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Ronark Trading Corporation


Ronark Trading Corporation

Ronark Trading Corporation

New york, , United States

Engineering Products - Trader, Export / Import,
Public. Ltd. Firm Since 0

Ronak Trading Corporation is a trading enterprise which has been primarily involved in the import and export of numerous commodities throughout North America, Europe, western Africa, and south Asia. Corporate offices in New York have successfully expanded the firm into the international commodities market.
Our firm efficiently supports the projects with critical specifications and technical drawings required from manufacturers by prospective buyers. Our firm?s proficient administrative staff works diligently with the client, as well as third parties involved. Our global presence in various countries has helped us in yielding effective communication.
Ronak Trading Corporation because of its exposure, in-depth knowledge, and experience in marketing and networking on an international scale, has resulted in a unique entity that has exhibited exciting growth.

Products :

Supplier and exporter of PLASTICS, SCRAP METALS / HMS, COMPUTERS, SAFETY PRODUCTS, INDUSTRIAL TOOLS, ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS, ENCAPSULATION SERVICES, ADHESIVES, CEMENT, PHARMACEUTICALS, LUMBER, CONTRACTOR PRODUCTS, SHIPS, ABRASIVES, PETROLEUMS, JEWLERY, FOODS, HOSPITAL & LABORATORY EQUIPMENT, FERTILIZERS, TEXTILES. Our product range includes PLASTICS : Acrylics, Polypropylene PET, Thermoplastic, Phenolics, Engineering Resins & Compounds, Polycarbonates. SCRAP METALS / HMS : Automobile Scrap, Municipal, Incinerator Scrap, Copper, Iron, Angles, Rods, Deformed Bar. COMPUTERS : Hardware, Software, Systems Integration. SAFETY PRODUCTS : Respirators, Comfort Masks, Prefilters, Safety Goggles, Aprons, Gloves. INDUSTRIAL TOOLS : Shuttle Grippers, Mounting Plates, Guide Pieces, Feeder Jaws, Shuttle Returners, Heavy Duty Doup Springs. ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS : Connectors, Crimping Tools, Wires. ENCAPSULATION SERVICES : Powdered Liquids, Silicone - Plus Polymers, Dry Perfumes, Corrosion Control Absorber Products. ADHESIVES : Compounds, Spray Adhesives, Epoxies, Feathering Disc Adhesives, Sealants, Silicone Lubricants, Coatings, Pressure Sensitive Tapes, Jet Melt Adhesive Systems. CEMENT : Abrasive, Portland, Acid & Alkali Resistant, Adhesive Bituminous, Asbestos Alternative, Epoxy, Plastic, Resin. LUMBER : Raw Processed Plywood. SHIPS : Transportation, Ship - Breaking. PETROLEUMS : Crude Oils, Processed Petroleums, Jet Fuels. FOODS : Wheat, Rice, Grain, Chicken and Other Meats, Edible Oils, Nuts, Milk Powders, Sugar, Tea/Coffee, Juices, Cocoa. FERTILIZERS : Urea, DAP. TEXTILES : Cotton Fibers, Yarns. PHARMACEUTICALS : Capsules/Tablets, Oral Suspension, Vitamins. CONTRACTOR PRODUCTS : Abrasive Sheets, Disc Pads, Resin Bond Cloth, Emergency Cloth. ABRASIVES : Coated Abrasive Products, Abrasive Flap Wheels, Surface Preparation Products, Grinding Discs. JEWLERY : Diamonds, Gold, & Other Precious Stones. HOSPITAL & LABORATORY EQUIPMENT : Pediatric & Infant Products, Diagnostic Equipment, Biological Indicators Dental Equipment, Surgical Equipment Infusion Pumps, Sterilizers / Aerators Flow, Regulators.

Contact Info

Ronark Trading Corporation

One Blue Hill Plaza, Eleventh floor,
P.O. Box 1669, Pearl river
New York - 10965 () United States

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