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Sintrex Corporation


Sintrex Corporation

Sintrex Corporation

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Engineering Products - Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 0

Sintrex Corporation- a one stop source for all Laboratory Equipments. Since its inception, the company is engaged in the manufacture and export of Laboratory Equipments, Lab Sintered ware, Laboratory Glassware, Petroleum, Grease, Wax, Paint Testing Instruments and Silicone Tubings.

At Sintrex, our actions are guided by an unwavering commitment to achieve total quality performance. We are well armed to develop customized products and welcome all your suggestions and guidance to further improve the quality of our products. We offer premium quality products to give you excellent services and true value for money. The unmatched products have given a big name to the company within a very short period in the domestic market. Now, we are rightly appreciated as an undisputed leader in this field of operation.

Customer satisfaction in terms of creativity, quality and service is of paramount importance to us. Combined with the zealous efforts, motivation and technical skills, our organization has a satisfied customer base which is spread all over the globe.

Products :

Exporter of :- Lab Sintered ware - Gooch Crucibles, Buchper Funnels, Pipeline Filter Funnels, Sintered Discs (10mm & 150 mm dia) & Rods, Microfiltration Assemblies (13mm to 90 mm), Chromatography Columns, Whitt's Apparatus, Sperical Joints, Ground Joints Laboratory Glassware - Lab-Adapers: Reduction, Expansion, Multiple, Receiving, Still heads, Splasheads, Vacuum, Screw Cap, Miscellaneous. Lab-Beakers: Micro, Graduated, Fleekers. Lab-Bottles: Dropping Reagents, Screw cap, Aspirator, Specific Gravity, Woulf, Weighing, Gas Washing. Lab -Burettes:Straight bore, Rotaflow key, Double Oblique Bore, PTEE Key, Automatic Pressure Filling. Lab-Condensers:Plain, Liebig, Double Surfaxce, Coil Bulb, Inland, Revence, Ether, Friedrichs. Lab Columns:Plain, Rotaflow Key, Sintered Discd., Fractionating, Vigreux, Dufton, Jacketed, Tamping Rod, Rasching Ring, Helics. Lab-Cylinders &Dishes: Measuring, Stoppered, Spout, Screw Cap, Nessler, Crow Receivers, Dishes. Lab-Flasks:Single Neck, Two-Three Necks, Kjeldahl, Reaction, Conical, Filter, Iodine, Screw Cap, Pear Shape, Distillation, Claisen, Volumetric, Sugar, Sulphonation, Viscosity, Dewar Flask. Lab-Funnels:Filter, Powder, Separating, Open Top, Dropping. Lab-Ground Joints:Conical Joints -Spherical Joints, Greaseless Joints. Lab-Pipettes:Volumetric, Graduated, Serological, Lambda, Ostwald, Bacteriological, Automatic. Lab-Sintered ware:Gooch Crucibles, Buchner Funnels, Pipeline Filter Funnels, Sintered Filter Tubes, Sintered Rods, Microfiltration Assemblies. Lab-Stirrers:Micro, Link, Collapsible, Fix Paddle, Anchor, Mercury, Seal Stuffing Box. Lab-Stopcocks:Straight Bore, Rotaflow, P.T.F.E., T-Y-V Bore, High Vacuum, Three Limbs. Lab-Stoppers -Spray:Hollow, Hexagonal, Peny Head, Solid, Polythene, PTFE, Spray. Lab-Tubes:Plain Blood Sugar, Centrifuge, Graduated, Stopper, Screw cap, Melting, Calcium Chloride. Lab-Assemblies: Reflux Reaction, Vacuum Distillation, Preparation, Fractionation Recovery, Soxhlet Extraction, Orsat, Nitrogen, Kjeldahl, Moisture, Chromatograph, Arsenic, Lands burg, Essential Oil, Single and Multi Joints Sets. Lab-Amber ColourProducts: Burettes, Cylinders, Flasks, Pipettes, Separating Funnels, Petridishes, Bottles, Beakers. Lab Quartz and SilicaGlass: Beakers, Crucibles, Boats, Basins, Capsules, Cells, Flask, Funnel, Ground Joints, Graded Seals, Plates, Stopper, Springs, Tubes, Triangle, Wool Laboratory Equipments - Autoclave Vertical, Desiccator Cabinet, Drum Heater, Autoclave Vertical, Desiccator Cabinet, Drum Heater, Heating Cord, Heating Cord High Temperature, Heating Tapes, Heating Pads (Electrics), Heating Mantles Spare Elements, Heating Mantles Breaker, Heating Mantles Flexible, Laboratory Hot Plate, Jack Laboratory, Incubator B.O.D., Incubator Bacteriological, Furnace Crucible, Furnace Muffle, Furnace Refractory, Furnace High Temp. (14500 C) Tube Type, Melting Point Apparatus, Oven Hot Air, Oven Chromatography Drying, Oven Industrial Heavy Duty, Oven Humidity Control, Oven Environmental Humidity Control, Over Vacuum Round Electric, Oil Bath, (with Motorized Agitation), Paraffin Embedding Water Bath, Serological Water