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engineering Member Directory(Floor Coatings)

Tej Innovative Products

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturing & Exporters of Epoxy Paints, Epoxy Coatings, FRP Pigments Paste & Allied Coatings, later diversified into water based coatings, Concrete Epoxy Coating, Concrete Floor Sealers, Wood Floor Sealers Building & Construction Aids - Epoxy paints/Epoxy Coatings/Adhesives/Lacquers, Polyurethane Paints/Coatings/Lacquers, Exterior water proof Algae & Fungus resistance paints/Coatings, Deco.....

Tej Innovative Products

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturer and Exporter of Epoxy Coatings, Concrete Epoxy Coating, Concrete Floor Sealers, Wood Floor Sealers Building & Construction Aids - Epoxy paints/ Epoxy Coatings/Adhesives/Lacquers Polyurethane Paints/Coatings/Lacquers Exterior water proof Algae & Fungus resistance paints /Coatings Decorative Textured Coatings for Exterior & Interior building requirements Thermal barrier (Heat.....

Motley Exim Co

[New Delhi, India]
We such as provided Services & Exporter of INDUSTRIAL COATINGS -Aerospace Coatings -High Temperature Decorative Coatings -Industrial Coatings -Industrial Lubricants -PTFE Coatings -Fluorocarbon Coatings -Nonstick Coatings -Corrosion Coatings -Chemical Resistant Coatings 1. Industrial Coatings :- -Non-Stick coatings for release of Rubbers and Plastics, Heat Sealing bands, Candy mould.....


[Singapore, Singapore]
Manufacturer of floor coatings
1] water or solvent based epoxy floor coatings
2] self-leveling solvent free epoxy coatings
3] motar screed epoxy coating system
4] corrosion protection coatings for ferrous and non-ferrous metal
5] conrete repair
6] waterproofing coating for rooftop .
7] road marking paint
8] wood coatings for parquet and timber floor. 9] anti-fouling coating.....

Premium Coatings and Chemicals Pvt Ltd.

[Delhi, India]
Exporters of Polyurethane Coatings for Wood, Metals, Plastics, Glass, Rubber, Concredic Floors, Walls, PU Wood Coating-Natural Finishes, PU Coating for Metals, PU Coating for Plastics, PU Coating for Glass, PU Wall Coatings, PU Novelty Coatings, Industrial Floor Coatings Polyurethane Wood Coating/Natural Coating - Natural Fillers, Polyurethane Sealers, Stainers, Polyurethane Topcoats (Glossy .....


[Stafford Street, United States]
Manufacturer of heavy duty, VOC compliant paints and coatings. Product lines include epoxy and urethane primers and topcoats, waterbased, solvent based alkyds, and vinyl and asphaltic coatings. EPOXY PRIMERS: 10 Series HIGH BUILD EPOXY PRIMERS, 2-COMPONENT SYSTEM 12-SERIES HIGH PERFORMANCE EPOXY REPAIR COMPOUND EPOXIES, DIRECT-TO-METAL and TOPCOATS: 11-SERIES HEAT, CHEMICAL, & ABR.....

Lea-Der Coatings

[Alberta, Canada]
Manufacture industrial acrylic and expoxy polyurethane coatings. Lea-Der? Traction Matting Rotary Table & Rig Floor Matting * Rotary Table and Rig Floor mats are custom manufactured from industrial polyurethane. * Rotary Table mats are 1.25" thick and Rig Floor mats 0.75" thick or as requested. * Mats available in any colour with identified danger zones. * Rotary table mats are .....

Robotic Equipments

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers pallets, wooden pallets, and pallet handling equipments are :- Pallets :- - Wooden Pallets :-We also deal in Steel Reinforced Plaztic Pallets. Widest type selection, best quality Babool/Hard wood with preservative treatment, optimum design for all applications flawless workmanship and very high production capacity. - Mild Steel :- Pallets Pressed steel or rolled section rigid.....

Premium Coatings and Chemicals Pvt Ltd.

[Chennai, India]
Exporters of Products are :- -Polyurethane Wood Coating / Natural Coating :- A total Polyurethane System with Natural Fillers, Polyurethane Sealers, Stainers, Polyurethane Topcoats (Glossy & Matt) is available. It is suitably designed for Exteriors and Interiors applications. This is to provide most durable finish and protection to last several years more than the conventional coatings. -P.....

Oxyplast Belgium NV

[Mendonk, Belgium]
We Are Manufacturer Of Powder Coatings:- Decorative:- Coatings on metal, Coatings on wood, Coatings on glass, Coatings on plastics. Functional:- Conductive coatings, Fluoplast (PVDF), Coil coatings, Pipeline coatings, Rebar coatings, Can coatings, Drum coatings, Thin coatings, Antifoam coating. Primers:- Zinc rich primer, Epoxy primer, Hydrowood primer, Primoglass, Primostat. Additives:- Antifo.....

Roots Multiclean Limited

[Coimbatore, India]
Manufacturer and Supplier Export of - World class industrial and commercial floor cleaning equipment such as wet dry vacuum cleaners, Sweeping Machines, Hayter Mowers and other floor cleaning machines. Floor Cleaning Machine Sweeping Machine / Flipper- Manually Operated Walk Behind:- Flipper is an efficient cleaning system licenced by Hako Werke GMBH, Germany. It is a manually operated c.....

