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engineering Member Directory(Floor Sealers)

Doug Care Equipment

[California, United States]
Manufacturers of :- Packaging Equipment : Vacuum Packaging : Vacuum Machine Specials Vacuum Machine FAQ's Home/ Light Commercial Vacuum Machines Table Top Machines Single Chamber Machines - Floor Models Double Chamber Machines Compare Makes of Chamber Machines Clean Room Compatible Machines Retractable Nozzle (Snorkel) Machines Validatable Nozzle Vacuum Sealers Shrink Wrapping : On.....

Robotic Equipments

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers pallets, wooden pallets, and pallet handling equipments are :- Pallets :- - Wooden Pallets :-We also deal in Steel Reinforced Plaztic Pallets. Widest type selection, best quality Babool/Hard wood with preservative treatment, optimum design for all applications flawless workmanship and very high production capacity. - Mild Steel :- Pallets Pressed steel or rolled section rigid.....

Roots Multiclean Limited

[Coimbatore, India]
Manufacturer and Supplier Export of - World class industrial and commercial floor cleaning equipment such as wet dry vacuum cleaners, Sweeping Machines, Hayter Mowers and other floor cleaning machines. Floor Cleaning Machine Sweeping Machine / Flipper- Manually Operated Walk Behind:- Flipper is an efficient cleaning system licenced by Hako Werke GMBH, Germany. It is a manually operated c.....

ABC Office

[Kaysville, United States]
Manufacturer & Exporter of Binding Machines & Office and Business Products. Our Products Ranges:- Binding Machines Bookletmakers Staplers / Stitchers Binding Supplies Report Covers Padding Adhesive Binding Laminators and Supplies Lamination Equipment Roll Laminators Pouch Laminators Roll Lamination Film Pouch Lamination Film Foam Mounting Boards Photo ID Digit.....

ABCO Office Solutions

[Kaysville, United States]
Manufacturer & Exporter Of Source for quality office supplies, office machines and equipment. We sell everything from rotary paper cutters, book binding machines, paper folders, paper drills, collators, pouch laminatorsand roll laminators, shrink wrap systems, money counters and more. Other Products Ranges:- Book Binding Machines & Supplies ? Thermal Binding ? Book Binding Machines ? Wire.....

Robotic Equipments

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers pallets, wooden pallets, and pallet handling equipments: PALLETS :- - Mild Steel - Stainless Steel / Aluminum Pallets - Box/Cage Pallets - Collapsible Pallets - PU Coated Wooden Pallets - Special Pallets PALLET TRUCKS:- -Hydraulic Pallet Trucks -Hydraulic Pallet Truck -GMP -Winch Operated Pallet Truck -Mechanical Elevating Truck -Skid Jack and Semi-live Skid.....


[Singapore, Singapore]
Manufacturer of floor coatings
1] water or solvent based epoxy floor coatings
2] self-leveling solvent free epoxy coatings
3] motar screed epoxy coating system
4] corrosion protection coatings for ferrous and non-ferrous metal
5] conrete repair
6] waterproofing coating for rooftop .
7] road marking paint
8] wood coatings for parquet and timber floor. 9] anti-fouling coating.....

Tej Innovative Products

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturing & Exporters of Epoxy Paints, Epoxy Coatings, FRP Pigments Paste & Allied Coatings, later diversified into water based coatings, Concrete Epoxy Coating, Concrete Floor Sealers, Wood Floor Sealers Building & Construction Aids - Epoxy paints/Epoxy Coatings/Adhesives/Lacquers, Polyurethane Paints/Coatings/Lacquers, Exterior water proof Algae & Fungus resistance paints/Coatings, Deco.....

Tej Innovative Products

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter of Epoxy Coatings, Concrete Epoxy Coating, Concrete Floor Sealers, Wood Floor Sealers Building & Construction Aids - Epoxy paints/ Epoxy Coatings/Adhesives/Lacquers Polyurethane Paints/Coatings/Lacquers Exterior water proof Algae & Fungus resistance paints /Coatings Decorative Textured Coatings for Exterior & Interior building requirements Thermal barrier (Heat.....

Tri-Chem Corporation

[Madison Heights, United States]
Manufacturers of easy-to-use and application-specific products. Gsa Chemicals- Absorbents Aerosols Air Conditioning Products Asphalt Repair Boiler Treatments Cleaners & Degreasers Concrete Repair Cooling Tower Treatments Electrical Products Emergency Response Kits Floor Finishes & Sealers Floor Primers Hand Care Products Industrial Floor Matting Insecticides Ja.....

Doug Care Equipment, Inc.

[Springville, United States]
We Manufactures of Following Products. Our Products are : * Packaging Equipment -Vacuum Packaging -Shrink Wrapping -Impulse Sealers 1. Hand Impulse Sealers 2. Foot Impulse Sealers 3. Auto Impulse Sealers 4. Double Impulse Sealers * Processing Equipment -Meat Grinders -Meat Mixers -Power Saws -Slicers -Stuffers -Tenderizers -Vacuum Tumblers * Supplies -.....

American Chemical and Equipment Co., Inc.

[New York, United States]
American Chemical & Equipment Co., Inc. Carries a large selection of Chemicals, Equipment, Paper Products & Miscellaneous Janitorial Products and distributes them throughout Eastern New York, Western Vermont, Western Massachusetts, Western Connecticut and other areas of the northeast. Chemicals : Floor finishes & Waxes Floor Strippers Floor Finish Maintainers Concrete Floor Care Wood/Gym F.....

