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engineering Member Directory(Coir Products)

Hi-Tech Corporation

[Ahnedabad, India]
Exporters and Traders of various plant maintenance products like Welding and soldar, epoxy adhesive, epoxy resin, epoxy putty, lubricants, greases, cleaners, specialty lubricants, aerosols, cleaners, emergency Repair products, machinable products, erosion and corrosion resistance products, poly ceramic compound, poly ceramic liquid, abrasion resistant products, micro bead and wear resistant compou.....

dnspower product design center

[GuangZhou, China]
Professional appearance shape in industrial design, such as : high-tech products, Lighting and optical products, Automobile - related supplies, Appliance, Mechanical products, Hardware products, Medical supplies, Electronic products, Plastic products, Gift, Stationery, toys, Cosmetics, Used supplies, structural design and analysis, instrument design......

During the dragon-pacifying made plastic components plant

[LangFang, China]
We are trader of Plastic products, metal products, mould processing products. Chuisu products : Plastic barrels, cosmetics bottles, a variety of aircraft fuel, Fangdongye barrels, paint cans, cooking barrels. Hardware products : Of the various hardware components manufacturing and accessories products......

Anping Wanlida Hardware Wire Mesh Co.

[Hengshui, China]
Manufacturers and exporters of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh : Series products Wanlida mainly offers include Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Square Opening, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Dutch Weaving, Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Hexagonal Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Crimped Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Insect Screening, Gas & Liquid Filter Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Sifting Screen, Stainle.....

Inner Mongolia First Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd.

[BaoTou, China]
Manufacturers of Machineries such as heavy-duty truck, series products of rolling stocks, series products of construction machineries, series products of special-purpose vehicles etc. Our products range of Engineering and Construction Machinery, Precision Casting Stainless Steel Parts, Forged Products, Electrodes, Rubber Products, Special Vehicals, Heavy Duty Truck, Railroad Vehicals......


[Beijing, China]
Importers and wholesalers in china for large quantities of industrial materials. the products we handle mainly cover the forest products such as pulp, paper; agricultural products such as fishmeal; petrochemical products such as crude oil, finished oil products, chemicals, rubber, synthetic fiber; metal products such as non-ferrous metal, steel and minerals......

premier ingots & metals pvt. ltd.

[meerut, India]
We are manufacturers and exporters of high quality non ferrous metals alloys with over 50 years of experience. The company is member associate of ICDA, IIA, MMA, BME, and IIW. Premier Ingots & Metals, a private limited & and an ISO certified company, has been successfully operating in the non-ferrous metals and alloys industry, for over five decades. With the extensive manufactu.....

InB Value Mart Limited. (Formerly Atco Weighing Solutions Company Limited)

[Mumbai, India]
Leading Manufacturers of

  • Weighing Scales & Systems - Retail & Industrial Weighing Scales, -Post & Parcel Weighing Scales -Jewellery weighing.
  • Material Handling Equipments: -Pallet Truck -Stackers -Cranes etc.
  • Banking Equipments:- Counters -Binding & Strapping Machines -Counterfeit note detector.
  • Office Products:- Biometric products -Time Recorder Series -Wa.....


    [Nashik, India]
    Manufacturers and Dealers of Sensors, Safety Switches, Signal conditioning modules, L&T products, Power products, UPS, Inverters and industrial Automation. Products include Sensors - Proximity Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Level Sensors, Leverless limit switches. Indicators & Controllers - Process indicators & Controllers, Timers & Counters. Safety Switches - Pull cord switch, heavy duty limit swi.....

    Titanium Tantalum Products Ltd.

    [Chennai, India]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of Equipment, Rotodynamic, Electrodes, Electroplating Products, Cathodic Protection Anodes, Electrochlorinators / Electrolyzers. Equipment :- -Heat Exchanger -Pressure Vessels Tanks :- Catholye Tanks, Anolyte Tanks, Nickel Storage Tanks Reactors :- Custom Built Equipments :- Nickel Concentrator Tubes, Chemical Mixers, Sparger Pipes, Flue Gas Separator, Candl.....


