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Delhi, Delhi, India

Engineering Products - Manufacturer, Export / Import,
Pvt. Ltd. Firm Since 0

Trans Global Surgicals is an India-based company, which is a sister concerned of Shivaaye International, a leading manufacturer and exporter of orthopaedic implants and orthopaedic instruments since 1988.

Trans Global Surgicals do understand and use ample space for the primary & secondary quality controls for high level of efficiency. At the same time sufficient work area is allotted to administrative block. Trans Global Surgicals has a efficient marketing team which responds to customer's queries within the shortest time possible.

The best technology is at work to manufacture wide range of products with the help of CNC tooling , CAD systems from drawings to die making & raw materials to finished products. Radiographic & ultrasonic tests, profile projector, temper testing and tensile strength make up the intricate instruments and processes of our complex but thorough testing department.

Our products pass through the most severe tests to fulfill exacting specifications. Each item is individually inspected for flaws on our state-of-the-art quality control department.

Quality has been the hall - mark of success of the company. The implants are made of 316L grade Stainless Steel as per BIS specifications & titanium. All products marketed by the company undergo rigorous quality surveillance. The raw materials of all products are tested for Chemical Composition and sample piece tested for Physical Properties of a production batch.

We have been a leader in the field of orthopaedics in India since 1988. It has been our constant endeavor to provide High Quality, Cost Effective and Creative solutions to the needs of orthopaedics surgeons.

Products :

We are importers and Exporters of Implants : Ini Fragment Implants, Small Fragment Implants, 4.5 MM & 6.5 MM Screws, Cannulated Screws, Plates For 4.5 MM & 6.5 MM Screws, Angled Blade Plates, DHS/DCS Implants, Conventional Implants, Nails, Wires, Pins, Spinal Implants, Universal Nails, IMSC & UHN Nails, Locking Bolts, Drill Bits & Bone Taps. Instruments : 1 Basic Instruments 2 Instruments for Mini Fragment 3 Bone Drill & Wire Instruments 4 Bone Holding Instruments 5 Bone Cutting Instruments 6 Bone Hammers 7 Hooks, Levers & Retractors 8 Instruments for Kuntscher Nails 9 Instruments for Square/Rush Nails 10 Instruments for Femoral Head 11 Instruments for Plaster Cutting 12 Instruments for Spine Surgery 13 Instruments for Steffee 14 Instruments for Knee Surgery 15 Instruments for Skull Surgery 16 Knifes & Distractors 17 Tourniquet 18 Electrical Instruments 19 Sterilization Containers & Tubes 20 Instruments for Staples 21 DHS/DCS Instruments 22 Angled Blade Plate Instruments 23 Large Cannulated Instruments 24 Small Cannulated Instruments 25 Carbon Fiber INTERLOCKING & FIXTORS: EXTERNAL FIXATORS- 1. External Fixator Tubular 2. External Fixator - Forearm 3. External Fixator Ring Type INTERLOCKING INSTRUMENTS- 4. Instruments for Tibial & Femoral Interlocking Nails 5. Instruments for IMSC Nails 6. Instruments for UHN Nails

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1582, Church Road,
Kashmere Gate
Delhi - 110006 (Delhi) India

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