Roots Multiclean Limited

[Coimbatore, India]
We Manufacturer, Trader and Export of Sweepers, Scrubber Driers, Mini Scrubber Drier, Floor Washing Machines, Mops & Trolleys, Single Disc Machines, Lawn Mowers, High Pressure Jet Cleaners, Extra Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuums, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Upholstery Cleaning Machines, Vegetable Cutler. 1)Sweepers, RMCL Flipper, Hako-Hamster 780, Hako-Jonas 900, Hako-Jonas 980, Hako-Hamster 1050,.....

Changzhou United Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

[Changzhou, China]
We are Manufacturers & Exporters of Following Products. Our Products are : -OAC ultralow network raised floor -OA500 intelligent network floor -OA600 intelligent network floor -HDG defends the overhead floor of static -HDG defends the static and ventilates the floor -The aluminium alloy defends the static floor -Enclosure -The floor decorates the surface -Aluminium board series.....

Epont Kossan Chemicals Pte Ltd

[Singapore, Singapore]
Our Product Range:- Plastic Coatings:- TV & AUDIO VCD & DVD Compactdisc Player, Business Machine Computer Laboratory &office Equipment, Telecomunication Personal Electronic Handphone Camera MP 3 , Home Appliances, Electronic Keypad, Automotive Interior UV Coatings Car Refinishes:- Colour Basecoat, 2k Clear Coat, Auto Enamel, Putties Water-Proofing Membrance:- Exposed roof, Roof deck car-par.....

Pragathi Auto Pack

[Bangalore, India]
Manufacturers, Traders, Exporters of packing, pharmaceutical machinery. Our Products: Automation systems * Packing machinery Conveyors - form fill seal machinery - continuous sealers - band sealers - pneumatic sealers- capping machines * Pharmaceutical machinery - octagonal blenders - sifters [vibro/mechanical] - transfer pumps - rotary bottle washing machines Liquid filling machi.....


[Pune, India]
Some of the proprietary products, which Technokotes has developed, so as to provide complete coating solutions are Crystalline Waterproofing, Self Levelling Concrete, Shortcrete's, Concrete Admixtures [Chemical and Mineral]:- Water Reducing admixtures, Super plasticizing admixtures, Integral Waterproof admixtures, Air Entraining admixtures, Sealants [Rigid and Flexib.....

Roots Multiclean Limited

[Coimbatore, India]
Manufacturer, Exporteree and supplier of world class industrial and commercial floor cleaning equipment, Sweeping Machine, Floor Scrubbers, Floor Dryers, Suitable Hayter Mowers, Dry Floor Mops, Wet Floor Mops, Floor Cleaner, Upholstery Cleaning Machine, Scrubbing Machine, Vacuum Cleaner, Polishing Machine, Flipper, Dry Wet Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.....

Sunny Enterprises Private Limited

[Bangalore, India]
Manufacturer & Suppliers of Floor Cleaning Equipment, Floor Care Equipment, Industrial Suction Cleaners, Industrial Suction Cleaners, Floor Care Equipment, High Pressure Water Jet Cleaners INDUSTRIAL SUCTION CLEANERS - Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners FLOOR CARE EQUIPMENT TRADING DIVISION - Industrial Suction Cleaners (Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners), Floor Care Equipment : High Pressure Water Jet C.....

Engineering Manufacturers Directory(Floor Sealers)

Lea-Der Coatings

[Alberta, Canada]
Manufacture industrial acrylic and expoxy polyurethane coatings. Lea-Der? Traction Matting Rotary Table & Rig Floor Matting * Rotary Table and Rig Floor mats are custom manufactured from industrial polyurethane. * Rotary Table mats are 1.25" thick and Rig Floor mats 0.75" thick or as requested. * Mats available in any colour with identified danger zones. * Rotary table mats are .....

Steelcote Manufacturing Company

[St. Louis, United States]
Manufacture high-performance epoxy and urethane coating systems and related products for the industrial plant maintenance market. -Concrete Repair: Superior strength, chemical resistance and quick drying times. For cracks, spalls and resurfacing. -Concrete Sealers: Durable sealers form a hard and impenetrable sub-surface to outlast years of environmental exposure. -Concrete Coati.....

Aztec Products, Inc.

[Montgomeryville, United States]
We manufacture and sale of Propane Buffers and Strippers direct to Floor Contractors, Schools, and Retail Facilities. Our Product includes: *Floor Striping Solutions: -Slidewinder -Liquidator -Guzzler -Stripmaster -Edgemaster -Ultra-track -Avenger *Floor Mintainence: -Relient Floor Burnisher -Comac Scrubbers -Kwikleen manual floor mapping machine *Concrete maintainance *Au.....

Aman Cleaning Equipment Pvt Ltd.

[Noida, India]
Manufacturers, Traders, Exporters of Floor Cleaning Machines, Floor Polishing Machines, Electric Vacuum Cleaners. Our Products: - Commercial Floor Cleaners - Hard Floor Cleaners - Floor Scrubbers and Polishers - Industrial Wet / Dry Vacuum Cleaner (1-2-3 motors) - High Pressure Water Jet Cleaner - Mechanical Sweeper - MOP Wringers - Carpet Driers - Upholstery Cleaner - Back Pa.....