    [Amravati, India]
    Manufacturer and exporter of disposable medical surgical products. Our range of products: Plastic Examination Gloves, A.I./Veterinary Gloves, Shoe Cover, Rubber Gloves, Disposable Cap, Disposable Gown & Apron, Disposable Face Mask, Mackintosh hospital sheeting, Brat Board, Medical Devices/ Tube Products, Circumcision Device, Disposables Drapes, Umbilical Cord Clamp, Splints, Plastic Moulded Pro.....

    Genesis Automation Private Limited

    [Chennai, India]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of all types of industrial products across the globe are :- Rubber Products :- -Rubber Sheets - Natural, Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Silicon, etc. -Silicone Rubber Products, Silicone Rubber Parts. -Oil Seals, Canvas seals, O Rings, Chords, etc. -Any Moulded Rubber components as per drawing or specification -Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets (PHE Gaskets)-Chiller,.....

    Medicare Products, Inc.

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Diagnostic Products - Stethoscope and Spare Parts, Sphygmomanometers and Spare Parts, Reflex Hammers, Tunning Forks, Laryngoscopes and Spare Bulbs, Otoscope (Auroscope) Sets, E.N.T. Sets, Proctoscope with Battery Handle, Clinical Thermometer, Height & Weight Measuring Scales-Mechanical. Disposable Medical Products - I.V. Cannulae, Nelaton (Jacques) Cath.....

    Supreme & Co.

    [Kolkata, India]
    We Provide Manufacturer as well as a trading and export of Product :- Power, Telecom and Construction Industry. 1)Power T&D :- Poleline Hardware, Fittings for Overhead Insulated Cables (Aerial Bundled Cable Fittings), Fittings for OPGW System, Sub-Station Fittings, Insulator Hardware Fittings, Earthing Materials, Helical Products, Anchors, End-fittings for Polymer Insulators, Compression Connec.....

    Safeguard Surgicals

    [Ahmedabad, India]
    Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporter of ANAESTHESIA PRODUCTS : Oxygen Mask, Suction Catheter, Suction Catheter with Thumb Control, Nasal Oxygen Catheter, Endotracheal Tube. TRANSFUSION SET : I.V. Infusion Set (Molded Chamber), I.V. Infusion Set (Regular), Micro Drip Infusion Set, Scalp Vein Set, Measured Volume Set, Blood Administration Set. SURGERY PRODUCTS : Under Water Seal Pleural Drain.....

    InB Valuemart Limited.

    [Mumbai, India]
    WEIGHING SCALES & SYSTEMS: Retail & Industrial Weighing Scales, Post & Parcel Weighing Scales, Jewellery Weighing, etc. SAFETY & SECURITY PRODUCTS: Electronic Safes, CCTV System, Fire Alarm Systems etc. MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT: Pallet Truck, Stackers etc. BANKING EQUIPMENTS: Counters, Binding & Strapping Machines etc. OFFICE PRODUCTS: Biometric products, Time recorder Series, Water Dispe.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturer & Exporter of Products for Potato Wafer Plant - Potato Peeler, Potato Cutting Machine, Potato Drying Machine, Potato Frying Machine, Potato Fryer with Riello Burner, Gas & Oil Fired Batch Fryer. Products for Farsan Processing Plant - Farsan Making Machine, Oil Separator, New Diesel Bhatti, Diesel Bhatti with Frame, Farsan Frying Machine, Purimaking Machine, Purimaking Machine, Whea.....

    Essar Power Limited.

    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturer , exporter and providing service in steel, power, shipping, constructions, oil & gas and telecom. Steel products : At its state-of-the-art 3.0 MTPA port based plant in Western India, Essar produces some of the world's finest quality steel. It is the world's largest gas based HBI plant and India's largest exporter of flat products :- Iron Ore Pellets, Hot Briquetted Sponge iron (HB.....

    Air Gas Engineering & Co.