Swain Technology, Inc

[Scottsville, United States]
Traders of High performance engine coatings and industrial coatings to solve the problems of wear, heat, friction and corrosion. Our high performance coatings include ceramic thermal barriers, dry film lubricants, ceramic exhaust coatings, oil shedding coatings and several other coatings to improve the performance and/or durability of high performance parts. We develop and apply piston coatings,.....

Robotic Equipments

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers pallets, wooden pallets, and pallet handling equipments: PALLETS :- - Mild Steel - Stainless Steel / Aluminum Pallets - Box/Cage Pallets - Collapsible Pallets - PU Coated Wooden Pallets - Special Pallets PALLET TRUCKS:- -Hydraulic Pallet Trucks -Hydraulic Pallet Truck -GMP -Winch Operated Pallet Truck -Mechanical Elevating Truck -Skid Jack and Semi-live Skid.....


[Mumbai, India]
Specialist in : Teflon Coatings
The 7 basic types of Teflon Coatings :-

1] Teflon PTFE :- PTFE [ Poly tetra fluoro ethylene ] non stick coatings are two - coat [ primer / top coat ] systems. These products have the highest operating temperature of any fluoropolymer
[ 290oC / 550oC ], an extremely low co-efficient of friction, good abrasion resistance and good chemical res.....

Weilburger Coatings GmbH

[Weilburg, Germany]
We Are Manufacturer & Exporters Of Non-stick coatings, High temperature Coatings, General Industrial Coatings, Coatings for flexible substrates, Wood finishing, Coatings for the Automotive Industry, Coil Coatings, Electrical Insulating Varnishes, Powder Coatings, Coatings for the graphics industry, Coatings for the pencil industry. .....


[Scottsville, United States]
Engineers and applies industrial coatings and high performance engine coatings to improve performance and durability of equipment. -Industrial Coatings: What Swain Tech Is and Does How To Reduce Cost and Improve Performance Wear Coatings For The 90's Spray Welding Cuts Costs Restorations Save Time and Money Repair of Lathe Parts Reducing Pump Maintenance Costs Swain Tech Newsletter .....

Clear Science Inc.

[ Minneapolis, United States]
Our Services: -Laboratory Testing Clear Science specializes in the characterization of metals, powders and porous materials, coatings, and advanced materials. These materials families are closely integrated in areas such as powder metallurgy, porous materials, batteries, electronic materials, and thermal spray coatings to name a few. Clear Science has the unique skills and tools needed to stu.....

Premium Coatings and Chemicals Pvt Ltd.

[Delhi, India]
Exporter of Coating Polyurethane Wood Coating / Natural Coating Polyurethane Coatings for Metals Polyurethane Coatings for Plastics Polyurethane Coatings for Glass Polyurethane Wall Coatings Polyurethane Novelty Coatings Industrial Floor Coatings Other Industrial Coatings.....

Motley Exim Co

[New Delhi, India]
Export of- Aerospace Coatings, High Temperature Decorative Coatings, Industrial Coatings, Industrial Lubricants, PTFE Coatings, Fluorocarbon Coatings, Nonstick Coatings, Corrosion Coatings, Chemical Resistant Coatings......

Engineering Members Directory(Floor Coatings)

Motley Exim Co

[New Delhi, India]
Exporter of Aerospace Coatings High Temperature Decorative Coatings Industrial Coatings Industrial Lubricants PTFE Coatings Fluorocarbon Coatings Nonstick Coatings Corrosion Coatings Chemical Resistant Coatings.....

Sound Specialty Coatings Corporation

[Washington, United States]
Manufacturer of epoxies, paints and other coating products. Applications include automotive, military, marine, and residential. Includes specifications and application guides. The Many Applications For Our Products. AUTOMOTIVE: Auto Parts Repair kits for automobiles. AERONAUTICAL: Hanger Floors for aircraft. Painting leading edges of aircraft wings. BUSINESS: Adhesiv.....


[New Delhi, India]
Aerospace Coatings, High Temperature Decorative Coatings, Industrial Coatings, Industrial Lubricants, PTFE Coatings, Fluorocarbon Coatings, Nonstick Coatings, Corrosion Coatings, Chemical Resistant Coatings. .....

Epont Kossan Chemicals Pte Ltd

[Singapore, Singapore]
Our Product Range:- Plastic Coatings:- TV & AUDIO VCD & DVD Compactdisc Player, Business Machine Computer Laboratory &office Equipment, Telecomunication Personal Electronic Handphone Camera MP 3 , Home Appliances, Electronic Keypad, Automotive Interior UV Coatings Car Refinishes:- Colour Basecoat, 2k Clear Coat, Auto Enamel, Putties Water-Proofing Membrance:- Exposed roof, Roof deck car-par.....

Anupam Enterprises

[Calcutta, India]
Manufacturers of high performance protective paints/coatings. The industry's most complete range of corrosion resistant high performance protective coatings. PRODUCT RANGE -Protective coatings -Specialty coatings -Wood coatings -Floor coatings -Miscellaneous coatings .....