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturer & Exporter of Salt Processing & Marine Chemical Projects. Projects for Salt Based Industries - Salt Refinery for Free flow salt, Salt washery for Industrial Grade Salt, Vacuum Salt project for edible/ Pharma Grade Salt, Lab. Grade Salt, . Virbo Tech Equipments - Vibrating screen, Vibro Feeders, Vibrators, Bin Activators. Solid Handling Units - Screw Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Bu.....

Sainty Int'l Group Machinery Imp. & Exp. Corp. Ltd.

[Ruian, China]
Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of Various machines such as pharmaceutical equipment, packaging machines, foodstuff machine and as well as others. - Pharmaceutical Equipment - Autoclaves - Blister Packing - Bottling Production Line - Capping Machine - Capsule Filling - Capsule Printer - Capsule Separator - Cartoner - Circulation Ovens - Coating - Cooler & Recycler -.....

Super Sealer Group

[Victoria, Australia]
Manufacturers & Exporters Of Sealing Machineries. Our Products Range Include: -Cup sealing mahcine -Tray sealing machine -Cup sealers -Tray sealers.....

Visual Packaging Systems, Inc

[Texas, United States]
Manufacturers of :- Blister Sealers : Rotaries Shuttles Automatic. Clamshell Sealers : High Frequency Sealing Machine. Skin Pack : Semi Automatic Automatic Large Format Automatic. Die Cutting : RT Series VT Series. Thermoforming : Medium volume thermoforming Medium to high volume thermoforming High volume thermoforming Lab/prototype thermoforming Low volume thermoformi.....

Coalza Systems, S.L.

[Valencia, Spain]
We are manufacturer and exporter of Packaging machinery and agregates. Our Product Range : * SEMIAUTOMATIC FORM, FILL AND SEALERS Ice Doser Volumetric Doser Trailer Screw Doser MP-1000 Weigher MP-500 Weigher MP-5000 Weigher Pedal Welder Continuous Welding Devise * OPTIONS : -Ring Bag -Closer -Bucket?s -Lifting Devise -Screw Driver?s -Lifting Devise -Exertion -Belts -Turnin.....

Coalza Systems, S.L.

[Valencia, Spain]
We are manufacturer and exporter of Packaging machinery and agregates. Our Product Range : * SEMIAUTOMATIC FORM, FILL AND SEALERS Ice Doser Volumetric Doser Trailer Screw Doser MP-1000 Weigher MP-500 Weigher MP-5000 Weigher Pedal Welder Continuous Welding Devise * OPTIONS : -Ring Bag -Closer -Bucket?s -Lifting Devise -Screw Driver?s -Lifting Devise -Exertion -Belts -Turnin.....


[Mumbai, India]
Induction Cap Sealers, Aluminium Foil Sealers, Online & Labtype Models Available......


[Pune, India]
Packing Machine Like Sealers, Semi Automatic Weighfillers, Pneumatic Sealers, etc......

Vertex Century (M) Sdn. Bhd.

[Kajang, Malaysia]
Manufacturer, distributor and supplier for Janitorial products, Cleaning, Chemicals & Equipments, Tissue products & Dispensers, Moping products & Hygiene dispensers. Our product range includes: Cleaning chemicals - -Hard Surface Floor Care -Polishes & Sealers -3 in 1 Deodorizers -Washroom Care -Hand, Hair & Body Care -Carpet Care -Cleaning Chemicals Hygiene Products - -Aerosol Produ.....


[Chennai, India]
Manufacture and supplier of PAINT & ARTIST BRUSHES, HOUSE HOLD & DOMESTIC BRUSHES, INDUSTRIAL BRUSHES, INDUSTRIAL WIRE BRUSHES PAINT & ARTIST BRUSHES : PAINT & VARNISH BRUSHES, ARTIST BRUSHES HOUSE HOLD & DOMESTIC BRUSHES : Computer Cleaning Brush, Multi Purpose Cleaning Brush, Hand Scrub Brush - Small, Hand Scrub Brush - Big, Bottle/ Flask Cleaning Brush, S Type Floor Cleaning Brush, Banist.....

Puda Industrial Co., Ltd.

[Taiwan, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of:- system bathrooms such as system bathrooms including floor pansbathroom panel walls, wall panels, best ceiling panels, ceiling panels; system wall panel such as tile panel with bath tubs, mable panel with floor pans. Obtained ISO 9002 certification in 1998, system bathrooms- floor pans ( FRP surface possess good slip-proof function ), bathroom panel wall, wall panels ( construct.....

Camino Modular Systems

[Toronto, Canada]
Our Camino product line has been designed and manufactured to provide the acoustics and feel of slab construction while offering total accessibility with easy to remove light weight panels. The CAMINO Group?s commitment to continual research, development and design innovation has resulted in a state of the art floor system. Our Product Range : * Steel Clad Concrete Core : STRINGERED CORNE.....

Better Life Technology, LLC

[Lenexa, Germany]
We are the Manufacturers of mats, liners, protectors and covers for garage floors, truck beds, kennels and tool chests. Some of our products are: -Garage Floor Protector -Seamless Garage Floor Covering -Seamless Vehicle Floor Covering -Seamless Trailer Floor Covering -GIANT Cargo Mat -BLT Motorcycle Mat -BLT Kennel Liner -Drawer-Mate -Jumbo Shop Mat -Universal Roll Stock .....

Frigmaires International

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers & Suppliers of Resin Manufacturing Plant : Alkyd Resins, Emulsion Resins, Epoxy Resins, Polyurethane Resins, Printing Inks, Mulltipurpose plant. Paint Manufacturing Plant : Solvent Based Paint based on Alkyds : Non Drip Gloss Emulsion Paints, Satin Emulsion Paint, Matt Emulsion Paint for Interior and Exterior, Primer Sealer, Clear Glaze, Texture Rulatto, Graffiato, Putty (Stuco).....


