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Everflow Scientific Instruments


Everflow Scientific Instruments

Everflow Scientific Instruments

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Engineering Products - Trader, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 0

'Everflow Scientific Instruments' is one of the leading exporters, distributors and wholesalers of indigenous and imported scientific instruments and equipments used for Medical, Educational, and Industrial Research and Development, Meteorological and various other applications. Everflow deals with a range of instruments and equipments that are used in Medical, Educational, Industrial Research and Development, Meteorological and other Laboratories. 'Everflow Scientific Instruments' is dedicated to provide high quality, Cost-Effective and High-Performance.
In addition to supplying quality products, we are committed to providing you with the best possible customer service available. Our staff is highly knowledgeable of your needs, applications and offers the following services:
Annual service contract for maintenance of lab equipments, cooling and heating equipments.
Fabrication of specialized instruments and equipment's as per the specific requirement of the customer.
Setting up of the entire laboratory, including the supply of glassware.
Well-trained and qualified service engineers to meet service requirements.

Products :

Exporter, Importer, Distributor & Wholesaler of Autoclave, Hot Air Oven, Incubator, Water Bath, B.O.D. Incubator, Research Microscopes with Photography, Shaking Machines, Pathology Lab Instruments, Automatic Tissue Processor, Microtome, Microslide Cabinet, Microbiology Lab Equipments, Bio-Safe Biological Cabinet, Laminar Flow Bench (Vertical / Horizontal), Analytical Instruments, PH Meters, Petroleum Product Testing Instruments, Bomb Colorimeter, Industrial Lab Equipments, Hot Air Drier (Tray Drier), Sound Level Meter, Meteorology and Hydrology Instruments, Rain Gauge (Recording / Non-Recording), All types of Laboratory Glasswares, Physics Apparatus, Chemistry Apparatus, Polythenewares, Slides and Cover Slips, Projection Instruments and Survey Instruments. Our range of products inlcudes: GENERAL LAB INSTRUMENTS:- Autoclave Centrifuges Hot Air Oven Hot Plate Incubator - Magnetic Stirrers, Melting Point Apparatus, Sterilizers, Shakers, Vortex Mixer. Water Bath Weighing Balance R & D EQUIPMENTS:- B.O.D. Incubator - Humidifier, Environmental Chambers, Fume Hood, Furnaces, Humidity Cabinet, Moisture Meters, Moisture, Balances, Micropipettes. Research Microscopes with Photography - Rotary Vacuum Evaporator, Refractometers, Seed Germinator. Shaking Machines De-Humidifiers PATHOLOGY LAB INSTRUMENTS - Automatic Knife Sharpener, Automatic Slide Staining Machine, Automatic Tissue Processor, Block Cabinets, Blood Cell Counter, Hone, Microtome, Microslide Cabinet, Slide Warming Table, Slide Trays, Tissue, Floatation Bath, Wax Bath. MICROBIOLOGY LAB EQUIPMENTS:- Autoclave, Bio-safe Biological Cabinet, Compact Lab Centrifuges, Distillation Plants - Glass/SS, Deep Freezer, Incubator, Inspissator, Laminar Flow Bench (Vertical / Horizontal), Tissue Culture Hood, Ultra Cryostat Circulation Bath, Ultra Violet Inspection Cabinet, Vacuum Oven, Vacuum Pump, V.D.R.L. Rotator. ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS:- Analytical Balances, B.O.D. Systems, C.O.D. Systems, Conductivity Meter, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Turbidity Meter, TDS Meter, Flame Photometer, Gas Chromatography, Karl-Fisher Titrator. PH Meters - Photo Colorimeters, Spectrophotometers U.V.-Vis, Water & Soil Analysis Kits. PETROLEUM PRODUCT TESTING INSTRUMENTS:- Abel Flash Point , Aniline Point, Bomb Colorimeter Cloud and Pour Point, Colour Comparator, Conradson Carbon Residue, Constant Temperature Bath, Dean and Stark, Film Thickness Gauge, Flash Point Apparatus, Gloss Meter, Hegman Gauge, Rams Bottom Carbon Residue, Salt Spray Corrosion Cabinet, Viscometers - Flow cup / Redwood/Engler. INDUSTRIAL LAB EQUIPMENT:- Abbe Refractometer, Ball Mill, Constant Temperature Bath, Chromatography Cabinet, Dessicator Cabinet, Digital Temperature Controller Hot Air Drier (Tray Drier)- High Temperature Furnaces, Industrial Oven, Industrial Furnace, Lux Meter, Laboratory Jacks, Magnifiers, Profile Projectors, Steam Boiler, Stereo Microscopes, Sound Level Meter, Tachometer, Test Sieves, Vibration Meter. METEROLOGY & HYDROLOGY INSTRUMENTS:- Anemometer, Altimeter, Aneroid Barometer, Hygrometers, Magnetic Compass, Open Pan Evaporimeter, Planimeter, Rain Gauge (Recording / Non-Recording) - Salinity Meter, Sunshine Recorder, Tong Tester, Thermometers, Whirling Hygrometer, Wind Wave. All Types Of Laboratory Glasswares such as Physics Apparatus, Chemistry Apparatus, ythenewares, Slides and Cover Slips, Projection Instruments, Survey Instruments.

Contact Info

Everflow Scientific Instruments

231/298, Kilpauk Garden Road,
Chennai - 600010 (Tamil Nadu) India

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