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engineering Member Directory(Epoxy Resin)


[Stafford Street, United States]
Manufacturer of heavy duty, VOC compliant paints and coatings. Product lines include epoxy and urethane primers and topcoats, waterbased, solvent based alkyds, and vinyl and asphaltic coatings. EPOXY PRIMERS: 10 Series HIGH BUILD EPOXY PRIMERS, 2-COMPONENT SYSTEM 12-SERIES HIGH PERFORMANCE EPOXY REPAIR COMPOUND EPOXIES, DIRECT-TO-METAL and TOPCOATS: 11-SERIES HEAT, CHEMICAL, & ABR.....

Palmer Manufacturing and Tank Company

[Garden, United States]
We provide Services of strong commitment to build only high quality fiberglass tanks and steel tanks. Our engineers can help design any one of the following to meet your specifications: containment tanks, double walled tanks, elevated bottom tanks, heated tanks, insulated tanks, mixing tanks, oilfield tanks, stainless steel tanks and underground tanks. Engineering :- Palmer Manufacturing and .....

J. K. Paper Co.

[Delhi, India]
Manufacturers & Suppliers of filter paper, PVC based Thermosetting Filter Adhesive, Plastisols, PVA Compound, Epoxy Resins like: IMPREGNATED FILTER PAPER:- -paper available in Yellow, White etc. Colors. PVC COMPOUND THERMOSETTOMG FILTER ADHESIVE:- -Free Flowing, Thixotropic, White PVC Compound & Foaming compounds. PVC PLASTISOLS:- -Red, Black, Orange, etc. Colors. It has shore "A" .....

Tej Innovative Products

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter of Epoxy Coatings, Concrete Epoxy Coating, Concrete Floor Sealers, Wood Floor Sealers Building & Construction Aids - Epoxy paints/ Epoxy Coatings/Adhesives/Lacquers Polyurethane Paints/Coatings/Lacquers Exterior water proof Algae & Fungus resistance paints /Coatings Decorative Textured Coatings for Exterior & Interior building requirements Thermal barrier (Heat.....

Huachang Polymer Co., Ltd

[Shanghai, China]
Manufacturers of anticorrosive products, epoxy floor coating, and insulating oil. Contracts, operates and surpervises anticorrosive engineering. -Anticorrosion Epoxy Resin: MFE-1, MFE-2, MFE-3, ....MFE-22, MFE-2DS, MFE-31SP, MFE-51, W2-1 W2-2 W2-3 3201 3202 323 X42 X42-3 X42 /2608 HC-197 902-A3 /X41 9406 9407SP 9503 191/189 9609SP 9709/9608 FS-90 E-44 / E-51 6101 .....

Jiangsu Guotai Int'l Group Co., Ltd.

[Taipei Hsien, Taiwan]
We provide professional manufacturer more than 20 years experience. Include Epoxy, silicone, PU, UV, instant.... 1) doming resin hard/flexible/non-sag types for badge, key-ring, sticker, label, nameplate, hair-pin, earrings, picture frames, bukles, metal parts... Our products :- Epoxy potting encapsulating coating sealant compound Silicone Thermal compound Epoxy UV curing adhesive .....

Tej Innovative Products

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturing & Exporters of Epoxy Paints, Epoxy Coatings, FRP Pigments Paste & Allied Coatings, later diversified into water based coatings, Concrete Epoxy Coating, Concrete Floor Sealers, Wood Floor Sealers Building & Construction Aids - Epoxy paints/Epoxy Coatings/Adhesives/Lacquers, Polyurethane Paints/Coatings/Lacquers, Exterior water proof Algae & Fungus resistance paints/Coatings, Deco.....


[Xian, China]
Manufacturers of synthesis of peptides reagents, resins and their derivatives like Amino Acids Derivatives, Coupling Reagents, Linkers for Solid Phase Synthesis, Resins, Amino acids attached to Resin, Protecting Reagents and Other Reagents. Supplies innovative solutions in laboratory automation, chemicals.
Our products range:
polystyrene resin, chloromethyl resin [merrifield resin], wan.....

Permali Wallace Limited

[Bhopal, India]
Manufacturers of - Wood based densifed impregnated laminates for Industrial and Engineering applications. Electrical Transformer, Switch Gear, Generator, Motor, Control Panel, etc. Defence Established Applications in Military, Navy & AirForce Railways Coach Buildings, Electrical Equipments, Traction Equipments, Rail Track components etc. Automobile Instrument Panel, Parcel Tray, Floori.....


[bagalore, India]
Liquid Filling Machine (Can Filling/Tin Filling) Genuine technologies Automatic Filling Machines are used for filling edible oil, lube oil, chemicals and other free flowing liquids in CAN / TINS. This filling machine consists of a weighing platform, electronic filling controller and pneumatically operated dual stage valve. These machines ensure accurate and hygienic filling. The Tin and Ca.....


[Bangalore, India]
Manufacturer & Exporter of Mica paper, Moulding Micanite, LIL MICATHERM - Class 'F', Segment Micanite sheets, LIL MICAFLEX, Flexible Mica flake sheets, Polyster film backed epoxy resin bonded Mica paper tape / folium Class 'F', 'B' Stage - Different grades, Polyamide backed silicone resin Mica Flake wrappers, Epoxy resin bonded Mica Putty sheets/Moulding Micanite, Epoxy bonded Mica Paper segment M.....


[Vapi, India]
Manufacturer of acid, alkali, solvent resistant materials, water proofing compound, epoxy based coating, epoxy based paints. We trade in : acid, alkali resistant tiles, bricks, refractory cement and brciks. Our services: contract works for acid/alkali proof tile/brick lining, water proofing, epoxy coating, epoxy painting, epoxy self level flooring, epoxy screed lining, ar bitumen mastic lining, re.....