[Thane, India]
We are manufacturers of Speciality Concrete Protection, Corrosion resistant Coating systems. Our Unicoat speciality coating products comprise of a comprehensive range of corrosion protection systems for concrete, ferrous and nonferrous metals. It also includes coatings for various plastics and fibre reinforced plastics. Each system is designed to meet individual customer performance criteria. U.....

Unnathi Enterprises

[Bangalore, India]
Export & Suppliers of Reflective Coating, Epoxy Floor Coatings, Chemical Resistant Coating, Water Proofing, High Temp. Resistance Coating, Chemical Resistant Coating Reflective Coating - Reflective Road Arrow Marking, Non-Reflective Road Marking, Epoxy Industrial Floor Marking, Reflective Tapes, Safety Rolls, Reflective Plates Epoxy Floor Coatings - Corrosion Resistant Coating, Epoxy Gloss.....


[Meerut, India]
Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Pallet Truck High Lift Pallet Truck Hydraulic Powered Lifting Mobile Platform Hydraulic Hand Lift Mobile Floor Jib Crane Scissor Lifting Platform Hand Lift Scissor Platform Scissor Lifting Die Loader Hand Lift Mobile Floor Jib Crane Powered Lifting Mobile Platform Powered/Battery Operated Lifting Stacker Hydraulic Mini Pallet Stacker Hand.....

Usha Hydraulics

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers and Exporters of products are :- -Scissor tables :- They are the most commonly used material handling aid and is generally used for loading, stacking, feeding and positioning applications. -Container/Truck Loading System :- This system consists of a stationary scissor platform either pit mounted or kept on the floor with a small ramp.This is placed in the area where the truc.....


[Chandigarh, India]
Manufacturers & Exporters Of:- Mammography Cardiac Angiography System Lithotripter (ESWL)-Urolith, Urolith Control, Urolith Table C-Arm Mobile Image Intensifier-Allengers HF-46/HF-49, Allscan ?P-6/?P-9 X-Ray Machines (Possible Combinations)- Portable X-Ray Machine, Small Powered X-Ray Machines, Medium & High Powered X-Ray Machines Tube Stands, Mobile Stand (CBM), Spring Balanced Mobile S.....


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers & Exporters of Stainless Steel Water Cooler Tanks, Drip Trays , Cabinets & Other Components / Accessories in all Sizes & for all Capacities. Also manufacture Scaffoldings Equipment & Accessories like H. Frames, Props, Spans, Wall & Floor Forms & other custom made equipments. Scaffholding - Universal Frame Floor forms / Slab forms, Clamps, Panels, Floor Centre, Telescopic Props, .....

Galfan Engineers Pvt Ltd

[Chennai, India]
Manufacturer and exporter of Scaffolding Components, Floor Gratings (Floor Grills), Industrial Gratings (Industrial Grills), Stair Reads, Hand Rails Scaffolding Components Floor Gratings Industrial Gratings (Manual Heavy and Electro Forged) Step Treads Cable Trays Hand Rails Reinforcing Mesh Tower Lines Structural Fabrication Hot Dip Galvanizing Work.....

Chan Yow Machinery Co., Ltd

[ Taiping, Taiwan]
Manufacturers and Exporters of Vertical Hydraulic Broaching Machine Vertical External Broaching Machine :- Cutting Machine : Motorcycle C100 Engine Left Tank Boring/Tapping Machine Cutting Machine : Motorcycle C100 Engine Right Tank Boring/Tapping Machine Automated Processing Machinery (For Auto, Motorcycle, Needle Machine, Hardware, And Electronics Parts) Custom-Made Processing Ma.....


[Taiwan, Taiwan]
Manufacturer of automotive accessory and office supply, including poly sunshades, polycarbonate sun visors, car curtains, exhaust tips, car floor mats, euro flashers, full face mirrors, clip lights, portable drawing kits, easels, cutting mats, setsquares, rulers, etc. Automotives ( automobiles, cars, vehicles) accessory ( accessories)- automotive poly sunshades, polycarbonate sun visors, car curt.....

Draygon Enterprises, Inc.

[Webster, United States]
Our Products are as follows -DRG5/7 Steam Draygon ? This compact model offers high efficiency and unmatched durability for a wide range of applications. -DRG30 Steam Draygon ? A highly-efficient and reliable evaporator that meets a variety of needs. -DRG45 Steam Draygon ? A Highly Efficient and Reliable Evaporator. -DRG60 Steam Draygon ? Our ?workhorse? evaporator is efficient and easy to use......

Marvel Vinyls Ltd.

[New Delhi, India]
We are Manufacturers & Exporter of a large array of Calendered Specific Vinyl Our Products are - Industrial PVC Floor Coverings - Printed PVC Films - Printed PVC Floor Coverings - PVC Floor Tiles Films - Printed PVC Films for Table covers & Shower curtains - PVC Leather Cloth - PVC Sheeting For Automobile interiors & other Automobile a pplication - Aluminium Corporate Panels.....


[Meerut, India]
Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers of following material handling equipment: - Pallet Truck - High Lift Pallet Truck - Hydraulic Powered Lifting Mobile Platform - Hydraulic Hand Lift Mobile Floor Jib Crane Other Products:- - Scissor Lifting Platform - Hand Lift Scissor Platform - Scissor Lifting Die Loader - Hand Lift Mobile Floor Jib Crane - Powered Lifting Mobile Platform .....