Unnathi Enterprises

[Bangalore, India]
Export & Suppliers of Reflective Coating, Epoxy Floor Coatings, Chemical Resistant Coating, Water Proofing, High Temp. Resistance Coating, Chemical Resistant Coating Reflective Coating - Reflective Road Arrow Marking, Non-Reflective Road Marking, Epoxy Industrial Floor Marking, Reflective Tapes, Safety Rolls, Reflective Plates Epoxy Floor Coatings - Corrosion Resistant Coating, Epoxy Gloss.....

Fluidtech Engineers

[Chennai, India]
Manufacture and export of superior quality process machinery and process equipment. Horizontal Bead Mill, Vertical Bead Mill, Triple Roll Mill, High Speed Disperser, Twin Shaft Mixer, Planetary Mixer, Attritor, Pug Mixer, Double Cone Blender, Basket Mill, Ball Mill, Resin Kettle, Slow Speed Mixer, Vacuum Mixer, Paste Mixer, Variable Speed Mixers, Co-Axial Mixers, Sigma Mixer, Reaction Vessels, Pr.....

Smart Consultants & Engineers

[Pune, India]
We provide services for Surface coating

  • anticorrosive coatings / lining for tanks and structures
  • abrasion resistant coatings for shop floor and other areas.
  • acid and alkali resistance coatings for tanks and material handling area
  • Annual maintenance contracts for floor and structural coatings.
  • Selection of coatings and application job work to solve your proble.....

    Molecular-Tech Coatings Inc.

    [Maple Ridge, Canada]
    Manufacture environmentally friendly industrial coatings and customs made paints. Products include primers, topcoats, floor epoxy's and paint strippers. -Conventional Paint Stripper (777-Series): This product is especially formulated for wood coatings remover and steel coatings. -Baking Systems: Polyflex Baking Polyester (821-Series) Water Reducible Drum Liner (765-Series) -Air D.....

    Tri-Chem Corporation

    [Madison Heights, United States]
    Manufacturers of easy-to-use and application-specific products. Gsa Chemicals- Absorbents Aerosols Air Conditioning Products Asphalt Repair Boiler Treatments Cleaners & Degreasers Concrete Repair Cooling Tower Treatments Electrical Products Emergency Response Kits Floor Finishes & Sealers Floor Primers Hand Care Products Industrial Floor Matting Insecticides Ja.....

    Poeton Industries Ltd.

    [England, United Kingdom]
    We are Suppliers of Following Products. Our Products are : * Coatings Apticoat Range Coatings for Aerospace Coatings for Medical Coatings for Motor Sport Coatings for Packaging Coatings for Space .....

    Paint Services Group Ltd

    [Haslemere, United Kingdom]
    We Are Manufacturer, Trader, Services Provider & Exporters Of executive jet finishes, airline maintenance coatings:- Filiform corrosion wash primers. Epoxy and polyurethane anti-corrosive primers in conventional and high solids technology. Selectively strippable intermediate coats. High durability exterior coatings in conventional and high solids technology. Leading edge erosion resistant coat.....

    MacDermid Inc.

    [Colorado, United Kingdom]
    Manufacture and supply electrophoretic, e-coat, electrocoat clear and coloured coatings. MacDermid Electronics Solutions Advanced Surface Finishes For Electronic Devices: -Metallization -Circuit Formation: Oxide/oxide alternatives Copper Cleaners Developers Resist Strippers Etchants Microtech -Imaging Systems -Final Finishes -Interconnect -Advanced Technologies -OEM .....


    [Pune, India]
    Paints & Pigments, PTFE Coatings(Teflon, Pudf, FEP), Nylon Coatings, Plastic Coatings, Powder Coatings, Polyurethane & Epoxy Coatings, Stoving Finishers,Flock Coatings,Mfg. Pre-treatment Chemicals, Special Purpose Paints, Wave Soldering Liquid Fliuxes,.....


    [Pune, India]
    Some of the proprietary products, which Technokotes has developed, so as to provide complete coating solutions are Crystalline Waterproofing, Self Levelling Concrete, Shortcrete's, Concrete Admixtures [Chemical and Mineral]:- Water Reducing admixtures, Super plasticizing admixtures, Integral Waterproof admixtures, Air Entraining admixtures, Sealants [Rigid and Flexib.....

    D.Y.M.K. Trading & Contracting

    [Cairo, Egypt]
    We are Manufacturers, Traders, & Exporter of Cement and Clinker to Europe, South East Asia, West Africa and the Red Sea area. Our Products are :- 1.Cement/Clinker :- - BULK :- Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC) White Cement (WC) - BAGGED :- Loose Polypropylene Bags or in sling bags Loose 3 or 4 ply Kraft paper bags or in sling bags Big bags 2.Quartz.....

    Steelcote Manufacturing Company

    [St. Louis, United States]
    Manufacture high-performance epoxy and urethane coating systems and related products for the industrial plant maintenance market. -Concrete Repair: Superior strength, chemical resistance and quick drying times. For cracks, spalls and resurfacing. -Concrete Sealers: Durable sealers form a hard and impenetrable sub-surface to outlast years of environmental exposure. -Concrete Coati.....

    Sunny Enterprises Private Limited

    [Bangalore, India]
    Suppliers of - Floor Cleaning Equipment, Floor Care Equipment, Industrial Suction Cleaners in India. INDUSTRIAL SUCTION CLEANERS Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners: The salient features of vacuum cleaners offered by us are... ... High efficiency ... Rugged construction ... Superior filtration ... Easy to empty drop-bin ... Large dust capacity ZW 40: Tough, effective vacuum cleane.....

