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engineering Member Directory(Dehumidifiers)

  • Myers Electric Drain

    Myers Electric Drain

    1/4 HP Under Sink Alternative Sink Pump System THE MYERS ED-25 UNDER SINK ALTERNATIVE SINK PUMP SYSTEM IS THE ALTERNATIVE FOR PUMPING WASTEWATER FROM LAUNDRY TRAYS, WET BARS, DEHUMIDIFIERS, WASHING MACHINES, WATER SOFTENERS, ETC. This pre-assembled unit is easy to install, self-contained and there is no costly sump to dig. Contact your Myers distributor or the Myers sales office at 419/289-114....

  • Dehumidifiers


    Excessive dampness in your home causes damage to walls, floors and carpets. A dehumidifier is much like an air conditioner with both cold and hot coils in the same box. It takes the excessive moisture out of the air by blowing the humid air over cold evaporator coils to condense the moisture. The dry air then goes through the hot coils to heat it back up to its original temperature. A high-capac....



    Air conditioners,Air Purifiers,Dehumidifiers.

  • Economy Mode with Energy saving features.
  • Fast Cooling.
  • Anti-Bacteria filter.
  • Luminous remote control.
  • Detachable Grill/Filter.
  • Hydrophilic coated blue fins.
  • Also 100% Imported AC''s available.

    5 years WARRANTY on Compressor with 0% Finance available.


  • Dehumidifier


    Amafhh offers Customized Dehumidifiers and low humidity air cooling systems and temperature controlled Dehumidifier.....

  • Flame Proof Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Cold Room and Dehumidifier

    Flame Proof Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Cold Room and Dehumidifier

    Amafhh offers flame proof airconditioning and refrigeration, Flame proof air conotioners, cold rooms and Dehumidifiers with all material are required and ISI standards with latest ideas.....

  • Cooling Coils

    Cooling Coils

    -Dehumidifiers. -Condensers. -Air Conditioners Industrial.....

  • Engineering Products Catalog(Dehumidifiers)



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