Unnathi Enterprises

[Bangalore, India]
Export & Suppliers of Reflective Coating, Epoxy Floor Coatings, Chemical Resistant Coating, Water Proofing, High Temp. Resistance Coating, Chemical Resistant Coating Reflective Coating - Reflective Road Arrow Marking, Non-Reflective Road Marking, Epoxy Industrial Floor Marking, Reflective Tapes, Safety Rolls, Reflective Plates Epoxy Floor Coatings - Corrosion Resistant Coating, Epoxy Gloss.....

Challenge Industrial Co., Ltd.( CIC )

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Manufacturers of : Transformers Instrument Transformer Series Reactor for Cap. Bank Motor-Starting Recator & Compensator Neutrual Grounding Resistors Epoxy Bushing & Insulators - Epoxy Bushing For Switchgears Epoxy Bushing For Draw-out Circuit Breakers W/conductor Epoxy Support Insulators Epoxy VCB Frames......

Floors & Coatings

[Ahmedabad, India]
Deals in Manufacture of Acid/alkali/solvent resistant brick/tile linings cement mortars Heavy duty industrial tile floorings Epoxy/PU/EPU self-level monolithic jointless floorings. Epoxy/pu/epu floor coatings Epoxy/pu/ pud/ 2kwater based Pu wall coatings Epoxy floor covings, pencil covings, joint filling of kota /mandana stone joints with epoxy etc. Etc. Water proofings/concrete a.....

Suzhou Saili Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

[Suzhou, China]
Manufacturer & Suppliers Of Cutting, Blade, Diamond Powders, Diamond/CBN Wheels, Ultra Thin Cut-off Wheels, Electroplated Diamond / CBN products, Diamond Dressers, Ruby Stones & Sticks, MDM Highlight Our Products Ranges:- Resin/Rubber bonded reinforced cut-off wheels Resin/Rubber bonded depressed center discs Resin/Rubber bonded grinding wheels Resin/Rubber bonded Ultra-precision cut-off w.....

Suzhou Saili Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

[China, China]
We are Manufacturers & Exporter of superabrasive tools and has got a great development these years with its strong technical forces, quality products and excellent service. Our Products are 1.Cutting :- - Flat-off wheel - Depressed Enter Cut-off Wheels - Depressed Center Grinding Wheels 2.Blade :- - Segmented blade - Dry Turbo Blade - Turbo segmented - Wet or dry cutting blade 3.D.....

Globe Polymers

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of Tank Linings, Industrial Centrifugal Blowers, Epoxy Coatings, Pipe Fittings, Storage Tanks, etc. SCRUBBING SYSTEM : We design, manufacture, install various types of fume extraction scrubbers. These are used for scrubbing hazardous gases like HCL, CL2, SO2, NH3, HNO3, H2SO4 & various noxious acid / alkali fumes etc. These Scrubber columns are made out .....


[XUCHANG, China]
Manufacturers and Exporters of Insulating Materials. Our wide product range includes 1) Compound Sheet Products : -Polyester film insulating paper flexible composite material (Class E) -Polyester film polyester non-woven fabric flexible composite material (Class B) -Class F DMD (Class F) -Polyester film aromatic polyamide paper flexible composite material (Class F) -Polyimide film aromatic .....

Engineering Manufacturers Directory(Epoxy Resin)

Globe Polymers

[Mumbai, India]
We are Manufacturers, Traders & Exporter of Tank Linings, Industrial Centrifugal Blowers, Epoxy Coatings, Pipe Fittings, Storage Tanks, etc. Our Products are -Scrubbing System :- We design, manufacture, install various types of fume extraction scrubbers. These are used for scrubbing hazardous gases like HCL, CL2, SO2, NH3, HNO3, H2SO4 & various noxious acid / alkali fumes etc. These Scrubbe.....


[Xuchang, China]
Manufacturers of Flexible Composite Material : 6520-Polyester Film /Fish Paper Flexible Composite Material 6521-Polyester Film /Insulating Paper Flexible Composite Material 6630-Polyester Film/Polyester Fibre Non-woven Fabric Flexible Composite Material (DMD) 6632-Polyester Film/Polyester Fibre Non-woven Fabric Flexible Composite Material (DM) 6641-Polyester Film/Polyester Fibre Non-woven .....


[xian, China]
We are Manufacturers & Exporter of diamond products and the chemical mechanical sealing, etc. Our Products are 1.Mechanical Carbon :- - Resin Impregnated Carbon Graphite :- EPOXY RESIN IMPREGNATED CARBON GRAPHITE FURAN RESIN IMPREGNATED CARBON GRAPHITE -Metal Impregnated Carbon Graphite :- ANTIMONY IMPREGNATED CARBON GRAPHITE BABBITT IMPREGNATED CARBON GRAPHITE ALUMINIUM IMPREGNATED .....

DiaBoom Abrasives Inc.,

[Korea, South Africa]
We are Manufacturers of High Quality Tools for Stone Industry. Our Products are 1.Polishing Tools :- - Wet Polishing Pad 5mm - Wet Polishing Pad - Wet Polishing Pad - Spiral Type - Epoxy Wet Polishing Pad - Engineered Stone Polishing Pad - Concrete & Terrazzo Polishing Pad - Dry Polishing Pad - Resin - Dry Polishing Pad - Genuine Metal Polishing Pad - Metal Polishing Copper Pad - .....

Suqing Group

[Jiangyin, China]
Manufactures ion exchange resins and water treatment equipment, and offers a full set of water treatment engineering services. Our product range includes: -Cation Exchange Resin -Anion Exchange Resin -Specialty Exchange Resin -Closest Competitive equivalents to Suqing Brand Ion Exchange Resin And Adsorbent Resin .....

Sumei Chemical Co., Ltd.