    American Chemical and Equipment Co., Inc.

    [New York, United States]
    American Chemical & Equipment Co., Inc. Carries a large selection of Chemicals, Equipment, Paper Products & Miscellaneous Janitorial Products and distributes them throughout Eastern New York, Western Vermont, Western Massachusetts, Western Connecticut and other areas of the northeast. Chemicals : Floor finishes & Waxes Floor Strippers Floor Finish Maintainers Concrete Floor Care Wood/Gym F.....

    Shri Manglam Corporation

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturer and Exporter of PTFE non-stick coatings Water Based Primers Water Based PTFE Non-stick Top Coats Water Based One Coat Coatings Solvent Based Nonstick Coatings Exterior Coatings FEP Coatings.....

    Shri Manglam Corporation

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturing PTFE non-stick coatings, Water Based Primers, Water Based PTFE Non-stick Top Coats, Water Based One Coat Coatings, Solvent Based Nonstick Coatings, Exterior Coatings, FEP Coatings.....

    SurModics, Inc.

    [Eden Prairie, United States]
    Specialist in surface modification, including healthcare devices, biomolecular immobilization, photochemistry and multifunctional coatings. Includes overview of products and company in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. (Nasdaq: SRDX). -PhotoLink Technology: Lubricious / Hydrophilic Coatings Hemocompatible Coatings Biomolecule Immobilization PhotoLink Manufacturing Process Multifunctional.....

    Pai-kor, Srl

    [Sesto Ulteriano, Italy]

    Fluorocarbon Group

    [Herts, United Kingdom]
    We Manufacturer and Provieds Services like a PTFE : Rod & Tube, Isostatic Moulding, Sheet & Tape, Special Products, Injection Moulding. Coatings : FLUOROCARBON COATINGS DIVISION, Pretreatment Processes, Coating, Coatings Types. PTFE Lined Pipe : FLUOROCARBON COMPANY LININGS DIVISION, Plastic Lined Pipework, Standards, Liner Thickness, Antistatic Liners, Lined Pipe Spools, Lined Fittings, Av.....

    Rob Scott Enterprises, Inc.

    [Morris Plains, United States]
    Manufacture and distribute rust converters, strippable coatings, industrial spray paints, traffic paints, and waterproof paints. Also supply solvents and brushes. P r o d u c t L I s t: Chemical Rust Converters: Treats and eliminates rust from metal surfaces, primes surface for over coating Strippable Coatings: Strippable coatings for spray booths, adhesives booths (available in clear, wh.....


    [DRY CREEK, Australia]
    We are Manufacturing Building Products is a medium sized. Premium exterior grade water-based acrylic coatings including :- Roof coatings, facade coatings, primers, sealers, clear glazes, sports court coatings, textured coatings, galv' & metal primers, etc etc. Also manufactured is a range of polymer modified sand/cement pre-mix products including high performance thin section renders, patch.....


    [Bangalore, India]
    We are the vacuum coatings division of vtoc which is set up in india since 2003 and has been a constantantly upgrading its line of products and optical anti reflection coatings being one of products.
    vtoc capabilities extend from single layer and multiple layer coatings to meet the needs of various customer applications to standard customers for optical, photographic and scientific measuring eq.....

    Roots Multiclean Limited

    [Coimbatore, India]
    We Manufacturer, Trader and Export of Sweepers, Scrubber Driers, Mini Scrubber Drier, Floor Washing Machines, Mops & Trolleys, Single Disc Machines, Lawn Mowers, High Pressure Jet Cleaners, Extra Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuums, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Upholstery Cleaning Machines, Vegetable Cutler. 1)Sweepers, RMCL Flipper, Hako-Hamster 780, Hako-Jonas 900, Hako-Jonas 980, Hako-Hamster 1050,.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    Traders, Exporters and Importers of Electrical and Engineering goods like M.V. Switch Gears of all Types & Control Panels, Bus Ducts, Rising Mains, Feeder Pillars, Lighting Distribution Boards, Cable trays, Floor Gratings. Traders, Exporters and importers of : CABLES LIGHTING LUMINARY WIRES LAMPS & ACCESSORIES WIRING ACCESSORIES ( Glands, Lags, Trunks, Ferruls, Terminals, Jr Boxes) L.....

    Changzhou United Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

    [Changzhou, China]
    We are Manufacturers & Exporters of Following Products. Our Products are : -OAC ultralow network raised floor -OA500 intelligent network floor -OA600 intelligent network floor -HDG defends the overhead floor of static -HDG defends the static and ventilates the floor -The aluminium alloy defends the static floor -Enclosure -The floor decorates the surface -Aluminium board series.....


    [Thane, India]
    We are manufacturers of Speciality Concrete Protection, Corrosion resistant Coating systems. Our Unicoat speciality coating products comprise of a comprehensive range of corrosion protection systems for concrete, ferrous and nonferrous metals. It also includes coatings for various plastics and fibre reinforced plastics. Each system is designed to meet individual customer performance criteria. U.....