Suraj Air Flow Engineers

[Mumbai, India]
MANUFACTURER AND EXPORTER OF PRODUCTS AS PARTS OF AIR CONDITIONERS. Our products as WAVE Window AC: Liliput Supra Compact Optima - R Optima - A Heating & Cooling. WAVE Split AC. Hercules Support Systems: • Wall Type I • Wall Type EXL • Wall Type - EX • Wall Type - Easy Fit • Floor Only Metal - FM • Floor Only Rubber • Floor Metal & R.....

Nanten Oy

[Tuusula, Finland]
We Are Manufacturer & Exporters Of Floor Coating:-A broad range, Choosing a floor covering, Repair compounds for concrete surfaces, Studies produce data on product properties, Wood Coatings:- Nanten? - Woodcoatings:- Furnishings and furniture, Parquet flooring, floor boards and stairways, Doors and windows, Beadings, frames and panels, Plywoods and fibreboards, Other wood products. Casting Resins.....


[Ghaziabad, India]
Manufactuer of- Air Pollution Control Equipment Wet Scrubbers/Gas Absorbers/Adsorbers Shop Floor Exhausts, Duct-Work, Dust Collectors/Filters, Centrifugal Blowers/Fans, Hoods and Covers. WET SCRUBBERS/GAS ABSORBERS ? Multi-stage Sieve Tray Scrubbers. ? Multi-stage Impingement Scrubbers. ? Wetted Wall Columns. ? Venturi Scrubbers. ? Packed Bed Columns. ? Spray Towers. .....


[Singapore, Singapore]

ATRA Janitorial Supply Co., Inc.

[New Jersey, United States]
ATRA, your one stop shopping experience. We service industry, health care, retail stores and educational institutes with top quality cleaning and maintenance supplies. Check out our online store for competitive pricing on your supplies. Complete Line Of Janitorial Supplies Floor Maintenance Specialists Complete Line of Cleaning Chemicals Gym Floor Programs Plastic Trash Bags Paper Prod.....


[PUNE, India]
OUR PRODUCT RANGES ARE AS FOLLOWS : Scissor Lift / Hydraulic Lift Table : Hydraulically operated lift table for various applications like Changing of Dies & Tools on Presses, Product assembly, Export container loading and unloading, Plywood manufacturing units, Vehicle loading, Laminate manufacturing units. Dock Leveler : All industries needs Dock leveler to meet their loading / unloading r.....


[Mumbai, India]
Thermopads can offer solutions to almost every heating need - be it Floor Heating, Gutter Heating, Pipeline Heating, Snow melting, Comfort Heating, Industrial Heating, Refrigation Heating or Heating of Reaction Vessels, Storage Tanks or Gas Turbine. Our Products Range :-

  • Floor Heating Mats
  • Under Tile Heating Cables
  • Floor Heating Cables
  • Heating Cables
  • Heat Tracers-.....

    Veeco Enterprises

    [Ahmedabad, India]
    Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters various types of industrial use spare parts such as: Industrial Fasteners:- -Screws -Nuts -Washers -Bolts -Hooks. Industrial Adhesives:- -Ferrous metals -Wood -Asbestos -Glass -Rubber PVC -Concrete -Ceramics. Industrial Abrasives:- -Foundry -Forging -Fabrication -Investment casting -Stainless steel rolling mills -Engineering indus.....


    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of Blood Bank Refrigerators, Blood Donor Couch, Centrifuge, Balance, Mobile Blood Refrigerator, Centrifuge Balance, Digital Lab. Shaker, Mobile Battery & Storage Refrigerators, Blood Containers Casetts, Plasma Expressors & Tube Sealers, Platelet Reciprocators, Microprocessors Temperature Display/Controll Systems. .....


    [Mumbai, India]
    Services :: we manufacture high precision machinery and machine parts as per requirement. and undertake precision die works , power press works .

    our products :: automobile garage tools [2 wheelers] , pneumatic and hand operated cap sealers , spares of packaging and tube filling and sealing machines like gan gab norden iwka .


    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of Blood Bank Refrigerators, Blood Donor Couch, Centrifuge, Balance, Mobile Blood Refrigerator, Digital Lab. Shaker, Mobile Battery & Storage Refrigerators Blood Containers Casetts Plasma Expressors & Tube Sealers, Platelet Reciprocators, Microprocessors Temperature Display/Controll Systems. .....

    Sevana Electrical Appliances Pvt. Ltd.

    [Kizhakkambalam, India]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of Heat Sealing Machines, Vacuum Packing Machines, Shrink Wrapping Machines, Semi Automatic/Manual Machines for Liquid Packaging, Medical Division, Home Tools Division, Control Panels and Electronics Division, Agro Drier Division, Agro Products Division. Packaging Machines:- Heat Sealers, Vacuum Packaging Machine, Shrink Wrapping Machines, Liquid Fill/Seal Machines, .....


    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of :- Blood Bank Refrigerators Blood Donor Couch Centrifuge Balance Mobile Blood Refrigerator Centrifuge Balance Digital Lab. Shaker Mobile Battery & Storage Refrigerators Blood Containers Casetts Plasma Expressors & Tube Sealers Platelet Reciprocators Microprocessors Temperature Display/Controll Systems. .....