[Taipei, Taiwan]
Manufacture & Exporters Of Synthetic Resin for Adhesive, Coating & Other Industries. Our Products Range Include: 1.Fabric Coating: Printing Products Finishing & Stiffening Teffeta coating Flocking Binder Latex for Silk Flower Softener Auxiliarys 2.Adhesive: Solvent Based Adhesive Water Based Adhesive 3.Paper Varnish: Solvent base UV varnishing Water base 4.Ink:.....


[Singapore, Singapore]
Manufacturer of floor coatings
1] water or solvent based epoxy floor coatings
2] self-leveling solvent free epoxy coatings
3] motar screed epoxy coating system
4] corrosion protection coatings for ferrous and non-ferrous metal
5] conrete repair
6] waterproofing coating for rooftop .
7] road marking paint
8] wood coatings for parquet and timber floor. 9] anti-fouling coating.....

Anabond Limited-Gujarat Branch

[, India]
Anaerobics 1.Thread Locker 2.Bearing Retainer 3.Pipe Sealant 4.Liquid Gasketing RTV Silicones 1.RTV Silicone Single Part System 2.RTV Silicone Two-part system Cyanoacrylate 1.Cyanoacrylate Epoxy 1.Epoxy-Single part systems 2.Epoxy-Two part systems Rubber Based 1.Solvent based Neoprene Adhesives / Sealants 1.Liquid Gasket maker 2.Brake shoe Bonding Adhesive 3.N.....

Shree Electro Equipments

[Howrah, India]
 Powder Coating Plant Epoxy/Epoxy Polyester/Pure Polyester/Polyurethane  Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) Coating Plant  Fluidized Bed Coating Plant  Teflon(PTFE/PFA/FEP) Coating Plant  ECTFE/Halar/Turcite Coating Plant  Nylon Coating Plant  Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Coating Plant  PVDF(Kynar/Hynar) coating Plant  Rilsan Co.....

Auto Filter Adhesive

[New Delhi, India]
Manufactures & Suppliers of Adhesive products like: PVC Compound Thermosetting Filter Adhesive:- -used for bonding paper to metal end cap of the filters on heat and are available in Free Flowing, Thixotropic White PVC Compound & Foaming compounds. PVC Plastisols:- -PVC Plastisols are used for making air filter base sealant on heating. -It is available in Red, Black, Orange colors.It has s.....

Saru Smelting Pvt. Ltd.

[Meerut, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter of SOLDERS - SOLDER TYPES - Tin Lead, Lead Free, Cadmium Free, Silver Bearing, Cadmium Solder, Antimony Bearing, Bismuth Bearing, Indium Bearing, Copper Bearing, Gold Bearing, Soft Solder, Low Dross Solder, Precious Metal Solder, For Electronic Soldering, For Industrial Soldering, For Hand Soldering, For Surface Mount Soldering, For Wave Soldering, For Soldering.....

Ramanuj Industries

[Delhi, India]
Manufacturer & Exporter of INSULATORS - Stand off Insulators, Single Pole Support, Finger Type Support, Horizontal Support, TPN Support, Grip Type Support - Single Pole Grip Type Supports, Three Pole Grip Type Supports, Four Pole Grip Type Supports. HT Support - High Tension Post Type, Epoxy Resin Cast. TRANSFORMER - L. T. Current Transformers, L. T. Epoxy Resin Cast Type, ABS Enclosure Ri.....

Ercon Composites

[Jodhpur, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter of:- Manufacturer of glass fiber reinforced plastic pultruded profiles and products. PULTRUDED GLASS EPOXY SECTIONS:- Ercon Glass epoxy pultruded sections are used in Transformer and Switchgear Industry as Insulating material. Various sections like FRP Rods, Tubes, Dog bone, Corner profile , Flats, Angles etc are available in Class F Insulation. FRP GRATINGS .....

J. K. Paper Co.

[Delhi, India]
We are Manufacturers & Exporter of PVC Compound Filter Adhesive, PVA Compound, Epoxy Resin, Plastisols, Impregnated Filter Paper, DIP Coating and Crown Cork Plastisols and Other Rubber Compounds Our Products are - IMPREGNATED FILTER PAPER - PVC COMPOUND THERMOSETTOMG FILTER ADHESIVE - PVC PLASTISOLS - EPOXY RESIN AND HARDNERS - Crown Cork Plastisol - DIP Coating PVC Plastisols - RUBBER .....

Amalgamated Engineering & Commercial Co., (KL) Sdn Bhd.

[Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]
We are Manufacturers, Importers & Exporters of Switchgears Components:- Epoxy Bushings, Epoxy Support Insulators, Potential Transformers, Current Transformers, Terminal Blocks, Fibreglass Barriers, Heat Shrink Insulation Tubings, Earthing Switch, Load Break Switch, H.T Fuses, Trip & Closing Coils, Motors, Multi-Pole Plug & Socket, Meters, Rotary Switches, Digital Meters, Testing Equipment, Copper .....

DiaBoom Abrasives Inc.

[Seoul, Korea, North]
Manufacturer & exporter of diamond tools for stone & construction industry - Diamond Polishing Pad, Grinding Cup Wheel, Cutting Blades, Processing Tools and Drill Bits. Polishing Tools : Wet Polishing Pad 5mm Wet Polishing Pad Wet Polishing Pad - Spiral Type Epoxy Wet Polishing Pad Engineered Stone Polishing Pad Concrete & Terrazzo Polishing Pad Dry Polishing Pad - Resin Dry Polis.....

DiaBoom Abrasives Inc.

[Seoul, Korea, South]
We are manufacturers of the following products. -Polishing Tools -Wet Polishing Pad 5mm --Resin Dry Polishing Pad -Wet Polishing Pad -Dry Polishing Pad -Wet Polishing Pad-Spiral Type -Genuine Metal Pad -Epoxy Polishing Pad   -Convex Polishing Pad -Metal Polishing Copper Pad -Engineered Stone Polishing Pad -Concrete & Terrazzo Polishing Pad -Floor Polishing Pad ( Res.....