    Floors & Coatings

    [Ahmedabad, India]
    Deals in Manufacture of Acid/alkali/solvent resistant brick/tile linings cement mortars Heavy duty industrial tile floorings Epoxy/PU/EPU self-level monolithic jointless floorings. Epoxy/pu/epu floor coatings Epoxy/pu/ pud/ 2kwater based Pu wall coatings Epoxy floor covings, pencil covings, joint filling of kota /mandana stone joints with epoxy etc. Etc. Water proofings/concrete a.....

    Roots Multiclean Limited

    [Coimbatore, India]
    Manufacturer, Exporteree and supplier of world class industrial and commercial floor cleaning equipment, Sweeping Machine, Floor Scrubbers, Floor Dryers, Suitable Hayter Mowers, Dry Floor Mops, Wet Floor Mops, Floor Cleaner, Upholstery Cleaning Machine, Scrubbing Machine, Vacuum Cleaner, Polishing Machine, Flipper, Dry Wet Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.....

    Sunny Enterprises Private Limited

    [Bangalore, India]
    Manufacturer & Suppliers of Floor Cleaning Equipment, Floor Care Equipment, Industrial Suction Cleaners, Industrial Suction Cleaners, Floor Care Equipment, High Pressure Water Jet Cleaners INDUSTRIAL SUCTION CLEANERS - Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners FLOOR CARE EQUIPMENT TRADING DIVISION - Industrial Suction Cleaners (Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners), Floor Care Equipment : High Pressure Water Jet C.....


    [Ghaziabad, India]
    Manufactuer of- Air Pollution Control Equipment Wet Scrubbers/Gas Absorbers/Adsorbers Shop Floor Exhausts, Duct-Work, Dust Collectors/Filters, Centrifugal Blowers/Fans, Hoods and Covers. WET SCRUBBERS/GAS ABSORBERS ? Multi-stage Sieve Tray Scrubbers. ? Multi-stage Impingement Scrubbers. ? Wetted Wall Columns. ? Venturi Scrubbers. ? Packed Bed Columns. ? Spray Towers. .....

    Narindera Coatings (India) Pvt. Ltd.

    [Mumbai, India]
    Exporter an dSupplier of Polymer Coatings, Cement Coatings, Cement Polymer Composite Coatings, Anti corrosive Products.....

    Narindera Coatings (India) Pvt. Ltd.

    [Mumbai, India]
    Suppliers of Polymer Coatings, Cement Coatings, Cement Polymer Composite Coatings, Anti corrosive Products, Anti-Corrosive Treatment Technology.....

    Iridian Spectral Technologies

    [Ontario, Canada]
    Iridian designs and manufactures thin film filters that can be used in a wide range of applications. Many of the filters described in the Telecommunications section can be designed and manufactured equally well in other spectral regions, including UV, visible, and near infrared spectral regions. Filter Types: -Narrow Band Pass Filters -Wide Band Pass Filters -Edge Pass Filters -Beam Sp.....

    Pratt & Whitney

    [East Hartford, United States]
    We build engines for large and small aircraft, sophisticated weapon systems, space vehicles and land-based gas turbines. With over 8, 000 customers around the world flying 70, 000 engines, Pratt & Whitney leads the market with its technical excellence, superior reliability and continuous innovation. Whether we are developing propulsion systems that will propel missiles faster than the speed of.....

    Motley Exim Co.

    [Delhi, India]
    Exporter of P.T.F.E.Coatings, heat resistent paints, ceremic coatings, sillecone coatings & many industrial coatings. Also supplying to manufacturers of nonstick kitchen cookware......

    Smorgon Optical Machine-Tool Plant

    [Smorgon, Belarus]
    We are manufacturers and exporters of : Vacuum technique Equipment for optics Gear pumps for hudraulic systens Labeling machines Wood-working machines Metal-cutting machines Equipnurt for clearing the oil and gas wells Our range of products are as follows : Vacuum technique : Vacuum installations Vacuum pumps Vacuum gauges Derices for spectral control of deposition process .....

    Quality Industrial Coatings

    [Hertfordshire, United Kingdom]
    We Are Manufacturer & Services Provider Of Coating Services:- Coatings, Phosphate Pre-Treatments, Powder Coat Painting, Stove Enamelling, Anti-corrosion Coatings. Powder Coating Facilities:- Paint Shop, Pre-Treatment Tanks. Powder Coating Services, Types of Coatings......

    Akzo Nobel Industrial Coatings Ltd

    [Lancashire, United Kingdom]
    Manufacturers of Coil Coatings, Wood Coatings, Print Finishing and Paper Coatings, Tintex, Steelsea, .....

    R & D Coatings Inc.

    [McKees Rocks, United States]
    Manufacturer of UV and electron beam cured coatings for wood and metal substrates. Able to provide custom formulations for this type of technology. -Substrates: Wood Metal Plastic -Substrates Wood: Application Methods Clear Top Coats Opaque Finishes Wood Fillers Sealers Hardwood Flooring UV Stains Hardwood Plywood Toned Top Coats -Substrates Metal : Application .....

    PLC Laboratory Sdn. Bhd.

    [Puchong, Malaysia]

    Aztec Products, Inc.

