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Career in Engineering

The national education policy lays great stress on science and technology and education, particularly technical and management education as the principal instruments of change for achieving socio-economic development for a decent standard of living. The challenges of globalization of markets, competition from other developing countries, enhanced quality requirements by international markets etc. have necessitated a reconsideration of the traditional attitudes and strategies.

Goals of Engineering Education

  • The primary goal of engineering education must derive from that of the profession of engineering, ie., to provide society with engineering services of high quality.
  • The primary goal of engineering education must therefore be the formation and continued educational support of people who can provide these services and take responsibility for the continuing efficacy of these services.
  • Research and development play a very important role in addressing this primary goal, both by generating new knowledge of value in providing engineering services and in providing an environment and community of intellectual enquiry within which the student develops the desired capabilities.
  • There are several secondary goals which may also be included in the mandate of an engineering faculty.
  • The provision of a broad general tertiary education with technological content. This has proved to be advantageous to many who have subsequently entered other occupations or professions.
  • The provision of effective contributions to the technological education of university students who are specializing in a variety of disciplines.
  • The provision of education and policy advice to the public on engineering matters.

Choosing the Right Discipline

There are several disciplines in Engineering Education like mechanical, marine, mining, electrical, electronics, aeronautical etc. and choosing the right course needs meticulous thought and care, It primarily depends on what career you would like to pursue in your life.

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