    [New Delhi, India]
    We Are Manufacturer & Exporters Of Our Replacement Compressor Spare Parts:- Air Gas Refrigeration CNG Compressor Spare Parts, Compressor Suction / Discharge Valve Assembly, Compressor Suction Valve Plates, Air gas Compressor Spares Parts, Gas Compressor Spares Parts, Air Compressor Spares, Piston Piston Ring, Gasket, Belleville Washer, Circlips & Rings, Finger Valves, Teflon Rings & Bushes, Stro.....

  • Engineering Members Directory(Coir Products)

    Apothecaries Sundries Mfg. Co.

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturers, suppliers of Medical surgical supplies and instruments. Our products are: Anaesthesia Products, Fiber Glass Models, Operating Table & Shadowless Lamps, Hospital Holloware, Microscopes, Laboratory Equipments, Orthopaedic Implants & Instruments, Plastic Labware, Rehabilitation Aids, Rubber Goods, Sterilizing Equipments, Diagnostic Instruments, Hospital Furniture, Laboratory Heating.....

    J.K. Overseas

    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturer and Export of- Industrial Laminates -Sheet , Rod & Tube:- Fabric base sheet ( ff-2 & ff- 3 ), Fabric base Rods, Paper base sheet , Bearings and slipper pads, Moulded blocks for shuttles, Shuttering films, Custom built mouldings, Textile machinery components. Compressed Asbestos Fibre Jointing Sheet - ( Non Metallic / Metallic ):- Steam Jointing, High pressure Jointing, Super Jointing.....


    [DELHI, India]
    Manufacturers, traders and exporters of Sign boards, road and traffic safety equipment. Our products are: Road Marking Thermo Plastic Paints, Traffic/Road Safety, Reflective Sign Boards, Non Reflective Sign Boards, Reflective Sheetings, Plastic Fibre Re-Inforced Concrete Products. Traffic/Road Safety - Bollards, Delineators, Traffic Cones, Cats-Eye Roadstud, Reflective Jackets, Kerb Stone / .....

    Global Agri Tech Engineers

    [Vadodara, India]
    Manufacturer & Suppliers & Services & Exporter of Electronic Color Sorters : Rice, Pulse-Dals, Sesame Seeds, Spice Seeds, Grains, Whole Pulses, Beans, Nuts, Dehydrated, Onion-Flakes, Potato Chips, Moldy Peanuts. Post Harvest Machineries for Vegetables & Fruits : Equipment : Sizer, Graders, Washers, Dryers, Inspection Rolls, Weighting & Packing Unit, Handling Equipment. Products Handled : .....

    Air Gas Engineering & Co.

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of Compressor spare parts, Air & Gas Compressor spares like Suction / Delivery Valve Assembly etc. Our Replacement Compressor Spare Parts Air Gas Refrigeration CNG Compressor Spare Parts :- Compressor Suction / Discharge Valve Assembly, Compressor Suction Valve Plates, Air gas Compressor Spares Parts, Gas Compressor Spares Parts, Air Compressor Spares, Piston, P.....

    M. G. Worldwide

    [New Delhi, India]
    Exporters of products of

  • Engineering Projects and equipments : Water & Sanitation Projects, Electrical Projects Educational Laboratories, Maintainence Workshop and hand tools, Railways, Project Export.
  • Construction equipment and Materials : Construction Glass, Construction and Building, Hardware, Scaffolding Steel panel and accessories, Construction Equipment and Tools.
  • .....

    Prevest Denpro Limited

    [Jammu, India]
    Manufacturer & Exporter of Dental Products Clinical Products:- Etchants, Cements & Filling Materials, Calcium Hydroxide Pastes, Desensitizer, Edta Gel & Edta Solution, Gutta Percha Solvant, Cavity Varnishes, Misc. Products. Laboratory Products:- Gypsum Products, Alginate, Investment Materials, Separating Emulsion, Waxes......


    [Safat, Kuwait]
    Traders and exporters of Industrial Division, Security & Safety Division, Health Care Division products. We offering a wide range of services for Oil & Gas, Power and other major industries in the disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumenatation. Industrial Division : Please find below brief details regarding the products/ systems/ services which we are dealing regularly. 1. Valv.....