    [Montgomeryville, United States]
    We manufacture and sale of Propane Buffers and Strippers direct to Floor Contractors, Schools, and Retail Facilities. Our Product includes: *Floor Striping Solutions: -Slidewinder -Liquidator -Guzzler -Stripmaster -Edgemaster -Ultra-track -Avenger *Floor Mintainence: -Relient Floor Burnisher -Comac Scrubbers -Kwikleen manual floor mapping machine *Concrete maintainance *Au.....

    Aman Cleaning Equipment Pvt Ltd.

    [Noida, India]
    Manufacturers, Traders, Exporters of Floor Cleaning Machines, Floor Polishing Machines, Electric Vacuum Cleaners. Our Products: - Commercial Floor Cleaners - Hard Floor Cleaners - Floor Scrubbers and Polishers - Industrial Wet / Dry Vacuum Cleaner (1-2-3 motors) - High Pressure Water Jet Cleaner - Mechanical Sweeper - MOP Wringers - Carpet Driers - Upholstery Cleaner - Back Pa.....

    S.P. Kish Industries

    [Michigan, United States]
    A supplier of resin formulations and coatings to the automotive, aircraft, and appliance industries. Products: INDUSTRIALS, AGRICULTURALS -Primer: Quick Dry Primer Slow Dry Primer Water Reducible Primer -Top Coats: Quick Dry Enamel Water Reducible Coating Hi Solids Enamel -FLOOR COATINGS: Water Reducible Epoxy Hybuild Floor Coating.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    India?s first company to manufacture 100% acrylic elastomeric exterior waterproofing cum decorative coating. Our range of products has following applications - Roof Protection Exterior Wall Protection Interior Wall Protection Floor Protection Water Proofing and Building Repairs Floor Coatings Wall Coatings Surface Finishes for Hygiene Control Sports & Recreational Surfaces .....

    Draygon Enterprises, Inc.

    [Webster, United States]
    Our Products are as follows -DRG5/7 Steam Draygon ? This compact model offers high efficiency and unmatched durability for a wide range of applications. -DRG30 Steam Draygon ? A highly-efficient and reliable evaporator that meets a variety of needs. -DRG45 Steam Draygon ? A Highly Efficient and Reliable Evaporator. -DRG60 Steam Draygon ? Our ?workhorse? evaporator is efficient and easy to use......


    [Texas, United States]
    Traders of:- Blacktop Maintenance- All-Purpose Paving Seal Chuck-Hole Patching MaterialGator Seal Perma-Stripe Striping Paint Pourable Crack Filler Quick-Dry Asphalt Paving Seal Special Purpose Paving Seal Floor Products- TroxyMite Resurfacer W/Curing Agent Concrete Magi-Patch Nu-Floor Flex-Joint Backer Rod Acrylene Floor Finish Sure-Step Non-Skid Resurfacer Green Multi-Coat .....

    Nanten Oy

    [Tuusula, Finland]
    We Are Manufacturer & Exporters Of Floor Coating:-A broad range, Choosing a floor covering, Repair compounds for concrete surfaces, Studies produce data on product properties, Wood Coatings:- Nanten? - Woodcoatings:- Furnishings and furniture, Parquet flooring, floor boards and stairways, Doors and windows, Beadings, frames and panels, Plywoods and fibreboards, Other wood products. Casting Resins.....

    Southwest Trading Industries

    [Texas, United States]
    We are Trader We deal in new and used machinery for: Paint Coatings Ink Adhesives Sealant Lubricant Mastics Caulk Related industries requiring dispersing, milling, blending and mixing of wet and dry products. Dispersers/Emulsifiers :- Bow Tie & Slow Mixers Dual Speed - Floor Mount Dual Speed - Tank Mount Dual/Tri/Coaxial Shaft Emulsifiers Grinders/Mixers Other Disperse.....


    [Dewas, India]
    We are manufacturers and exporter of powder and liquid coating electrostatic equipments and systems.We have an expertise in following products
    high voltage cascade
    printed circuit board
    gun body
    complete gun
    complete equipment.
    We are contractors for internal and external coatings of pipes at the site. We can coat from 400 mm dia onwa.....


    [Mohali, India]
    Polymer based anti corrosive coatings for rebars,ships,tank farms, etc.. & waterproofing coatings.....

    EFFCO Fluoropolymer

    [Mumbai, India]
    Sales, Marketing and Distribution of DELTA Fluoropolymer Resin based Coating Finishes like PTFE (Teflon), PFA, FEP, ETFE, Silicone, Ceramic and Silicone- Polyester for Industrial and Engineering functional Applications. Fluoropolymer Coating Finishes: PTFE (Teflon), FEP, ETFE, PFA and Silicone-Polyester resin Based coatings for Cookware, Bakeware, Textile Drying Cylinders, Rollers, Fasteners,.....

    Steel Plant Specialities

    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturer and Exporter of Customised Protective Coatings for Metals & Refractories PROTECTIVE COATINGS - Hot Rolling Hot Forging Heat Treatment Gas-Nitriding REFRACTORY COATINGS - For Energy Saving LUBRICANTS - Hot Forging Tapping.....

    Steel Plant Specialities

    [Mumbai, India]
    We are Manufacturer of Customised Protective Coatings for Metals & Refractories. 1. PROTECTIVE COATINGS :- - Hot Rolling - Hot Forging - Heat Treatment - Gas-Nitriding 2. REFRACTORY COATINGS :- - For Energy Saving 3. LUBRICANTS :- - Hot Forging - Tapping.....