Bath, Soxhlet Extraction Heater, Kjeldahl Assembly Heater, Shaking Machine, Shaker Khan, Shaking Water Bath Incubator, Temperature Control Unit, Built-in-Entergy Regulator, Built-in-Entergy Regulator, Tray Drier, Water Still (Manesty Type), Water Still (Barnstead Pattern), Water / Oil Bath, Water Bath Thermostatic, Water Bath Universal, Water Bath for Dye Pots, Water Bath Tissue Floating, Constant Temperature Bath, Low Temperature Cryostate Bath, Viscosity Bath, Electric Bunsen Burner, Paint Corrosion Oven, Pipette Washer, Rota Mental, Roller Pot Mills Petroleum, Grease, Wax, Paint Testing Instruments - Air Release Value, Abel Flash point apparatus, Acidity by extraction, Aging test Oven, Aniline point apparatus, Bomb Calorimeter, Burning Test lamp, Carbon Residue, Condradson, Cloud & Pour point apparatus, Copper Strip, Dean & Stark Apparatus for Estimation of moisture in lubricating oils, Demulsification apparatus for Lubricating oil, Density and Relative Density of Light Hydro carbons by pressure Hydrometer, Dielectric Breakdown Voltage of insulating, oils (Transformer oils), Distillation of Petroleum Products at Reduced pressure, Distillation apparatus for Petroleum products, Emulsion characteristics of Petroleum oil and synthetic Fluids, Existent gum for 5 test bath Flash & fire point apparatus Cleveland, Flow cup Viscometer complete with stand & level, Floroscent Indicator Adsorption (FIA) Apparatus Foaming apparatus of testing Characteristics of lubricating oils, Freezing point apparatus for Aviation fuels, Oxidation stability of gasoline (introduction period method), Oxidation stability of lubrication grease by Oxygen Bomb method, Oxidation stability of inhibited mineral turbine oils, Oxidation stability of straight mineral oil, Oxidation stability of mineral insulating oil, Stability -corrosion test for non-aqueous fire Resistant Fluids, Oxidation stability of inhibited mineral insulating oils, Oxidation characteristics of inhibited steam-Turbine oils, Oxidation stability of Distillate Fuel oil (Accelerated Method), Detennination of the sludging tendencies of inhibited mineral oils, Oxidation stability of insulating & steam turbine oils by Rotating Bomb method, Octane Number Front End, Pensky Martens Flash point tester closed, Ramsbottom Carbon Residue apparatus, Reid Vapour pressure Test, Redwood Viscometer No.2, Rust preventing characteristic of Steam turbine oil in presence of water, Sampling Bombs Stainless Steel, Saybolt colour of Petroleum Products, Sediment by extraction apparatus of crude & fuel oils, Silver corrosion by aviation Turbine fuels, Sulphur by Bomb method, Sulphur Content -Quartz Tube Method, Sulphur by lamp method, A.S. T .M. Thennometers, S. T .P .T .C. Thennometers, I.P. Thermometer, Total Base number apparatus, Viscometer bath, Viscometer Glass tube Weathering Test for liquefied Petroleum Gases Volatility of liquefied, petroleum Gases, Residues in liquefied petroleum Gases, Propane residue test (mercury Freeze method), Distillation Apparatus, Drop point of grease Apparatus, Drop point of grease Apparatus, Flow cup viscometer, Ford cup, Gardner type bubble viscometer, Glossmeter, Grease worker for penetrometer hand operated, Hegman Gauge Kinematic Viscometer bath O U tube viscometer for Varnish Paint Corrosion cabinet, Paint panels, Salt sprays corrosion chamber, Salt spray chamber, Scratch Hardness Tester, Standard Penetrometer, Stoving Oven for Heat Resistance test, Softening Point of Bituminous Materials Ring & Ball Method, Water Content Apparatus, Wet Film thickness Gauge (up to 0-004") Tablet Testing & Pharmaceutical Equipments - Tablet Disintegration Test Machine Double Basket, Tablet Disintegration Test Machine Single Basket, Dissolution Rate Test Equipment, Friability Test Apparatus Double Drum, Friability Test Apparatus Single Drum, Antibiotic Zone Reader, Bulk Density Apparatus, Tablet De-Dusting Machine, Precision Melting Point Apparatus, Tablet Hardness Tester, Food, Pharma & Medical Grades Quartz Glass Products - Quartz Sintered Discs, Quartz Polished Discs, Quartz Sperical Joints, Quartz Conical Joints, Screwhead Joints, Quartz Round & Flat Bottom & Conical Flasks, Quartz, Beakers, Quartz Rod & Seals Silicon Tubing - Food, Pharma & Medical Grades

Contact Info

Sintrex Corporation

4, Vakharia Building, 3rd Floor,
Room No. 4, 38, Picket Road
Mumbai - 400 002 (Maharashtra) India

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