    Agarwal Enterprises

    [New Delhi, India]
    We are Manufacturers & Exporter of control panels, blades, cutters, gun metal bush, sealers, jaw and spare parts of pouch packing machines......


    [Noida, India]
    Manufacturers & Exporters FFS Machine for Solid, Liquids-Oil, Shampoo, Ketchup, Dry Fruits, Namkeens, Candy, Rice, Spices, Tea, Auger Fillers, Flow Waraps, Weighing MAchines, Sealers, Multi Track Machine, Coding Unit, Material Handling Systems, Special Purpose M/C......


    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of High Speed Automatic & Semi Automatic Shrink Wrapping M/Cs including L Bar, Web(Sleeve Wrap), U & Overlap Sealers. Automatic Collators cum Tray Loaders & also Neck Band Sleeve applicators. Pallet Shrink & Stretch Wrapping M/cs & Robots Individual Carton Stretch Wrapping M/Cs......


    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturers of Heat Shrink Packing Machine, Shrink Tunnels, Shrink Chambers, L Sealers, Manual-L Sealer, Semi Automatic-L Sealer, Continuous Bag Sealer, Semi Auto Cup Filler, Cap, Jar Sealing Machine, Online Conveyor System, Foot Operated Direct Heat Sealer, Pneumatic Operated Pouch Sealer, Direct Heat Sealer......

    Agarwal Enterprises

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturer and Exporter of Ceramic Heater, Cartridge Heater, "U" Type Heater, Strip Heater, Band Heater, Pouch Heater, Casting Heater, Porcelain Heater, Tubular Heater, Control Panels, Blades / Cutters, Gun Metal Bush, Sealers /Jaw, Pouch Packing Machine Spare Parts.....

    Monga Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

    [Mumbai, India]
    We are Manufacturers & Exporters of a wide range of following products includes :- - Plastic Welding Machine - Induction Heaters - Plastic Film Slitting Machine - Plastic Processing Machines - Auto Indexer - Impulse Sealers for Polyethlene Films - Textile Hydro-Extractors.....

    Maxwide Ultrasonic Co., Ltd.

    [Taichung, Taiwan]
    Manufacturers of welding machines ( machinery) & equipments - large-sized welders, fixed rotary welders, horizontal welding machines, standard welders, reflector cap welders, high-speed welders and cutters, bottle cap sealers, gang welders, ultrasonic edging machines, automatic PP shrink wrappers, sealing machines, basic welders, automatic printers, surgical mask packing machines. Multiple ultras.....

    Everrich International Co., Ltd

    [Taichung, Taiwan]
    Manufacturers of DIY food processing machines :- Beer tower, juicer tower, double patty makers, food strainers, hot dog makers, popcorn ( popcorn) makers, vacuum sealers. Wind up torch without battery, camping lantern wind up torch (with radio), torch manufacturer Outdoor items, barbecue grill manufacturer ( bbq grill manufacturer) , sport goods. Exercise ( fitness) equipments :- AB dancers, .....

    Zhejiang Dongfeng Packing Machine Co., Ltd.

    [Zhejiang, China]
    Manufactuer and Exporter of Household Vacuum Sealer, Vacuum Bags and Sealers, Packaging Supplies, Plastic Packaging. Our product range includes: -Hand Impulse Sealer -Hand Impulse Sealer -Impulse Sealer .....

    Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery, Inc.,

    [Spring, United States]
    Manufacturer Of Tablet presses, capsule fillers, complete bottling line for dry or liquid products, sachet packaging machines, film coaters, capsule polisher and sorter, deduster, sifter, automatic tube fillers and liquid fillers... Our Products Ranges:- Autoclaves Blister Packing Bottling Production Line Cappers Capsule Fillers Capsule Printers Capsule Separator Cartoner Counters .....


    [Chennai, India]
    Manufacturer & Exporter Of packaging machineries & lamination. Our Produdts Ranges:- SOLARIS series - Vertical FFS machines ORION series - Stand alone fillers CENTAURI series - Band and Cup sealers New Product Launches .....

    Ton-Tex Corporation

    [Grand Rapids, United States]
    Manufacturers of:- Conveyor belting- Light Duty Heavy Duty / Transmission Incline / Decline Interwoven PVC Food Handling Oriented Nylon Solid Woven Cotton Package Handling Belting fabrication- Finger Endless Vulcanized Endless Prepared Laps Clipper Laced Flexco Laced Sidelaps Flap Lace V-Guide Cleats / Sidewall Perforated Belting Covered Lace Specialty Fabrications Fo.....


    [Morristown, United States]
    Manufacture rust prevention and protective coatings for automotive and marine uses. Also supply preparation materials. Includes online shopping facilities. Primer, Paints, & Coatings: TOPCOATS, CLEARCOATS, HARDNOSE PAINT (2 PART), HI-TEMPERATURE PAINTS, ENGINE ENAMELS, MARINE COATINGS, PRIMERS, POR-15 RUST PREVENTIVE, SPECIALS - POR-15 & TOPCOATS Cleaners & Degreasers: MARINE CLEAN D.....


    [KALYAN, India]
    Manufactures of Arenco GAB/GAN Type Tube Fillers & it?s spares, and Ultrasonic Soft squeeze Tube Sealers/Welders - 40Khz/700Watts and it?s spares. .....

