Center, Machinist Jack Precision Measuring Tools - Bore Gauge, Dividers & Calipers, Precision Steel Square, Precision Magnetic V-Block, Screw Pitch Gauge Magnetic Tools - Magnetic Base, Magnetic Link, Magnetic Hold fast, Pot magnet Small Tools/ Hand Tools - Centre Punch & Nail Punch, Automatic Centre Punch, Chisel, Drive Pin Punch, Letter & Number Punch Set, T-Handle Tap Wrench Tapping, Threading & Dressing Tools - Diamond Dresser, Hand Tap, Round & Hexagonal Die, Wheel Dresser HSS Cutting Tools - Countersink, HSS Jobber Drill, HSS End Mill, HSS Reamer, HSS Tool Bit, Tap & Die D.I.Y, Jewelry and Watch Making Tools - djustable & Master Pin Vise, Anvil, Baby Bench Vise, Bench Pin, Eye Loupes, Hammer, Pick up Tools (Diamond Holder), Pin Chuck Model Engineering Tools - CNC Tools, Drill Chucks, Rotary Tables, Tool Holders Measuring Tools - Bore Gauge, Feeler or Thickness Gauge, Protractor, Screw Cutting Gauge, Steel Rule, Thread Gauge Tool Holder - Adjustable Tap & Reamer Wrench T-Handle Tap Wrench, Cut off Tool Holder Tap Extension, Turning Tool Holder (American & English Type) Machine Tools Accessories - Tool Holders - American Pattern, Lathe Boring Tools, Drill Sleeves, Grinding Carriers, Tool Holders -English Pattern, Tap & Reamer Wrenches, Tap Extensions, Boring Bars, Knurling Tool Holders, Hand Shearing Machine, R-8 Adapters, Saw Holders, Fly Tool Cutter Holders, Circular Saw Arbors, Drill Chuck Arbors, Drill Drifts, Solid Sockets / Turret Sockets, Round Die Stock Handles, Threaded Arbors, Drill Chucks, Self Ejecting Lathe Chuck Key, Round Die Holders, T-Tap Wrenches, T-Slot Cleaner, Lathe Centre / Dead Centre, Tap Guide, Live Centres, Adaptors, Machine Strap Clamp, Drill Stands, Revolving Centres, Machinist Jack, Toolmakers Parallel Clamp, Quick Change Toolpost, Boring Heads, G-Clamps, Cut Off / Parting Tool Holders, Turning Tool Holders, Extension Sockets, ISO Toolings, Lathe Boring Tools, Lathe Chuck Keys, Lathe Dogs, Taper Toolings, R8 Toolings, Rotary Table Precision Measuring & Engineering Tools - Engineers Steel Square, Bore Gauge, Spring Caliper ? Square Leg, Toolmakers V-Block, Carpenter Steel Square, Wire Gauge, Firm Joint Calipers, Magnetic V-Block, Adjustable Square, Drill Gauge, Jenny Caliper / Hermaphrodite Caliper, Angle Plate ? Slotted, Centre Square, Screw Cutting Gauge, Wing Compass, Angle Plate ? Webbed, Bevelled Edge Square, Centre Gauge, Pencil Holders, Step Angle Plate, Centre Finders, Screw Pitch Gauge, Vernier Calipers, Sine Bars, Steel Rules, Radius Gauge, Micrometer, Surface Plates, Pocket Rules, Feeler Gauge, Steel V- Blocks, Steel Parallels, Protractors, Marking Gauge, Cast Iron V-Blocks, Scribers, Depth Gauge, Spring Calipers ? Flat Leg, V- Blocks ? Non-protruding, Micrometer Stand, Edge & Centre Finders, Surface Gauge, Four Way V-Block, Dial Comparator Stand, Wiggler & Centre Finder, Engineers Tool Kit, Machinist Tool Kits / Die Makers Tool Kits HSS Cutting Tools - Adjustable Hand Reamers, Socket Cap Screw Counterbores, Centre Reamers, Dovetail Cutters, Centre Drills, Shank type Cutters, Combined Drills & Countersinks, Radius Shank type Cutters, Zero Flute Countersinks, Jobber Drills, Single Flute Countersinks, Tool Bits, Six Flute Countersinks, Parting Tool Bits, Taper Pin Reamers, Rectangular Tool Bits, Pipe Reamers, Taps & Dies, Norse Taper reamers, U.N.F / U.N.C Taps, Chucking Reamers, B.S.W / B.S.F Taps, End Mills, B.A / M.E / N.P.T Taps, Single Ended End Mills, Hexagonal Dies B.S.W / B.S.F, Double Ended End Mills, Hexagonal Dies UNC /UNF, Round Dies BSW /BSF, Hexagonal Dies B.A / B.S.P, Tap & Die Sets, Round Dies BSW /BSF, Parallel Shank End Mills, Slot Milling Cutters parallel shank, Parallel Hand Reamers, Machine Reamers, Machine Reamers, Machine Taper Pin reamers Jewelry Making Tools, Watch Making Tools and DIY tools - Drive Pin Punches, Hacksaws, Long Drive Pin Punches, Jewellers Hammers, Centre Punches, Wax Carvers Sets, Centre Punch ? Square Head, Dental Carvers Set, Nail Punch, Woodworking Chisels, Nail Punch - Square Head, Ring Stretcher, Parallel Pin Punches, Universal Ring Stick, General Purpose Punches, Crucible Tongs, Automatic Centre Punches, Disc Cutter, Universal Transfer Punch & Aligner, Anvils, Brass Punches / Non-Sparking Punches, Third Hand, Taper Punches, Forceps, Hollow Punches / Leather Punches, Diamond Dressers, Letter & Figure Punch, Spring Calipers, T-Handle Tap Wrenches, Marking Gauge, Repairman Taper Reamer, Spring Clamps, Chisels, Doming Steel Blocks, Scrapers & Deburring Tools, Ring Clamps wooden, Machinist Scrapers, Mini drilling tools, Diamond Point Scribers, Machinst Square, Carbide Tipped Scribers, Pin Vices, Machnist Scribers, Pin Vice Handle, Adjustable Wrenches, Engineers File, Precision Tweezers, Mini Vices, Industrial Tweezers, Hacksaw Frames, Eye Loupes, Brushes, Eye Loupes ? Triplet, Mandrels, Eye Glass, Bench Pin With metal Holder, Magnifiers, Anvils, Hand Vice, Pliers, Diamond Holders, Brass Hammers, Tripod Eye Glass, Brass Caliper, Screw Drivers, Ring Gauges, Movement Holders, Watch case Opener, Hand Remover, Non Sparking Punches Magnetic Tools - Mini Magnetic Stands, Mini Magnetic Base, Flexible Arm Magnetic Base, Magnetic Base Holder, Magnetic Welders Clamp, Pot Magnets, Power Magnets T-Handle, Magnetic Holdfasts, Pocket Magnets, Button Magnets, Adjustable Magnetic Links, Magnetic Vee-Blocks, Magnetic Chucks, Universal Vee-Blocks, Magnetic Pick up tools Model Engineering Tools - Quick Change Tool Post, TCT Lathe Tools, Rotary Tables, CNC Tools, T-Nuts, Stub Milling Arbor, Involute Gear Cutters, Drill Chucks, Tool Holders, Brazed Carbide Boring Bars, R8 Toolings, Turning Tools

Contact Info

Ravi International

M-127, Street No.9, Shastri Nagar
New Delhi - 110 052 (Delhi) India

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