    M. K. Petro Products Pvt. Ltd.

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of Waterproofing Products, Anti Corrosive Products and Pipeline Coatings. PRODUCTS: -ISI Marked -Polymeric Based -Pipeline Coatings -Bituminous Compounds. ISI MARKED PRODUCTS : -ASPHALTIC MEMBRANE MAKFELT HESSIAN BASED IS : 1322-1993 -ASPHALTIC MEMBRANE MAKFELT GLASS FIBRE BASE IS : 7193-1994 -ASPHALT MAKPHALT INDUSTRIAL GR. BITUMEN -MAK PRIMER ( For pri.....

    N. S. Terbo Pvt. Ltd.

    [Ghaziabad, India]
    Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of replacement components for all brands of turbines, single and multi-stage steam turbines. - Steam Turbines Turbo Machinery, Steam turbine is the cheapest source of Power generation, Steam turbine run on the Steam at Higher pressure and steam comes out of the steam turbine at lower pressure which is used in the process. We have spares for any make of.....

    G.E.M.S., Inc.

    [Collins, United States]
    We provides a protective coating of superior adhesions, flexibility and abrasion/impact resistance. Products :- G.E.M.S., Inc. Sells and applies products like Rust Grip, Super Therm, Moist Metal Grip, Hot Surface, and many others. Choose the product you are interested in from the list below to view Technical Information for that product. 1)Insulation :- Super Therm Epoxotherm Hot pipe .....

    Thermal Control Coatings,Inc.

    [Atlanta, Georgia]
    Supply fluid applied ceramic insulation coatings which provide the equivalent of R20 insulation against heat gain. Used in construction, engineering, maintenance, automotive, and aviation -Insulations: Our ceramic coatings outperform 4" of foam insulation against heat gain. Virtually stops metal panel movement, the major cause of leaks on metal roofs. Reduce cooling costs as much a.....

    Silchrome Plating Ltd

    [Leeds, United Kingdom]
    We Are Services Provided Of Electroplated Coatings:- Copper, Zinc, Bright Tin, Dull Tin, Silver, Gold, Dull Nickel, Satin Nickel, Bright Nickel, Dull Chrome, Satin Chrome, Bright Chrome, Hard Chrome, Grinding and Metal Polishing. Electroless Coatings:- Electroless Nickel. Conversion Coatings:- Mangenese/Iron Phosphate, Chromate, Dye & Oil. Zinc Phosphate, Chromate, Dye & Oil. Chromate Conversi.....


    [Morristown, United States]
    Manufacture rust prevention and protective coatings for automotive and marine uses. Also supply preparation materials. Includes online shopping facilities. Primer, Paints, & Coatings: TOPCOATS, CLEARCOATS, HARDNOSE PAINT (2 PART), HI-TEMPERATURE PAINTS, ENGINE ENAMELS, MARINE COATINGS, PRIMERS, POR-15 RUST PREVENTIVE, SPECIALS - POR-15 & TOPCOATS Cleaners & Degreasers: MARINE CLEAN D.....


    [AURORA, United States]
    Manufacturers of custom designed inks for offset heatset, coldset, water based flexo, gravure and letter press Oil Based Inks and Coatings Water Based Inks and Coatings U.V. Inks and Coatings .....


    [Huangshan, China]

  • Epoxy Resins
  • Additives[TGIC]
  • Additives[MB-68]
  • Additives[MB-31]
  • E-12 BLP Solid Diffluent
  • MMA -BuA Copolymer brightining agent
  • Powder Flowing gloss agent 6088
  • Powder Coatings
    Epoxy resins of E-12 [604#, equivalent to DER663U] for powder coatings, E-14 [604-4#] & E-20 [601#, equivalent to DER671] for anti-corrosive powder coatings, with the annu.....

    SCHRAMM Coatings GmbH

    [Offenbach, Germany]
    We Are Manufacturer & Exporters Of AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY:- Paints for Metal, Paints for Plastic, Powder Coatings. GENERAL INDUSTRY:- Paints for Metal, Powder Coatings. COIL-COATING, ELECTRO INDUSTRY. .....

    Matcon India

    [Bangalore, India]
    Manufacturers in the field of defence, aerospace, heat treatment and storage facilities Our product: * Apticode - Resisting wear & corrossion * IP Paints - Indestructible Paints For Aerospace and Defence. - high temperature coatings (IPcote, IPal & HiMat) - corrosion resistant coatings (Rockhard) - low VOC paints and special purpose coatings ( dry film lubricants and PTFE) * Airpart.....


    [Pune, India]
    We Undertake all Kinds of Labour Job Works Related Powder Coating.
    We also undertake Colour Anodizing Services.

  • Powder Coatings Plant
  • Modern 7 Tank Process & Phosphating System
  • Specialise Aluminium Sections & Industrial Products
  • Powder Coating On All types of Industrial Automobile Parts
  • Free Door to Door Service
  • Pretreatment Process
  • Powder Coati.....


    [Haifa, Israel]
    Non Isocyanate Polyurethane, Biodegradable Coatings, Fire-Protective Coatings, Gas based materials, Waterborn cspe Coatings, Rubber Concretes, lem etc......


