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engineering Member Directory(Fire Bricks)

  • Fire Resistant Conveyor Belts

    Fire Resistant Conveyor Belts

    Fire resistant conveyor belts possess self-extinguishing design and prevent fire from spreading over the entire belt. In order to ensure the fire retardant properties of these fire resistant belts, we conduct various testing according to ISO standards. These tests include drum friction test, flame test, electrical resistance test etc. Fire resistant conveyor belts are perfect to prevent fire ri....

  • Stainless Steel Fire Extinguisher

    Stainless Steel Fire Extinguisher

    Our company, established in August of 1998, is loacted in Port - city Ningbo. We are a manufacturer of

  • Fire Extinguishers [Made of Stainless Steel]
  • Powder Fire Extinguisher [Red Powder Coated]
  • CO2 Fire Extinguisher
  • Accessories of CO2 Extinguisher
  • Cylinder of Extinguisher
  • Fire Blanket
  • Pressure Gauge, Valve, Siphon
  • Hose and Horn, Nozzle
  • Fire Hose, Fire Hose Reel
  • Hose Co....

  • Fire Extinguishing System

    Fire Extinguishing System

    AUTO ABC 150KG FIRE EXTINGUSHING SYSTEM WITH AUTO FIRE DETECTION TUBE TECHNOLOGY RELIANCE SKIT MOUNTED ABC powder fire fighting unit 150 kg capacity. Vessels are made of boiler quality steel plate 8 mm thick radiography welding as per ASME code. Skit mounted having a Auto Fire Detection tube 25mtr. Long fitted. The discharge line can be fixed with open type nozzle, Expelling agent of Co2 cylind....

  • Vision Range Of Acid Resistance Brick Mortar And Resin

    Vision Range Of Acid Resistance Brick Mortar And Resin

    VISON has two universally accepted grades of Acid Resistant bricks under regular manufacturing programme. It has substainly large manufacturing facilities and tie ups to offer large quantity of A.R. Bricks in 9*4.5 * 1.5 inch (230*115*75mm) Special sizes and shapes can be also manufactured as per clients requirement and drawings. Vison offers two universally accepted grades of acid resistant mort....

  • Deairing Pug Mill - Brick & Tile Making Machine

    Deairing Pug Mill - Brick & Tile Making Machine

    NBT / BRAND MINI PUGMILL 750.Bricks Per Hour (Power required 10 HP) NBT / BRAND MEDIUM PUGMILL 2,000. Bricks Per Hour (Power required 20 HP) NBT / BRAND MAXIMUM PUGMILL 4,000. Bricks Per Hour (Power required 40 HP) Sub products: Clay Mixers, Brick & Tile Cutting Table. Manufacturers of Automatic brick making machines, Fly ash brick making machines, Pan mixtures, Hydraulic pallet trolley, p....

  • Fire Extinguishers & Hydrants

    Fire Extinguishers & Hydrants

    090. Fire Buckets for Sand & Water 091. Stands for Holding Fire Buckets 092. Fire Extinguishers -ISI of all types 093. Fire Hoses with Coupling & Branch Pipe 094. Fire Hydrant Valves.....

  • Ceramic Equipment and Plants

    Ceramic Equipment and Plants

    -Sanitary Wares, Table Wares / Crockery, LT & HT Insulators Industries. -Glaze Wall / Floor Tiles, Extruded Tiles Industries. -Red Bricks / Fire Bricks / Refractory Mfg. Industries -Equipments for Technical / Oxides Ceramics. -Laboratory Equipments.....

  •  fire damper , regulating valve

    fire damper , regulating valve

    Auto exhaustsmoke fire damper sphere of application: It is mounted in the wind tube of smoke proof system or suction inlet of exhaustsmoke blower and close usually. When on fire, central signal is received and valve is turned on to exhaust smoke. When the airflow temperature is 280℃, valve close automatically to stop the smoke and fire. Performance: 1. It is usually closed.....

  • Fire Suppression Systems

    Fire Suppression Systems

    Today there are numerous types of Automatic Fire Suppression Systems ideally suited to protection of high value assets from both loss by fire damage and the accompanying catastrophic plant down time.In general, however, Automatic Fire Suppression Systems fall into two categories. By definition, an automatic Fire Suppresion Systems can operate without human intervention. To do so it must possess a....

  • Engineering Products Catalog(Fire Bricks)

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