DiaBoom Abrasives Inc.,

[Seoul, Korea, North]
Manufacturer & Exporter of Diamond Tools for Stone & Construction Industry-Diamond Polishing Pad, Grinding Cup Wheel, Cutting Blades, Processing Tools and Drill Bits. Polishing Tools:- Wet Polishing Pad 5mm Wet Polishing Pad Wet Polishing Pad - Spiral Type Epoxy Wet Polishing Pad Engineered Stone Polishing Pad Concrete & Terrazzo Polishing Pad Dry Polishing Pad - Resin Dry Polishing Pa.....

DiaBoom Abrasives Inc.,

[Seoul, Korea, South]
We are Manufacturers & Exporters of Following Products. Our Products are : * Polishing Tools -Wet Polishing Pad 5mm -Wet Polishing Pad -Wet Polishing Pad - Spiral Type -Epoxy Wet Polishing Pad -Engineered Stone Polishing Pad -Concrete & Terrazzo Polishing Pad -Dry Polishing Pad - Resin -Dry Polishing Pad -Genuine Metal Polishing Pad -Metal Polishing Copper Pad -Floor Polishing Pad.....

Chandras' Chemical Enterprises (P) Ltd.

[Kolkata, India]
We are leading manufacturer of Industrial Adhesives in the country. We manufactures and markets a wide variety of Synthetic Adhesives based on Polychloroprene, Polyurethane, Epoxy, EVA, Lamination and other Elastomers. Our major product is marketed under the brand name 'DENDRITE' PRODUCT RANGE : Dendrite 2006 Dendrite OR - 1005 Dendrite OR - 1000 Dendrite OR - 5000 Dendrite OR - 7500 De.....

Grind Co.

[Delhi, India]
Manufacturers, distributors and exporters of Industrial Abrasives, Electrodes, Cutting & Power Tools, Cutting Oils, Industrial Taps, Measuring Instruments and Diamond Products. Our Products of: -Abrasives : Grains : -Aluminium Oxide -Brown Aluminium Oxide -White Aluminium Oxide -Pink Aluminium Oxide -Black and Green carbide Bonded Abrasives : -General Purpose Grinding Wheels -To.....

Marvel Abrasive Products, Inc.

[Chicago, United States]
Manufacturers of:- Marvel Cloth and Paper Belts Non-Wovens- Fibre Abrasive Grit Resin Binder Marvel Specialty Products- 9 inch x 11 inch Abrasive Sheets Flap Wheels Shop Rolls Spiral No Lap Belts Marvel Disc Products- Back-Up Pads and Accessories Flap Discs P.S.A. Aluminum Oxide Resin Cloth Discs P.S.A. Resin Cloth Discs Resin Fibre Discs Semi-Flexible Discs Small Diamete.....

G Sun Co., Ltd.

[Changhua Hsien, Taiwan]
One- Component PU Resin Two- Component PU Resin Semi- PU Resin Wet- process PU Resin Crosslinking agent Catalyet for adhesive Surface coating agent for PVC leather Non-yellowing type pu.Pvc coating agent General type pu.Pvc coating agent Special coating agentand additive......


[Pune, India]
Manufacturers of :

  • Polyurethane / Epoxy Floor Coating.
  • Anti Corrosive Paint Form
  • Woodlacquers.
  • Polyurethane and Epoxy Floor Coating Material.
  • Epoxy Powders required for Powder Coating on Wood, Aluminium, Metal etc.
  • We are interested in Exports and Imports of Coating Materials and Coating Services......


    [Faridabad, India]
    We are a manufacturer of Coating materials. Our Products details are Epoxy Polyster [Hybrid], Pure Epoxy, Pure Polyester. Types of Epoxy Polyster are Glossy, Satin, Structure & Texture, Speciality Finish and types of Pure Polyester are Matt......


    [Ahmedabad, India]
    We are the leading corrosion consulting engineer, manufacturuer and contractor. we manufacture all type of acid proof mortars for fixing acid proof bricks and tiles. we also undertake contracts on turn kay bases for all types of acid proof brick lining, tile lining, Grouts, water base Epoxy, epoxy flooring, water proofing etc. we also offer acid proof bricks and tiles. We can supply Construction C.....

    Suzhou Kying Industrial Materials Co.,Ltd.

    [Suzhou, China]
    We are the Bigger Specialized Manufacturer and Exporter of - Electrical Film :- Polyimide film, Polyimide FEP film, BOPI Biaxial Orient Polyimide Film (Tape), PET. Polyester Film (6020 6021) - Adhesive Tapes :- Polyimide film Silicone/Acrylic Pressure-sensitive Adhesive Tapes, Polyester Film Adhesive Tape, Polyimide Adhesive Tape with Release Liner For Die Cut, Acetate Cloth Pressure-sensit.....


    [Huangshan, China]

  • Epoxy Resins
  • Additives[TGIC]
  • Additives[MB-68]
  • Additives[MB-31]
  • E-12 BLP Solid Diffluent
  • MMA -BuA Copolymer brightining agent
  • Powder Flowing gloss agent 6088
  • Powder Coatings
    Epoxy resins of E-12 [604#, equivalent to DER663U] for powder coatings, E-14 [604-4#] & E-20 [601#, equivalent to DER671] for anti-corrosive powder coatings, with the annu.....

    POLYMERight, Inc.

    [Fremont, United States]
    Development, sales and marketing of epoxy and polymeric materials for such applications as adhesives, binders, encapsulants, coatings, sealants, plastics and composites. POLYMERight Inc. Develops and supplies products for many applications. Here are our product groups: Epoxy Resins with Expanded Capabilities Primer for Cyanoacrylate Adhesives Acrylic UV- and Peroxide-Curable Adhesiv.....

    Molecular-Tech Coatings Inc.

