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Alvel Sales


Alvel Sales

Alvel Sales

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Engineering Products - Trader,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1980

Established in the year 1980, we Alvel Sales, have experienced significant growth in our networking with our clients spread at large. Our efficiency in business has set benchmarks for our competitors on the lines of quality and finesse. We offer and deal in premium quality products such as cable jointing kits and brass cable glands to give our clients excellent services and true value for money. We deal in only those products, which have given a big name to the concern in the domestic market so much so that our name is accepted with trust and quality assurance the nation over. This has become possible because our company is professionally, managed and handled by people who ensure that creativity is given full freedom to blossom and talent is nurtured in the company.

Quality assurance is the concern's worthwhile contribution to the business with an experienced quality control team manning. We deal in the products of only those companies, which have carved a niche for themselves on the lines of authenticity, reliability, and quality in their respective arena of operation. We have a team of highly qualified workers who work circumspectly and endeavor to forge a satisfying relations between the companies and the end users of their products. This in return helps us to imbibe confidence amongst our customers for our concern. We perpetually endeavor to be in tune with the changing trends of the needs and fashion.

To deal and supply the widest range of high quality and cost effective products and to provide necessary solutions to the manufacturers and users on a global basis, and to provide a level service that consistently satisfies our customers beyond their expectations.

Products :

We are authorised distributors for the products we offer. The products that we deal in include:- Cable Jointing Kits :- Mahindras M- Seal cable Jointing kits suitable for PILC / PVC / XLPE from 1.1KV to 33 KV cables - Cast Resin, Tapex, Push On and Heat Shrink Types. Insulation :- Epoxies, PVC, Self Amalgamating, Semi Conducting Tapes, Aerosols, Varnishes, etc., Cable Accessories :- Crimping tools from 1.5 Sq. Mm to 1000 Sq. Mm Manual / Hydraulic Tools in different Ranges. Brass cable glands, cable Lugs / Ferrules of Copper and Aluminum and other connected materials. V-belts :- World Class Roulunds ( HILTON) for power transmission, all sizes and specifications. Adhesives :- Range of Epoxies liquid / Putty, Steel, Aluminum, Underwater, High Temperature, Rubber Based, Polyurthense, Anaerobic, Cynos, Silicones, For Industries :- Hydraulic Bearing Pullers, Induction Heaters, Non - Contact Thermometer Torque Wrenches (Manual / Hydraulic) Hands Tools, Floor Cleaners - Vacuum / Steam, Portable Keyway milling machine, Do all machines. Maintenance Materials :- WD - 40, Rustolene, CRC - 226, Holdtite, Contact Cleaners Dust Removers, Metal Rebuilding, Anticorrosive paints, Antispatter, Antitracking Silicones. Packing Materials :- Bopp Tapes etc., ( Printed and Plain). Lubricants :- Based on Silicones, Moly, Copper Graphite, Petroleum, Synthetic in Aerosols, Liquid, Paste from Anabond, Stanvac CRC etc. Special Materials :- Rapid Prototyping materials for Mould making, Brake Shoe Bounding, Single Component Epoxy, Sealing of Hair line Cracks, Pits in Marble / Granite. Crystal Clear Epoxy for Domming, Lamination, Name Plates, Aerosol Insulation Puff. Epoxies :- For Civil - Grouting, Water Proofing, Corrosion Protection, Construction etc. For Coating - For Protection, External Factors, Anti corrosion, Dust free Surface etc. For Electrical Insulation - Electrical, Encapsulation, Die - Electric, Mastic Compounds etc. For Sealing

Contact Info

Alvel Sales

5, Stringer Street
Chennai - 600 108 (Tamil Nadu) India

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