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New delhi, Delhi, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

Products :

Manufacturer and Exporters of : A). Hospital Furniture:- Semi Fowler Position Bed : 50-0100, Fowler Position Bed : 50-0200, Recovery Bed : 50-0300, CCU/ICU Bed-Mechanical : 50-500AH, CCU/ICU Bed-Motorized : 50-0500AHXML, Baby Bed : 50-1200, Bedside Table-Wooden Panel : 50-1400ADS, Bedside Table-Without Drawer : 50-1400S, Bedside Table-With Drawer : 50-1400DS, Over Bed Table : 50-1900AP, Over Bed Table : 50-1900M, Examination Table-Economy : 52-0700EC, Examination Table-Deluxe : 52-0700D. B).Operation Theatre Equipments:- Mobile OT Light - 14" Dome : 52-3141M, Mobile OT Light - 19" Dome : 52-3191M, Mobile OT Light - 4 Reflector : 52-3004M, Ceiling OT Light - 19" Dome : 52-3191, Ceiling OT Lights - 4 Reflector : 52-3004, Ceiling OT Light - 7 Reflector : 52-3007, Ceiling OT Light - 4+4 Reflector : 52-3004-4, Ceiling OT Light - 7+4 Reflector : 52-3007-4, C ARM Compatible OT Table - Motorised : 52-0500AM, Obstetric Table : 52-1000, Obstetric Table Cum Birthing Bed : 52-1000ET, Scrub Station - Single User, Automatic Sensor Detector Technology, Suction Machine - 1/4 HP Motor : 52-6400A, Suction Mahcine - 1/2 HP Motor : 52-6500A, Vacuum Suction Cups : 52-6600. C). Stretcher and Patient Emergency Equipments:- Patient Carrying Trolley : 50-7100, Emergency Cum Recovery Trolley : 50-7400, Folding Stretcher - Without Wheels : 83-2100, Emergency Crash Console : 55-5800SM, Folding Stretcher - Without Wheels : 83-2300, Folding Stretcher - With Wheels - 83-2100W, Folding Stretcher - With Wheels : 83-2300W. D). Invalid Aides & Rehabilitation aides:- Wheel Chair : Aircraft, Wheel Chair Commode Type - Attendant Propelling , Wooden Crutches, Cervical Support, Clavical Brace : NU FA01, Clavical Brace : NU FA02, Fracture Aides, Ortho Back Support, Ortho Traction Kit, Abdominal Surgical Supports, Hard Cervical Collar : NU CA01, Hard Cervical Collar Adjustable : NU CA02, Soft Cervical Collar : NU CA03, Boneless Cervical Collar : NU CA04, Cervical Pillow : NU CA05, Wheel Chair - Self Propelling : Liberty, Wheel Chair - Attendant Propelling : Liberty, Wheel Chair - Self Propelling : Freedom , Wheel Chair - Attendant Propelling : Freedom, Wheel Chair - Self Propelling : Swing, Universal Shoulder Immobilizer : NU FA03, Adjustable Pouch Arm Sling : NU FA04, Rib Support : NU FA05, Abdominal Surgical Belt - Regular : NU AS01R, Abdominal Surgical Belt - Deluxe : NU AS01D, Wheel Chair - Attendant Propelling : Swing, Abdominal Surgical Belt -Ultra : NU AS01U, Abdominal Surgical Belt - Super Ultra : NU AS01SU, Knee Immobilizer Brace - Long : NU KA06, Knee Immobilizer Brace - Short : NU KA07, Patela Knee Support : NU KA08, Knee Support (Elastic) : NU KA09, Knee Cap Hinges : NU KA10, Varicose Vein Stockings : NU KA11, Knee Cap Tubular : NU KA12, Tubular Elastic Anklet : NU KA01, Cast Shoes : NU KA02, Ankle Binder, Elastic) : NU KA03, Boot & Low Bar Splint : NU KA04, Foot Drop Splint : NU KA05, Lumbo Sacral Support - Regular : NU LS01R, Lumbo Sacral Support - Deluxe : NU LS01D, Lumbo Sacral Support - Premium : NU LS01DP, Lumbo Sacral Support - Ultra : NU LS01U, Taylor Brace : NU LS03, A.S.H. Brace : NU LS04, Cervical Traction Kit : NU TK01, Pelvic Traction Kit : NU TK03, Ankle Traction Kit : NU TK04, Foot / Skin Traction Kit : NU TK05, Eco Frame Belt NU LS02, Harnia Belt Single / Double Pad NU HB01, Elastic Cock UP Splint NU HS01, Elastic Wrist Splint NU HS02, Dynamic Cock UP Splint NU HS03, Elbo Support NU HS04, Wrist Brace NU HS05, Cock UP Splint with Thumb NU WS06, Half Cock UP Splint NU WS07, Thumb Spica Splint NU HS08, Finger Splint NU HS09, Finger Splint NU HS10, Finger Extension Splint NU HS11, Frog Splint NU HS12, Tubular Elastic Anklet NU KA01, Cast Shoes NU KA02, Ankle Binder NU KA03, Boot & Low Bar Splint NU KA04, Foot Drop Splint NU KA05, Knee Immobilizer Brace (Long) NU KA06, Knee Immobilizer Brace (Short) NU KA07, Patela Knee Support NU KA08, Knee Support (Elastic) NU KA09, Knee Cap Hinges NU KA10, Varicose Vein Stockings NU KA11, Knee Cap Tubular NU KA12, Wrist/Ankle Weight Cuff NU MA01, Hand Exerciser NU MA02, Knuckle Bender NU MA03, Tourniquet (Velcro) NU MA04, Tubular Sweat Band NU MA05, Head, Wrist Band & Ball, Back Rest NU MA09, Under Arm Crutches (Aluminium) NU WA11, Under Arm Crutches (CRC) NU WA12, Adjustable Walking Sticks Tripod (Anodized) NU WA21, Adjustable Walking Sticks Tripod (Powder Coated) NU WA22, Adjustable Walking Sticks Quadripod (Anodized) NU WA26, Adjustable Walking Sticks Quadripod (Powder Coated) NU WA27, Walker folding Aluminium, Walker (CRC) NU WA03, Adjustable Walking Sticks (CRC) NU WA31, Adjustable Walking Sticks Moulded Hand Grip NU WA33, Adjustable Walking Sticks Wooden Handle NU WA35, Adjustable Walking Sticks Folding Type NU WA37, Adjustable Elbo Crutches NU WA51. E). General Hospital Equipments:- Drip Stand : 50-2700A, Drip Stand : 50-2700AS, Drip Stand : 50-2700BS, Single Step Stool : 50-3700, Double Step Stool : 50-3800, Revolving Stool : 50-2900AP, Anesthetic Stool : 50-3100AP, Kick Bucket : 50-4400S, Instrument Trolley : 50-5100SS/SM/SL, Instrument Cum Dressing Trolley : 50-5300SM, Soiled Linen Trolley : 50-6000AS, Linen Changing Trolley : 50-6100ADS. F).Sterilizing Equipments

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39, North Avenue, Punjabi Bagh (West)
New Delhi - 110026 (Delhi) India

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