    [Maple Ridge, Canada]
    Manufacture environmentally friendly industrial coatings and customs made paints. Products include primers, topcoats, floor epoxy's and paint strippers. -Conventional Paint Stripper (777-Series): This product is especially formulated for wood coatings remover and steel coatings. -Baking Systems: Polyflex Baking Polyester (821-Series) Water Reducible Drum Liner (765-Series) -Air D.....

    PR Tech Co.,Ltd

    [Pyeong Taek, Korea, South]
    We are one of the leading companies making rubber, plastics, polyurethane parts, sealant and sound insulation products for the industrial and automotive industries. In order to make Seo-il (PR-Tech) a worldclass manufacturer for the industrial and automotive industries, We are making ear plug made of foam and silicone rubber.Main features - Soft disposable polyurethane foam ear plugs providing .....

    suzhou kying industrial materials Co.,Ltd.

    [Suzhou, China]
    We are the Bigger Specialized Manufacturer and Exporter of - Electrical Film :- Polyimide film, Polyimide FEP film, BOPI Biaxial Orient Polyimide Film (Tape), PET. Polyester Film (6020 6021) - Adhesive Tapes :- Polyimide film Silicone/Acrylic Pressure-sensitive Adhesive Tapes, Polyester Film Adhesive Tape, Polyimide Adhesive Tape with Release Liner For Die Cut, Acetate Cloth Pressure-sensit.....

    Sound Specialty Coatings Corporation

    [Washington, United States]
    Manufacturer of epoxies, paints and other coating products. Applications include automotive, military, marine, and residential. Includes specifications and application guides. The Many Applications For Our Products. AUTOMOTIVE: Auto Parts Repair kits for automobiles. AERONAUTICAL: Hanger Floors for aircraft. Painting leading edges of aircraft wings. BUSINESS: Adhesiv.....


    [BHOPAL, India]
    Manufacturers of products made of various Electrical & Thermal insulation materials, Epoxy (Epoxy Glass Fabric NEMA-L1-G-10 & G-11, Epoxy Glass Mat Laminate IS-10192-1982) - Polyester (Polyester Glass Mat Laminate IS 10192-1982) based FRP composites, Paper & Fabric based Phenolic (IS-2036-1974), Sindanyo, Teflon, Nomex materials......


    [Mumbai, India]
    1) Kheddahide Press Boards & Press Paper. 2) Bakelite Paper & Fabric Laminated Sheets, Rods and tubes in round square and rectangle / Formica Sheets. 3) Insulating Varnishes for thermal class A.E.B.F. & h 4) Epoxy Polyester Resins and Compounds by Bakelite Hylam Ltd., 5) Fiber ( Vulcanized ) Red & Grey colour sheets, Rods & Tubes. 6) Manila Craft & Crape Papers and Epoxy Dotted Paper.....

    Western Minerals

    [Rajkot, India]
    Manufacturers and Dealer of all types of foundry materials, fluxes, graphite powder and bentonite powder are :- -Core Oil - Used for intricate core making -Green Sand Additives (Westron) - A Lustrous carbon product -Auto Set Oil - Used as single part no bake oil -Slag Remover - It is laddle flux used for slag coagulation -Ramming Mass - Used for copula-rotary furnance and induction furnance.....

    Alvel Sales

    [Chennai, India]
    Manufacturers & Traders of Following products such as: Cable Jointing Kits:- -Cast Resin -Tapex -Push On -Heat Shrink Types. Cable Accessories:- -Brass cable glands -cable Lugs / Ferrules of Copper -Aluminum and other connected materials. Adhesive:- -liquid / Putty -Steel -Aluminum -Underwater -High Temperature -Rubber Based -Polyurthense -Anaerobic -Cynos -Silicones. .....

    Glassfibre and Allied Industries

    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturer and exporter of Polyester, Epoxy and Polyimide resin based, fibreglass reinforced laminates, rods, tubes, moulded / machined components, to name a few, suitable for thermal class ‘B’, ‘F’ and ‘H’ applications in Electronics industry. Our products of BLOCK FOR SECTION INSULATORS [O.H.E.] BAFFLE PODS CABLE CLEAT COMPRESSOR VANES CONNECTING BA.....

    Filter Paper Manufacturers

    [New Delhi, India]
    We are Manufacturers of Following Products. Our Products are : * Filter Paper -Impregnated Filter Papers -Pleated Filter Paper -Air Filter Paper -Fuel Filter Paper -Lube Filter Paper -Oil Filter Paper -Industrial Filter Paper -Gas Filter Paper -Hydraulic Filter Paper * Filter Bonding Adhesive -Polyvinyl Chloride Resin -Polyvinyl Acetate Formulation -Polyvinyl Chloride formulati.....

    DiaBoom Abrasives Inc.

    [Kyunggi-do, Korea]
    We Are Manufacturer & Export Of Polishing Tools- Wet Polishing Pad 5mm, Resin Dry Polishing Pad, Wet Polishing Pad, Dry Polishing Pad, Wet Polishing Pad-Spiral Type, Genuine Metal Pad, Epoxy Polishing Pad, Convex Polishing Pad, Metal Polishing Copper Pad, Engineered Stone Polishing, Concrete & Terrazzo Polishing, Floor Polishing Pad Resin, Floor Polishing Pad, Edge Polishing Pad, Edge Polishi.....

    Huangshan tech-power chemical co.,ltd

    [ Huangshan, China]
    Manufacturer & Exporter OF Matting hardener and Bismuth-Vanadate pigment which used for powder coating, hardener, epoxy resin, levelling agent, other resin, matt hardener.....

    Coron Engineers

    [New Orleans, India]
    Manufacturer, and Supplier of:- Manufacturers and suppliers of quality product in water filtration system like reverse osmosis water plant, water softening plant. Water Filtration Plant:- We manufacture a wide variety of standard and custom build pressure filter systems for removal of suspended solid from water with either dual media filters or a complete line of single media filters incl.....


