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Glass Agencies


Glass Agencies

Glass Agencies

Cantt, Haryana, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1956

Glass Agencies was founded in 1956 as manufacturers of Laboratory Glass Blown Apparatus & Calibrated Glass wares. In a very short span due to sincere and hard efforts jointly by the management, staff and skilled workers it touched great heights. Strictly Quality Control has raised the company to top level in its field. Besides full filling the requirements of the Indian Customers, due to popularity of EROSE brand, the company started getting enquiries from abroad also, this is how we entered the Export Market in 1980. Now our products are being exported to Africa, Middle East and U.S. With 100% Export.

We are member of Engineering Export Promotion Council, Chemicals & Allied Export Promotion Council and India Trade Promotion Organisation, formerly known as Trade Development Authority of India, set up by the Government of India for the growth of Export of quality Products from India, this has helped us time to time and we are highly indebted to them for their kind cooperations.

We are quality conscious and our aim is just to win the goodwill of our clients by supplying them quality material at competitive prices. That is how we are getting regular, repeated business, multiplied year by year.

Besides taking full care about the accuracy / Quality in our works, we are getting the equipments tested from the Standard Testing Laboratories outside, to reckoning the calibre. We are thankful to our Dealers, Stockist. Distributors who suggests us time to time to make ammendments & improve the quality according to the requirement of the customers.

Products :

We are Manufacturer & Exporter of Physics Apparatus- Ring & Ball Apparatus, Weight Box & Slotted Weights, Resistance Box, Vernier Calliper, Micrometer Screw Gauge & Spherometers, Dynamo & Motors, Rheostat, Resistance Coils & Plug Key, Induction Coil, Tangent Galvanometer, Pulleys, Magnetic Compasses, Thermo-Hygrometer, Thermometer Dial Type, Aneroid Barometer Wall & Demo. Type, Tunning Fork, Physical Balance, Tripple Beam Balance, Spectrometer, Galvanometer. Chemistry Apparatus- Measuring Cylinder, Reagent & Wash Bottles, Kipps Apparatus, Funnels, Measuring Cylinder, Volumetric Flaskc, Gas Jar & Measuring Cylinder, Specimen Jar & Spirit Lamp, Flasks, Beaker, Reagent Bottle, Beakers, Burettes, Kipps Apparatus, Soxhlet Apparatus, Dist. Set, Measuring Cylinder, Flask Volumetric, Dist. Set, Separating Funnel. Biology Apparatus- Human Torso, Human Skin, Eye Model, Klinostat. General Science Apparatus- Magnets, Burners, Clamps & Boss Heads, Retort Stand, Stop Clock, Test-Tube Stand, Spring Balance. Microscopes & Visual Aids- Student Microscope, Projection Microscope, Medical Microscope, Binocular Microscope, Inclined Microscope, Over Head Projector. Electrical & Electronic Instruments- Power Supply, Battery Eliminator, Incubator, Hot Air Oven, Muffle Furnace, Serological Water Bath, Water Bath, Soxhlet Apparatus, Ammeter, Voltmeter.

Contact Info

Glass Agencies

5309, Anaj Mandi, Ambala
Cantt - 133001 (Haryana) India

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