    [Chennai, India]
    Manufacture and supplier of PAINT & ARTIST BRUSHES, HOUSE HOLD & DOMESTIC BRUSHES, INDUSTRIAL BRUSHES, INDUSTRIAL WIRE BRUSHES PAINT & ARTIST BRUSHES : PAINT & VARNISH BRUSHES, ARTIST BRUSHES HOUSE HOLD & DOMESTIC BRUSHES : Computer Cleaning Brush, Multi Purpose Cleaning Brush, Hand Scrub Brush - Small, Hand Scrub Brush - Big, Bottle/ Flask Cleaning Brush, S Type Floor Cleaning Brush, Banist.....

    handy AGROMEC

    [Meerut, India]
    Exporters of products are :- -Pallet Truck :- Agromec manufactures hydraulic hand lift pallet trucks to meet the growing demand for a low priced hydraulic truck that offers high quality, reliability and ease of handling. Tha advantage of Agromec pallet truck become apperent as soon as it is put into service, time saved in handling, greater use of floor space, reduced handling costs. The spe.....

    Puda Industrial Co., Ltd.

    [Taiwan, Taiwan]
    Manufacturers of:- system bathrooms such as system bathrooms including floor pansbathroom panel walls, wall panels, best ceiling panels, ceiling panels; system wall panel such as tile panel with bath tubs, mable panel with floor pans. Obtained ISO 9002 certification in 1998, system bathrooms- floor pans ( FRP surface possess good slip-proof function ), bathroom panel wall, wall panels ( construct.....

    Camino Modular Systems

    [Toronto, Canada]
    Our Camino product line has been designed and manufactured to provide the acoustics and feel of slab construction while offering total accessibility with easy to remove light weight panels. The CAMINO Group?s commitment to continual research, development and design innovation has resulted in a state of the art floor system. Our Product Range : * Steel Clad Concrete Core : STRINGERED CORNE.....

    Better Life Technology, LLC

    [Lenexa, Germany]
    We are the Manufacturers of mats, liners, protectors and covers for garage floors, truck beds, kennels and tool chests. Some of our products are: -Garage Floor Protector -Seamless Garage Floor Covering -Seamless Vehicle Floor Covering -Seamless Trailer Floor Covering -GIANT Cargo Mat -BLT Motorcycle Mat -BLT Kennel Liner -Drawer-Mate -Jumbo Shop Mat -Universal Roll Stock .....


    [Chennai, India]
    We provide solutions and services in the field of Construction Chemicals and Refractories. We deal with Refractory bricks, Castable, Calcium Silicate blocks, Fire bricks, Anti-acid bricks and Construction Chemicals such as Epoxy, Grouts, Sealants, Anti corrosive agents, Bonding agents etc.. Products and Services include - Traded in Refractory Castable And Bricks - High & Alumina refractory bricks .....

    Pinc Group.

    [Chennai, India]
    Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of Construction chemicals, Refractory materials and Engineering products. - Refractories - Chemicals - Engineering products - Ferro Alloys - Graphite Products - Miscellaneous products - Cera-Chem products - proofing systems - Industrial grouts - Anti-corrosive coatings - Protective and decorative coatings - Concrete repair products - Industr.....

    Durabuilt Technology Sdn. Bhd.

    [Subang Jaya, Malaysia]
    Manufactures and Exporter of epoxy coatings and sealants, water repellents, skim coatings and plasters, and more. Our product range includes: FLOOR HARDENER, EPOXY COATING, POLYURETHANE. .....


    [Oxford, United States]
    We provide superior surface engineering solutions at the lowest possible cost. Our scientists, engineers and patented technologies enable us to ion nitride, nitrocarburize, and steam oxidize the most complex, delicate, and intricate components consistently, reliably, and reproducibly to the most demanding standards. Solutions :- Your Problem :- Stainless steel Titanium Gears Intricate Com.....


    [PALASA, India]
    FRP/MS/SS Storage Tanks & Processing Tanks.  FRP/MS/SS Reactors, Vacuum Receivers & Vacuum Traps.  FRP/MS/SS Nutsche Filters & Leaf Filters.  Fume Extractions Systems.  Scrubbers, Blowers & Ducting & 0 Leak Dampers & Hoods.  Fume Cup Boards.  Panels & Cable trays & Motor/Pump Guards  Cooling Towers (Induced Natural) &PVC Fills/Blades & spares.  FRP/Epoxy linings to .....

    Tabor Machine Company

    [West Virginia, United States]
    We are leading designer and custom manufacturer of vibrating screen systems. - TMS Multiple Slope Vibrating Screen :- - Operating Principal - Deck Wear Liner - Linear Drive Mechanism - TH Drive Mechanism - Shafts - Counter Weights - Tabor Horizontal Vibrating Screen :- - Mechanism Support Beams - Massive Body Stiffeners - Heavy Duty Deck Support Frame - Rugged Side Plates - Stan.....


    [Meerut, India]
    Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Pallet Truck High Lift Pallet Truck Hydraulic Powered Lifting Mobile Platform Hydraulic Hand Lift Mobile Floor Jib Crane Scissor Lifting Platform Hand Lift Scissor Platform Scissor Lifting Die Loader Hand Lift Mobile Floor Jib Crane Powered Lifting Mobile Platform Powered/Battery Operated Lifting Stacker Hydraulic Mini Pallet Stacker Hand.....

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