    [Hyderabad, India]

    Javelin Controls Ltd.

    [Hampshire, United Kingdom]
    We are Manufacturers with electrical & control systems for special purpose machinery and process automation. Our Projects are : 1. Seal Test Rig :- Single machine using SCADA interface to test seals, print a pass certificate when appropriate and record the test information on a PC for further analysis as well as automatically protecting against set up or critical seal failures during the te.....


    [Changge, China]
    We are Manufacturers, Traders & Exporter of Synthetic Diamond Tool. Our Products are - Superhard Materials - Diamond Saw Blade - Construction Machinery :- Diamond Terrazzo Machine DMP935 Multi-Funciton Floor Polishing Machine DDG285B Electric Waxing Machine HCD HCR Impact rammer HW30/60 Frog Rammer HZD.HZR Flat vibration Rammer HZP Concrete Road Surface Flatting Machine DMD.DMR L.....

    Tiranti Ltd

    [Reading Berkshire, United Kingdom]
    We are Manufacturer & Distributers of Books & Videos:- Books: Wood & Stone Carving, Books: Sculpture Techniques, Books: Gilding & Restoration, Videos, Technical Booklets. Woodcarving Tools:- Straight, Salmon Bend, Bent, Back Bent, Woodcarving Tool Handles, Woodcarving Tool Sets, Canvas Tool Rolls, Carvers? Adzes, Chip Knives, Sharpening Equipment, Steel Cabinet Scrapers, Holding Devices, Pyrog.....

    Luoyang Sincere Trading Co., Ltd

    [henan, China]
    Manufacturer & Exporter OF Chemical, Mineral, Foundry, Pp-r pipe, Pvc Tape, and Digital Jump Rope. Inorganic Chemicals:- Silicates:- 1. Sodium Silicate (solid, liquid and powder) 2. Sodium Disilicate 3. Sodium Metasilicate (Anhydrous, Pentahydrate, Nonahydrate) 4. Aluminium Silicate 5. Calcium Silicate 6. Sodium Silicofluoride 7. Potassium Silicofluoride 8. Magnesium Sil.....

    Gargi Huttenes Albertus Pvt. Ltd.

    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturer Of complete range of Phenolic No Bake, Novolak, Cold Box - Furan Foundry Resins, Dressings for Moulds and Cores. GARGI is producing world class quality foundry Chemicals and Fluxes. It has a wide range of chemicals from Inoculants for Ductile cast Iron to Insulating/Exothermic sleeves, hot tops, Refining and Melting Chemicals for Non-Ferrous Industries, Alkyd Resin - Three Part No.....

    Huaan mechanical and manufacture Co., Ltd

    [Jiangdu, China]
    Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of construction steel tube falsework fastener, pipeline tool, C word clamping apparatus, electromotion calabash, 732 cation exchange resin, A3 unsaturated polyester resin, coloured metal foundry, black metal foundry(malleable cast iron, nodular cast iron, grizzled cast iron, exactitude foundry, resin sand foundry and cast steel). - Plumbing tools - Clamp -.....

    Graff Diamond Products LIMITED

    [Brampton, Canada]
    Manufacturers of Diamond & CBN Tooling for Industry Electroplated Diamond & CBN Tooling - (Overview) Electroplated Diamond & CBN Tooling Diamond Electroplated Blades. Diamond Electroplated Routers & Core Drills... Diamond and CBN Grinding Pins Resin Bonded Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels - (Overview) Resin Bonded Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels Truing & Dressing of Resin .....

    Syndyne Industrial Co., Ltd.

    [Tainan Hsien, Taiwan]
    Manufacturing Laminates, material, insulating parts, Phenolic resin , phenolic laminates rod, back-up board, an excellent reputation for Phenolic Resin Laminates. Our product range includes: Hot punch phenolic Laminates, Cold punch phenolic Laminates, Flame Resistant Phenolic Laminates, Cloth Based Phenolic Laminates, Phenolic Laminates Tubs and Rods, Back up Boards, phenolic Resin and Prepreg.....

    Acme Abrasive - Hanson Co.

    [Michigan, United States]
    Manufacturers of :- * Foundry Grinding Wheels Floorstand Grinding Wheels - Bench and Pedestal Grinders - Swing Frame Grinders - Nut Inserted Disc Wheels - Portable Abrasive Wheels Miscellaneous - Cutoff Wheels Robotic Applications "Hard" Automation Machines Metallurgical Testing Foundry Core Files Mounted Points. * Steel Mill Products - Hot Pressed Conditioning.....

    Spectra Diamond Tools - Industrial Diamond Tools

    [Raigad, India]
    We are Manufacturers of all types of Diamond Dressing tools, Resin and Metal Bond Diamond Wheels, Diamond Indentors, Diamond needle files. Our Products are 1. Diamond Wheels :- - Resin/Metal/Electroplated Bond Diamond/CBN Wheels - Internal Grinding Diamond/CBN Wheels - Resin/Metal/Electroplated Diamond/CBN Mounted Wheels - Diamond/CBN Honing Sticks - Diamond Hand Laps 2. Diamond Dr.....

    Graff Diamond Products

    [Ontario, Canada]
    Manufacturer of Diamond and cbn Grinding Wheels, Cutting Blades, and Speciality Superabrasive Tooling. Our Products Ranges:- Electroplated Diamond & CBN Tooling - (Overview) Electroplated Diamond & CBN Tooling Diamond Electroplated Blades. Diamond Electroplated Routers & Core Drills... Diamond and CBN Grinding Pins Resin Bonded Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels - (Overview) Resin Bonded Dia.....

    Foshan Golden Whirlwind Abrasives Co.,Ltd

    [Foshan, China]
    Arble saw blade 350-2 (Brazed) Introduction Used in cutting all kinds of diamond imported and made in Marble saw blades 350-1(brazed) Introduction: Used in cutting all kinds of diamond imported and made in Marble saw blades 350(brazed) Introduction: Used in cutting all kinds of diamond imported and made in Marble saw blades 300(brazed) Introduction: Used in cutting .....


