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engineering Member Directory(Calibration Equipment)




  • The item/items submitted for calibration should be in good working condition.
  • The customer should provide adequate packing of the instrument so that possibility of any damage is minimized.
  • Customers are requested to mention the calibration frequency and other specifications as per their requirements.
  • Customers should give special requirements if any in writing.....

  • Gas Mixing / Blending System

    Gas Mixing / Blending System

    [Navi Mumbai]
    The Gas blending system can mix and blend two or more gases with each other at a predefined ratio. It can be used for blending or to dilute gases to generate precise calibration gas standards, production gas mixtures or to create gaseous atmosphere. The gases can be mixed in a ratio of 1:1 upto 1: 1000. The system automatically dilutes high concentration certified gas cylinder to a wide range ....

  • Camera Sorter

    Camera Sorter

    Spectrum S-4001 Camera Sorter can be used for a wide range of sorting applications such as for food grains like rice, coffee, cereals, pulses, groundnuts etc., and dehydrated vegetables as well as for non food products such as plastics and pharmaceuticals. Using advanced high resolution line scan CCD Cameras, the product to be sorted is scanned at up to 2000 scans per second producing a very high ....

  • Calibration Tools

    Calibration Tools

    A) Reference Gauges- Gauge Blocks (or Slip Gauges), Gauge block accessories, Wear Blocks, Black Granite Surface plates. B) Gauge Blocks- Reference or '00' grade gauges blocks, Maintenance kit for gauge blocks, Cerastone. C) Outside Micrometer- Gauge Block Sets for Micrometer inspection, Optical Flats & Parallels, Micrometer Standards (or Setting Rods), Micrometer stands & Lube oil. D) In....

  • rolls-royce Azimuth thrusters, Azi pull thrusters, equipment and spare parts

    rolls-royce Azimuth thrusters, Azi pull thrusters, equipment and spare parts

    The largest marine equipment supply company in CHINA rolls-royce Automation and control system,bearing,sealing,deck machinery,electric power syste,Bergen generator,gear,propeller,crane etc. rolls-royce Azimuth thrusters, Azi pull thrusters, equipment and spare parts rolls-royce Contaz thrusters,Open thrusters, equipment and spare parts rolls-royce ducted thrusters, Swing-up & combi thrusters,....

  • Sound meters

    Sound meters

    Our high quality sound meters are used to measure surrounding noise levels. Professional Sound level meter with Internal calibration check and is able measure a wide range of 35 to 130 dB. It has a various Application like to measure noise in factories, Schools, offices, airports, auditorium, etc., Our products come in various models and they measure the sound level in decibels. Available in vario....

  • Rain Gauge

    Rain Gauge

    A precision adjustment for the reed switch ensures one switch closure for each tip of the bucket. The tipper, bearings and magnetic reed switch are held in sturdy machined aluminum mounting blocks. These are seated on a rigid cast aluminum base. The calibration adjustment screws are protected against loss of calibration during handling. Screens in the funnel and over the base plate water out....

  • Moisture Monitor Portable Model M-4000

    Moisture Monitor Portable Model M-4000

    Specifications: Dimensions: 178mm long, 89mm wide, 60mm deep, Weight: 0.6kg Case: White ABS plastic Resolution: ± 0.1% moisture, accuracy depending upon precision of calibration Repeatability: ± 0.1% Power supply: One 9V battery (not rechargeable), and four 1.2V NiMH 2,500 mAh batteries (rechargeable) Charger: 220 VAC 6W/5.5 VDC (Model M-4000) Duty Cycle: 16-18 hours continuous from 8-ho....

  • Engineering Products Catalog(Calibration Equipment)

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    Calibration Equipment

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