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Chandy John


Chandy John

Chandy John

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Proprietorship Firm Since 1995

Chandy John was established in 1995.We believe in quality, performance and completing the task in a stipulated time. Our all equipments are of the best quality, technically upgraded and commercially economical. Our company has already supplying to various renowned organizations across the country.
He has served in various capacities like Maintenance Engineer, Production Manager, Factory Manager, Manager - Engineering Development, Group Technical Manager and General Manager - Technical for a total period of 32 years with Brooke Bond Lipton India Ltd., which is the largest Tea Blending and Tea Packing Company in the world.

We specialize in wide range of tea blending machines.

Products :

Manufacturer & Exporter of Tea Blending / Mixing Machines, Tea Cleaning, Tea Batch Blending Systems, Tea Flavouring Machine, Bulk Density Meter for Tea. Blenders/Bulkers/Mixers - Two different types of Blenders/Bulkers/Mixers are available. Both types are suitable for tea or any other dry and free-flowing powders, granules, grains, seeds, etc. Either type can be integrated with a Batch Blending System/Tea Cleaning System to work in one continuous line. Drum Type Rotary Tea Blenders - Capacities from 1 to 10 cubic meters per batch. Suitable for any type of Orthodox or CTC type of teas including the very large leaf Sri Lankan OPA, OP and OP1 Teas. Tower (or Silo) type Static Tea Blenders - Capacities from 10 to 30 cubic meters per batch. Suitable for all types of CTC Teas and small leaf, fannings and dust type of Orthodox Teas. Not suitable for the very long leaf Sri Lankan Orthodox OPA and OP Teas. Batch Blending Systems - Batch Blending Systems that can be repeatedly produce identical blended batches and can be integrated with either type of blenders such that two systems work together in one continuous line. This integrated system is suitable for application of all types and grades of Tea. Tea Cleaning Systems - Tea Cleaners are available for removing common impurities in tea like Sand, Stones, Plastic, Metal Pieces, Iron and Rust Powder, Dust, Tea Fluff, Human Hair, etc. Tea Flavouring Machines - Flavouring Machines suitable for applying liquid Flavours on to Tea. Bulk Density Meters - Two different models of Bulk Density Meters are available to measure the Bulk Density of Teas. One model namely, BDM 5003 is a popular economy model, while the other model, namely, BDM 2503 is a more sophisticated model confirming to ISO and ASTM standards. Additional Options: Magnetic Separator, Vibratory Sifter, Tea Dust Collection System, Automatic Recycling of Tea Dust (Tea Fines), Automatic Weighing and Dispensing up to 60 Kgs, Bagging/Filling in Bags or Paper Sacks, Paper Sack Stitching, Traveling Storage Bins, etc.

Contact Info

Chandy John

# 201, Royal Residency
8, Brunton Road
Bangalore - 560025 (Karnataka) India

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