    [Thane, India]
    Absolac Abs Resin, Absolan San Resin, Makrolend Polycarbonate, Bayblend PC+ABS Alloy, Desmopan TPU, Durethan Nylon, Pocan PBT Resin.....


    [Pune, India]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of Transformer Oil Filteration Equipments, Vacuum Drying Equipments for Electrical Industry, Vacuum or Pressure Impregnation Equipments. Products include oil degassing and Dehumidification plants, Vaccum pressure impregnation plant, Vaccum drying plants for transformers, Vapour phase system for power transformers, Epoxy casting plants for dry transformers, Epoxy mixing .....


    [Nashik, India]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of Pressure Die Casting Dies, Aluminium, Zinc, Gravity Die Casting Dies, Aluminium Castings, Pressure die casting, Gravity Die Casting, Press components, Injection Moulds, Bakelite moulds, Tool room, Tools, Investment Casting Moulds & Compression Moulds, Pressure Gelation moulds, Press Tools, Jigs and Fixtures, Epoxy Moulds, Zinc Casting,Production of Related Components.....


    [Baroda, India]

  • Manufacturer of Acid, Alkali Proof Mortar & Consulting, Protective Coatings, Industrial coatings & paintings, Acid, Alkali proof lining
  • We are also the manufacturer of entire range of acid / alkali proof mortar, such as silicate base, furan base, phenoilic base, epoxy base, sulpher base, coaltar base & bitumen base.
  • We also undertake turnkey contact for acid / alkali.....

    Mahendra Industries, Bangalore

    [Bangalore, India]
    Manufacture and Export of bare and insulated aluminum & copper wire and conductors, enamelled, double glass covered varnish bonded conductors, double fiberglass covered conductors (Epoxy) and various other products, Bare & insulated copper conductors, Bare & insulated aluminum conductors, Enamelled copper conductors, Enamelled fibre glass covered varnish bonded copper conductors class F & H, Doubl.....


    [Pune, India]
    Manufactured our first Fibre Reinforced Composite tube, an electrical insulator.
    LV, MV and HV Electrical Insulation: Glass Epoxy Laminations, Epoxy Castings, Barrier Cylinders, Flats, Rods, Angles,Tubes and various sections. Transportation: Transportation boxes, Hot Line Tools.
    Aerospace: Carbon Spacers, Classified High Performance applications.



    [Vapi, India]
    Manufacturers of REFRACTORIES- All types of Fire Bricks in various sizes & High Alumina Bricks, Insulation Bricks, etc. G.T. Block, Burnol Block, Flew Cover, Refractory Slab & Special Refractories Ramming Mass, Thermotex, Fire clay & Asbestos Mill Boards. Air setting "High Strength" Refractory Cement with Setting Solution. ACC REFRACTORY PRODUCT- Fire Crete Super Refractory Castable & Accose.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    We are Manufacturers of Cyno, Anaerobic Retainers & Threadlockers, Epoxy Adhesives & Sealants, U. V. Glue, Clear Epoxy for Glass Bonding, Acrylic Glue, GE RTV Silicon Sealant & RTV Moulding Compound. Threading :- AA221 Screw Lock, AA222 Nut Lock, AA 223 Stud Lock, AA 224 Penetrant Retaining :- AA331 Bearing Fit, AA332 Bearing Retainer, AA 333 High Str. Retainer, AA 334 High Temp. Retainer.....

    Rapid Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd.

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturer And Exporter Of coating powders : Powders For Powder Coating, Plastic Coating Powder, Rotational Molding Powder, Powders For Fusible Interlining Fabric, Powders For Automotive Carpet Backing. Powders For Powder Coating : EPOXY, HYBRID (Epoxy-Polyester), POLYESTER......


    [Ahmedabad, India]
    Manufacturers of Powder coating materials, powder coating machines, powder coating, pure epoxy powder, epoxy polyester powder, pure polyester powder, quali coat european powder, super durable powder, poly ureathane powders......

    Western Minerals

    [Rajkot, India]
    Manufacturer and Traders of all types of foundry materials like: ?Core Oil:- Used for intricate core making. ?Green Sand Additives (Westron):- A Lustrous carbon product. ?Auto Set Oil:- Used as single part no bake oil. ?Slag Remover:- It is laddle flux used for slag coagulation. ?Ramming Mass:- Used for copula-rotary furnance and induction furnance. ?Inoculant:- It is combined graphitising.....

    Cipy Polyurethanes

    [Bhosari, India]
    Manufacturer of floor, polyurethane, chemical, and other types of coatings. Our product range includes: Polyurethane - -Urethanes, aromatic -Urethanes, aliphatic -Polyurethane Dispersion (PUD) -MCU (moisture curing urethanes) Epoxy - -Epoxies Solvent Based -Epoxies, Solventless -Water Soluble epoxies Epoxy-polyurethane - -Solventless & Solvented Acrylics - -Thermo Plastic.....


    [Nashik, India]
    We are Powder Coating manufacturer. Following is the product types: Pure Epoxy, Epoxy Polyester Hybrid, Pure Polyester......

    Vacuum Plant & Instruments Mfg.Co.Ltd.

    [Pune, India]
    We are manufacturers of Vacuum Drying Equipments for Electrical Industry, Transformer Oil Filteration Equipments, Vacuum or Pressure Impregnation Equipments, etc. The company has exported Transformer Oil Filtration Plants. Our Product Range:- Oil Degassing & Dehumidification Plants Vacuum Pressure Impregation Plants Vacuum Drying Plants For Trasformers Vapour Phase System For Power Transfo.....