    K-Int'l Equipment

    [Oregon, United States]
    We are Manufacturers of Packaging Equipment. - Capsule Filler - Capsule Polisher - Capsule Sorter - Liquid Fill Hard Gelatin Capsule - Tablet Press - Single Sided Tablet Press - Double Sided Tablet Press - Pre-Compression - Tablet Deduster - Laboratory Tablet Press - Coating Pan - Liquid Filler - Overflow Liquid Filler - Time Gravity Liquid Filler - Molten Filler - Per.....


    [Tangerang, Indonesia]
    We are Manufacturers & Exporters of Following Products. Our Products are : 1. WEIGHING SCALE -Counting Scale -Over & Underweight Scale -Platform Scale -Scale Printer -Portable Digital Platform Scale -Electronic Balances -Electronic Digital Scale -Automatic Check Weigher 2. PACKAGING MACHINE -Sealers & Hand Wrapper -Automatic Band Sealer -Automatic Weigher -Auger Fill.....


    [Kolkata, India]
    We are Manufacturers & Exporters of Strapping Tools & Accessories. - Air & Manual Operated Tensioner - Air & Manual Operated Sealers - Strap Cutters - Sealless Strapping Tools - Consumables - Tensioner Air-Operated - Other Tool :- - Hydraulic Rod Cutter - Hydraulic Bar Straightener - Pneumatic Hand Shear - Nibbler .....


    [Lookout Mountain, United States]
    We Manufacturer of Creative Packaging : -Printed Bags, Stand-Up Pouches and Films -Electronic, Weighing Scales, & Auxiliary Conveyors :-Gross Weigh Scales, Net Weigh Scales, Portable Bagging Plants. -Bag Closure Devices -Automatic Bagging System (Volumetric or Weight) -Compression Baling Systems -Palletizing Systems :-Semi-Automatic Palletizer, Fully-Automatic Palletizer, Robotic Palletiz.....

    Wuu Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

    [Taiwan, Taiwan]
    Manufacturers & Exporters & Traders & Wholesalers of:- Machines ( machinery) & equipments- automatic & extend-type sealing packing machines, shrinking tunnel, skin packaging machines, automatic packing machinery, seal & shrink packing machines (sleeve type), automatic vacuum shaping machines, vacuum blister ( shell packers), automatic & vacuum packaging machinery, tissue paper wrapping machines, .....

    Southern Packaging Machinery, Inc

    [Georgia, United States]
    Manufacturers of :- Bottle Cleaners Cappers Cartoners Case Erectors Case Packers Case Sealers Check Weighers Dust Collectors Elevators F/F/S Equipment Fillers Labelers Metal Detectors......


    [Tangerang, Indonesia]
    Manufacturer of Equipments For Packeging Products. Our Products Ranges:- WEIGHING SCALE:- Counting Scale Over & Underweight Scale Platform Scale(IWQ-Series) Platform Scale(MTX-W Series) Scale Printer AC-3000H Scale Printer ASTRA Scale Printer BC-3000 Portable Digital Platform Scale Electronic Balances AF Series Electronic Balances CG Series Electronic Balances CG.G.GS Serie.....

    Rob Scott Enterprises, Inc.

    [Morris Plains, United States]
    Manufacture and distribute rust converters, strippable coatings, industrial spray paints, traffic paints, and waterproof paints. Also supply solvents and brushes. P r o d u c t L I s t: Chemical Rust Converters: Treats and eliminates rust from metal surfaces, primes surface for over coating Strippable Coatings: Strippable coatings for spray booths, adhesives booths (available in clear, wh.....


    [DRY CREEK, Australia]
    We are Manufacturing Building Products is a medium sized. Premium exterior grade water-based acrylic coatings including :- Roof coatings, facade coatings, primers, sealers, clear glazes, sports court coatings, textured coatings, galv' & metal primers, etc etc. Also manufactured is a range of polymer modified sand/cement pre-mix products including high performance thin section renders, patch.....

    R & D Coatings Inc.

    [McKees Rocks, United States]
    Manufacturer of UV and electron beam cured coatings for wood and metal substrates. Able to provide custom formulations for this type of technology. -Substrates: Wood Metal Plastic -Substrates Wood: Application Methods Clear Top Coats Opaque Finishes Wood Fillers Sealers Hardwood Flooring UV Stains Hardwood Plywood Toned Top Coats -Substrates Metal : Application .....

    Span Filling Systems Pvt. Ltd.

    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturers house boasts of futuristic machinery, providing conceptual distinction from the normal piston fillers. Liquid Filler : - Continous Volumetric Fillers - Servo Controlled Volumetric Fillers - Pneumatic Piston Fillers - Weighmetric Fillers - Barrel Fillers Cappers : - Screw Capper - Ropp Capper Induction Sealers : - Online Induction Cap Sealer - Semi Automati.....


    [Pune, India]
    Manufacturers of :

  • Polyurethane / Epoxy Floor Coating.
  • Anti Corrosive Paint Form
  • Woodlacquers.
  • Polyurethane and Epoxy Floor Coating Material.
  • Epoxy Powders required for Powder Coating on Wood, Aluminium, Metal etc.
  • We are interested in Exports and Imports of Coating Materials and Coating Services......


    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of Pallets, Pallet Trucks, Pallet Stackers, ACB Handling Trucks Goods Lift, Scissors lift platform [Car lifts, Die Loaders], IPC Filters, Drum Handling Equipments and drum Tilters, Custom designed equipments, Floor crane and Dock Leveller. Products include Pallets - Wooden Pallets, Mild Steel Pallets, Stainless Steel / Aluminum Pallets, Box/Cage Pallets, Collapsible Pal.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    We are manufacturers of Refrigeration Equipment, Components and Accessories :- Water Cooler Tanks, complete with copper evaporator tubes, adopters & float valves and capillary tubing, thermowell tubing and Polyurethane Foam [PUF] or Expanded Polyethlyne Insulation, Drip Trays, Cabinets, Scaffolding Equipment & Accessories :- Universal Frame, Floor forms / Slab forms, Clamps, Panels, .....

