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    Verdant a new range of future take air conditioners with green air technology that virtually redefines conventional air conditioning. These hi-tech air conditioners add a whole new dimension to cooling and comfort. With features that integrate and timeless values of voltas with the aesthetic , comfort and health requirement of the new millenium. All in all, you owe it to yourself. And your fami....

  • Hot Air Generator

    Hot Air Generator

    Vijay Engineering?s Oil fired Hot Air generator Model BLOCKS comprise of an advanced shell in shell type radiant heat transfer section connected to a multiple pass shell and tube convective heat exchanger. Pressurized fuel oil is efficiently burnt by means of an efficient burner in the combustion chamber, where it heats cold air passing through the annular space provided between the two shells. Th....

  • Packaged Dry Air Plant

    Packaged Dry Air Plant

    [New Delhi]
    MELLCON offers packaged Dry Air Plant in which complete assembly is mounted on a common skid. Assembly includes Air Compressor, After Cooler, Air Receiver and Air Dryer. The system is ready to install type just requiring power connection, water connection and air inlet/outlet connection. Packaged Dry Air Plants are offered upto a capacity of 100CFM. The basic scheme of the system is shown below:- ....



    Comfortable : A unique wide air-diffusion system effectively cools even the farthest corners of the room.
    Energy Saving : energy efficiency based on the highest technology allows for the extended use of our air-conditioners.
    Compact & Quiet : Featuring a round contour,the lightweight compact unit smoothly harmonizes with the room interior.....

  • Refrigerated Dryers

    Refrigerated Dryers

    Warm compressed air enters the Air / Air Heat Exchanger where it is precooled by outgoing cold dry air. Pre-cooling makes it possible to use a smaller (More Economical) refrigeration Unit, The pre-cooled air enters the Air to Freon Heat Exchanger where it is cooled down to +3°C. At this temperature, water condenses into liquid droplets, which are removed from the air stream by a very efficient De....

  • Heat Of Compression Air Dryer

    Heat Of Compression Air Dryer

    [New Delhi]
    Energy Conservation by Heat of Compression type compressed air dryer is a breakthrough in compressed air drying technology. The hot air from the oil-free air Compressor at 120?C or higher temp, is used directly for regeneration of the desiccant bed in the compressed air dryer. After regeneration, this air is cooled down to 40?C in the water cooled after cooler and then it is dried in second towe....

  • Western Package Air Conditioners

    Western Package Air Conditioners

    [New Delhi]
    Western Package Air Conditioners are suitable for roof top or vertical type with duct connections or free flow type. The sizes of the units are compact and the condensers and evaporators are of extra large capacities, which provide high efficiency and low energy consumption. The units are fitted with reciprocating /scroll compressors and are available from 3 to 40 HP capacities. The cabinet is ful....

  • Split Air Conditioners

    Split Air Conditioners

    [New Delhi]
    Western Split air conditioners are fitted with reciprocating or scroll compressors and suitable for high wall mounted, ceiling suspended and floor standing type. Ceiling type ductable units with high static pressure are also available.....

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