    D.Y.M.K. Trading & Contracting

    [Cairo, Egypt]
    We are Manufacturers, Traders, & Exporter of Cement and Clinker to Europe, South East Asia, West Africa and the Red Sea area. Our Products are :- 1.Cement/Clinker :- - BULK :- Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC) White Cement (WC) - BAGGED :- Loose Polypropylene Bags or in sling bags Loose 3 or 4 ply Kraft paper bags or in sling bags Big bags 2.Quartz.....

    Eagle Specialized Coatings And Protected Environme

    [Surrey B.C., Canada]
    Manufacturer of SUPER THERM, Liquid Ceramic Insulation Coating, SUPERTHERM, Insulating Paint, Rust Grip, EnamoGrip, Sunshield 2000, corrosion, concrete, repair, INNERSEAL, AquaPox, Eagle Specialized Coatings And Protected Environme. THERMAL - -SUPER THERM Liquid Multi ~ Ceramic Insulation Coating -SUNSHIELD 2000 Liquid Multi ~ Ceramic Insulation Coating -EPOXOTHERM Liquid Multi ~ Ceramic I.....

    IRG Power Systems Division

    [Missouri, United States]
    Manufacturers of OEM Component Manufacturers : Transformers & Switchgear Components : General Electric Electrical Distribution & Control, Square D / Telemecanique, Cutler Hammer, Asea Brown Boveri, Cooper Power Systems / Bussmann Fuse, Westinghouse Electric, Thomas & Betts, Advance, Littelfuse, Liebert, Furnas Generator & Motor Components : General Electric, Marathon Electric, Westinghouse Elec.....

    Hebei Anping Huiyuan PVC Coated Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.

    [Hebei, China]
    We are Manufacturer of Wire Mesh Products. - Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh - PVC & PE Coated Mesh - Stainless Steel Wire Mesh - Insect Screening - Brass Wire Mesh - Expanded Metal Mesh - Perforated Metal - Welded Wire Mesh - Crimped Wire Mesh - Barbed Wire - Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt - Nylon Netting - Construction Wire Mesh - Black Wire Cloth - Wire Mesh Fence - Galvanized .....


    [Zhejiang, China]
    Our products:
    1.Pure polyester serise
    high glossy
    common glossy
    low glossy
    vein[many type]:
    hybrid colors
    metallic powder coating
    transparent powder

    high resistance to weather
    good yellow stain resistance
    excellent mechannical property
    resistance to solvent

    2.Epoxy sreries
    high glossy
    common glossy
    low glos.....

    ELM Development Ltd.

    [Hsinchu County, Taiwan]
    Manufactures for wide range of INSULATION MATERIALS molding and COMPUTER CABLES assemblies. Our product range includes: Insulation products - -Premix Material Like BMC Material -EPOXY Material -PHENOLIC Material -High Voltage Indoor Insulators -Low Voltage Standoff -Customer design OEM -EPOXY Lamina -Bakelite Board -PC, PE, PP, PVC Board Cable products - -Internal Wire Harness .....

    Go4Fiber Ltd.

    [Kwun Tong, Hong Kong]
    Manufacturers of fiber optics products. Our product range includes: Connector - -2.5mm Ferrule Type Connector -Small Form Factor Type Connector -Other Epoxy Type Connector -Field Installable Connector -Ferrule Adaptor - -Adaptor/Mating Sleeve -Hybrid Adaptor Fiber Cable and Accessories - -Interconnect Cable -Indoor Cable -Outdoor Cable -Other Cable Types -Bare F.....

    Ningbo chengxiang powder coating co.,ltd

    [Ningbo, China]
    We are Production of thermoset and thermoplast powder coatings. And The Powder coatings are:- Poly-Acrylic, Pure-Epoxy, Epoxy-Polyest, Pure-Polkyest, Polythylene......


    [Las Pi?as, Philippines]
    Manufacturer of power plant, energy, diesel, engine, boiler, marine, spare, parts, engineering, water, tower, trading, polyurethane. Our product range includes: A. POWER GENERATION - ? Installation and maintenance of power generating sets, Diesel & Steam Driven plants and its piping ? Exhaust valve cages reconditioning for all types / brand of engines ? Exhaust valve stem reconditioning fo.....

    Hebei Anping Huiyuan PVC Coated Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.

    [Hebei, China]
    Manufacturer of Wire Mesh : Epoxy Coated Eire Mesh Epoxy Coated Iorn Window Screen, PVC and PE coated Wire Mesh, Fiberglass Window Screening Galvanized Iron Insect Screening Galvanized Wire Mesh Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Expanded Metal Mesh Perforated Metal Square Wire Mesh Hexagonal Wire Mesh Filter Wire Mesh Black Wire Cloth Insect Screening Brass Wire Mesh Welded Wire Mesh .....

    Durabuilt Technology Sdn. Bhd.

    [Subang Jaya, Malaysia]
    Manufactures and Exporter of epoxy coatings and sealants, water repellents, skim coatings and plasters, and more. Our product range includes: FLOOR HARDENER, EPOXY COATING, POLYURETHANE. .....

    FET Engineering Inc.

    [Kentucky, United States]
    FET Engineering produces many types of high quality molds and tools, and provides the supporting services required in the industry. The efficiency of our services will provide you with the attention you want and deserve. The quality of our products keeps our customers coming back. From design, to the on-line stages of production, FET has the people, technology and experience to accomplish your .....


    [PALASA, India]
    FRP/MS/SS Storage Tanks & Processing Tanks.  FRP/MS/SS Reactors, Vacuum Receivers & Vacuum Traps.  FRP/MS/SS Nutsche Filters & Leaf Filters.  Fume Extractions Systems.  Scrubbers, Blowers & Ducting & 0 Leak Dampers & Hoods.  Fume Cup Boards.  Panels & Cable trays & Motor/Pump Guards  Cooling Towers (Induced Natural) &PVC Fills/Blades & spares.  FRP/Epoxy linings to .....

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