    Pravin Machine Tools

    [Mumbai, India]
    We Are manufacturer & Exporters Of Our range of durable and sturdy products includes:- Construction Tools, Metalworking Tools, Woodworking Tools, Cordless Tools, Cutting tools(blades), Floor polish machines(italian), Electrical Switches, Floor Polish Abrasives. Brands of machines:- Hitachi, Bosch, Dewalt, Electrex......


    [Panchkula, India]
    We are an Export, manufacturing and trading House in
    1. Electrical and Electronics like fans - ceiling, wall, table and floor, Household appliances and inverters and UPS,
    voltage connectors, lighting, commercial appliances, Water Coolers, Insect Killer , air curtain, Machinery & tools for building construction, electrician, garden, etc. 2. Agriculture : organic pesticides, organic fertilise.....

    Devco India

    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of Scaffolding Equipment & Scaffolding Accessories : Floor Centers, Floor Forms, Universal Frames, H Frames, Telescopic Props, Spans, Tailormade Wallforms, Flexi Forms, Soldiers and Splayed Wall Forms & Cornice Moulds, Hop-up Brackets, Cantilever Frames and Access Stairways. Refrigeration Equipment, Components & Accessories : Drip Trays, Cabinets. Steel Pipe : Sta.....

    Garden India

    [ Noida, India]
    Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of Garden Torches : Garden Torches Garden Lanterns : Indoor/outdoor, Floor/Table/Wall/Hanging. Garden Oil Lamps : Indoor/outdoor, Floor/Table/Wall/Hanging. Bird Baths : Indoor/outdoor. Bird Feeders : Aluminium. Garden Sculpture : Aluminum, Iron & Wood. Garden Planters : Galvanized, Ant. Copper, Ant. Brass. Plant Trolleys : Galvanised, Brass, Iron.....


    [Delhi, India]
    Manufacturer & Trader of Dental X-Ray Machines, Portable & mobile Machines in 30 & 60mA Capacity, 100mA 100kVp on mobile & Floor to Ceiling Stands, 300mA 100kVp with Floor to Ceiling stand with spot Film Device, Horizontal Table, Manually tilting & Motorized Table......

    Pravin Machine Tools

    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturer & Exporter of Construction Tools, Metalworking Tools, Woodworking Tools, Cordless Tools, Cutting tools(blades), Floor polish machines(italian), Electrical Switches, Floor Polish Abrasives. Brands of machines : Hitachi, Bosch, Dewalt, Electrex. .....


    [NEW DELHI, India]
    We are manufacturer and exporter of following industrial products-: I)Chain Pulley Block 1. Standard Chain Pulley Block 2. Indef Chain Pulley Block 3. Spark Proof Chain Pulley Block 4. Short headroom Chain Pulley Block 5. Indef M Chain Pulley Block II)Chain Electric Hoist 1. Baby Chain Electric Hoist A. Standard B. Flame Proof 2. Indef B Chain Electric Hoist 3. CHN-0/CHN-.....

    Loknath Engineering

    [Kolkata, India]
    Manufacturer and Exporters of all kind of conveyors like overhead conveyors, conveyor belts, slat conveyors, roller conveyors and floor conveyors, Straight Track Conveyor, Horizontal Bend Conveyor, Vertical Bend Conveyor, Tension Unit, Conveyor Chain, Drive Unit. Overhead Conveyors :- - 2 Roller Overhead Conveyors - 3 Roller Overhead Conveyors - 4 Roller Overhead Conveyors Floor Convey.....

    Dhumal Industries

    [NASHIK, India]
    Manufacturer & Exporters of - Watering System - Bell Drinkers:-Round Drinker 003 with Stand, Round Drinker 006 with Stand , Automatic Round Drinker, Jumbo Drinker, Broiler Drinker, Breeder Drinker, Baby Drinker 001, Turkey Drinker, Compact Turkey Drinker Nipple Drinkers for Floor - Grey with Tray, Green Nipple, Orange Nipple, Red Nipple for Floor Nipple Drinker for Cages - Red Nipple for Cag.....

    Brohawk Exports

    [Chandigarh, India]
    Manufacturer & Exporters of - Building Hardware - HYPER Door closers and floor springs - Door closing Devices, Floor Springs, Glass Door Patch Fittings Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Castings, Fasteners Agriculture and Farm Equipment - Discs , plain and notched, Shovels, Tillers, Rake, Plough, Disc harrow, Chain harrow, Pins (tractor pins and spares), Garden tools Metals - Aluminium ingots, Zi.....

    Kijeka Engineers

    [Ahmedabad, India]
    We manufactures Hydraulic Stackers, Power Pack Hyd. Stackers, Hyd. Mobile Floor Crane, Hyd. Pallet Trucks, Hyd. Lifting Tables, High Lift Hand Pallet Trucks & Motorized Mechanical Stackers, Pallet Trucks, Platform Trucks, Drum Handling Equipments, Castors ( light & Heavy Duty), Chain Pulley Blocks, Aluminum Ladders, Monorail Trolleys, Trolley wheels- Hard Polymer wheels, HDPE wheels, Grey Poly.....

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