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DY Refrigeration


DY Refrigeration

DY Refrigeration

Hunan, , China

Engineering Products - Manufacturer,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 1999

Hunan DY Refrigeration Co. Ltd. Established in 7th July 1999, is a private Enterprise with high Scientfic technology. Specilizing in desin researching, Developing and manufacturing DY Refrigeration System based on DY heat energy adsorption Refrigeration technology. It has built up aohesive young team with Professional Knowledge and enterprising Sprit.
With aim to benifit whole humankind. Hunan DY Refrigeration Co. Ltd. Is commited to desin and manufacture tailor made product for you; to dedicate good service for you; and to satisfy to your specific needs.

Products :

Manufacturer of ammonia adsorption refrigeration. Hotwater Refrigeration System - The advances in our technology allows us to recycle energy that was once wasted by billions of users into various cooling and refrigeration applications. Our technology can be used by numerous industries, such as; Oil & Gas, Chemical, Automotive, Trucking, Shipping, Commercial & Residential Buildings, Ice Making Facilities, Ice using Industries, Cold Storage, Supermarkets, Aviation, Fishing, Recreational Facilities, Medical, and under developed areas that do not have access to electricity. Gas Dryer - A Gas Dryer driven by hot water or steam. Compressed Gas Dryer, Standard Compressed Air Refrigeration Gas Dryer, High Temperature Compressed Air Refrigeration Gas Dryer, Adsorption Gas Dryer. Mrine Applications - Fishing Vessel (Diesel Engine Exhaust) Icemaker, Boat (Diesel Engine Exhaust) Refrigerator. CHPC-Combined Heat, Power & Cold - DY Adsorption Technology is applied to tri-generation, we name it as CHPC (combined heat, power and cold). CHPC is one of good solutions to utilize energy scientifically. Based on central heat supplier system whose heat comes from tri-generation, DY Adsorption Refrigeration System is added to produce cold and to fulfill various cold needs in the meantime when power is generated and heat is provided. CHPC makes full use of low-class surplus heat discharged by thermal power plant simultaneously with generation and refrigeration, raises energy utilization rate, and therefore is the system to use energy efficiently. It greatly reduces energy consumption as well as abating pollution of waste heat. Automobile Applications - Automobile Exhaust Refrigerator/Freezer, Automobile Exhaust Air-Conditioning. Cold Storage - The system does not use freon and save energy; it is with a small amount of maintenance and repair because there are no motion parts, so it can be used for a longtime. Compared with the traditional ammonia compressor refrigeration system, the advantages of DY refrigeration system are so clear: The general investment will reduce more than 1/3. At present cold storage consumes a large energy while the DY Cold Storage consumes much less. Cold storage at present is with serious wear and tear, with frequent maintenance and repair, but that required by DY Cold Storage is far more less. Because of the fact that currently large quantity of ammonia compressor refrigeration has been adopted by the cold storage while the physic change of ammonia is mainly through mechanical motion, but DY Cold Storage is by way of heating to achieve the aim; the former possesses motion parts while the latter none. Portable Refrigerator - If the temperature is too high, then all the vaccines will be destroyed; however, if the temperature is too low, all the vaccines will lose their affects (Some vaccines need a temperature of 4?C.). The requirement of keeping low temperature all the time is referred as "cold chain" in the immunity circle. The mankind then will be able to enjoy their healthy life brought to them by this "cold chain". In those poor areas of the world, due to lack of money and the inconvenience of transportation, the "cold chain" breaks, and some infectious diseases are still existing and continue to affect children' health, even threaten their lives! Steam Freezer - Field Refrigerator - DY field various function refrigerators are wholly designed for herdsmen, who have a high mobility and use electricity inconveniently, fieldworkers and field army. It is the freezing and refrigerating equipment with various functions and can adopt many kinds of energy resources.

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DY Refrigeration

Hunan - 410128 () China

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