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New delhi, Delhi, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Trader,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1956

Since its inception in the year 1956, the Company has pioneered in the art of manufacturing Poultry Appliances in India. The Company is manufacturing fully automatic state of art incubators. These incubators are widely acclaimed all over the World as best quality setters and hatchers. The Company enjoys the most enviable status of providing best value for money for all the equipment of Hatcheries business.

With continuous R & D, innovative approach and dynamic management, Company's products have revolutionized the Poultry industry. As a fast growing organization, the company is all set and geared up to take on new challenges and assume greater proportions.

Dayal Poultry Appliances specializes in manufacturing All Automatic Incubators, known all over world as best quality setters and hatchers for accurate performance, reliable trouble free operations and total dependable performance. These are some of the feats company is proud of.

Dayal Poultry Appliances specializes in its aim to maintain a product of highest standards in terms of design, quality material and workmanship. The company also ensures the most efficient utilization of labor, energy and operational procedures.

Products :

Manufacturers of Commercial Setters, Commercial Hatchers, Mid Size Incubators, Game Bird Incubators, Debeakers, Vaccinators. Egg Baskets- Egg Tray with Lid, Piled up Egg Trays, Egg Tray without Lid, Egg Tray (90 Eggs Capacity, Egg Tray (101 and 102 Eggs Capacity), Egg Tray (68 Eggs Capacity). Spare Parts- Automatic Ventilation Fan Ventilation Ball Bearing for Hub 6204, Ball Bearing for Connecting Rod 6204, Ball Bearing for Gear Wheel Box 6206, Capsule Double Wafer, Contactor LT, Condenser for Motor 40/80, Complete Connecting Rod, Coupling Rubber, Clip Heater L Type, Clip Heater U Type, Contact Thermometer China Contact Thermometer Germany, Door Hinges Aluminium Big Door Hinges Aluminium Small, Door Hinges Stainless Steel Big 5? Door Hinges Stainless Steel Small 4", Black Gasket ?? X ?? L Type Black Gasket ?? X ? ? Flat Type, Green Gasket PVC for new model, Dry & Wet Thermometer, Fan Blade for Setter Fan Blade for Hatcher, Fan Spindle, Fan Belt A-75 or A-89, Fan Pulley, Fan Pulley LN Key Bolt 5/16 X3/4?, Fan Spindle Brass Screw ? ? X ?? Complete Gear Box, Gear Wheel Big, Gunny Ring with Pan, Gunny Guard(Thal), Gunny Ring Pan(Batti) Gunny Ring Screw with nut 3/16? X ??, Complete Hub, Hatcher Tray (101 Egg Cap.), Hatcher Tray (202 Egg Cap.), Heater Strip Type, Heater U Type (Stainless Steel), Humidity Drop Valve, Humidity Transparent Pipe (Tubka), Humidity Feeding Tube, Indicator Bulb (6 pc Set), Kit Kat Fuse 15 Amp Motor 3/4 HP, Motor 1/2 HP, Micro Switch for Door Contact Motor 1/4 HP, Micro Switch for Turning, Micro Switch for Heater, Micro Switch for Humidity, Motor Pulley, Motor Coupling, Relay (Red, White, Yellow), Relay (Blue), Solenoid Valve Solenoid Valve for Water & Air Cooling, Solenoid Valve for Humidity, Solenoid Coil, Setting Tray(90 Eggs ), Setting Tray(101 Eggs), Turning Time Clock Complete set, Turning Time Clock Motor, Turning Counter, Toggle Switch, Trolley Wheel, Complete Thermostat without Capsule, Water Cooling Coil, Water Tank for Double Setter, Water Tank for Hatcher, Setting Tray (102 Eggs Cap.)

Product Catalog

Mini Size Incubators
RCOM 20 incubators are state of art Incubators. It allows you to choose from Automatic Standard Settings or Fully Adjustable Setting for all Operational Parameters.....

Piled up Egg Trays
DAYAL POULTRY APPLIANCES introduced plastic basket for the first time in India for better & durable hatching. Hatching basket should always be in one piece to avoid germs....

Manufacturers and exporters of Vaccinators....

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WZ- 16, Lajwanti Garden
New Delhi - 110046 (Delhi) India

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