    Mak Industrial Products

    [Chennai, India]
    We are Manufacturer and Supplier of a comprehensive range of extruded and moulded rubber products, rubber grommets, rubber washers, rubber cords, gaskets etc. Our Range of Products :- 1. Moulded Rubber Products : - Rubber Grommets - Rubber Washers - O Rings - Rubber Gaskets - U, V, W, L, T Seals - Rubber Bushes - Rubber Membrane - Rubber Bellows - Rubber Couplings - Rubber Diaphragm.....

    Hitech Enterprises

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturer and Supplier, Exorter of:- Manufacturers, Suppliers of Extraction Equipment, Industrial Silo Feeding Equipment, Aeration Conveyor, Flow Control Gate, Cut-off Gate, Diverter Gate, Distribution Box, Lump Crusher, Vibrating Screen. Bulk Handling Equipment:- Manufacturers of Conveyor Belts, Screw Conveyors, Bagasse and Ash Handling Conveyor, Cleated Belt Conveyor, Bag Diverter, Tru.....


    [Noida, India]
    Manufacturers and exporters of diversified industrial products ranging from Household Articles to Space Apparatus. The company provides world-class chemical products, electric & electron products, machine transportation, medical products and host of food industry products. Our product range of Oil Seals, Push Pads, Special SI Sheets, O-rings and Seals in small appliances, over door gaskets [both i.....

    Honey Teq Automations

    [Chennai, India]
    Manufacturer of Security Products - Access Control, Auto Dialer, Alarm Panels Video Products - Video Text Inserter, Teleye Wireless Communication Products - Radio Modem, Voice Scarmbler, Voice Encryptor, Tone Signaling, Voice Storage Wireline Communication Products - Auto dialer, Embedded Modem, Telephone Voice Scrambler, Voice Encryptor Other Products - Moving Message Display, Magnetic Card R.....

    BPL Telecom Ltd.

    [Bangalore, India]
    Manufacturers of Enterprise Communication Products, Personal Computers, Customer Premises Equipment, Transmission & Termiinal Equipment's. Enterprise Communication Products : ECSG provides solutions to address the communication needs of customers across India and in selected overseas markets. Primary areas of business includes - Design, manufacture and supply of PABX products and communication .....


    [Ahmedabad, India]
    Manufacturer and export-importer of
    Types of products :
    ? backup ring, square ring, o - ring, washer, packing, u-packing, diaphragm, va-seal, bush, gasket and other molded parts.
    ? cast pu, millable pu ,thermoplastic elastomer molded parts
    ? rubber-to metal bonded products
    ? oem and other custom molding rubber components
    ? silicone rubber rollers, sponge parts, molded parts


    [Mumbai, India]
    Sealing products i.E. asbestos and non-asbestos packing, asbestos and non-asbestos gaskets.
    ptfe products includes rods, sheets, bellows, o-rings and ptfe filled products.
    modern plastic products such as hdp, ldp, pp, pvc, nylon, abs in all the forms.
    industrial laminates sheets [fabric and paper].
    fiber glass and ceramic raw material and finished products.


    [UMBERGAON, India]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of composition cork ,rubberised cork ,anti vibration materials ,automobile gaskets ,transformer gaskets, gaskets and shims, sealing, synthetic rubber, cork sheets, cork products , rubber products, cork components, anti-vibration slabs, rubber cork, anti vibration cork, decorative cork, cork based products, rubberised cork sheet for transformer, rubberised cork sheet for.....

    BMD Exports Pvt. Ltd.

    [Rajkot, India]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of Engineering Products, Arts and Craft, Brass Hardware and Sanitary wares, Machinery Equipments , Kitchenware. PRODUCT RANGE : .Engineering products : -Casting -Turning Components -Tools & Accesories :- 1.Engineering Carbide Tipped bresed tools : Reamer, Hole mill & reamer, End mill cutter , Drill T Slot cutter, Taper reamer, Shell taper reamer, Shell R.....


    [TAIPEI, Taiwan]
    Supplier for PTFE / TFM lining GBK sheet, PTFE pipe liner, PFA tube, PTFE / TFM / PFA lined tank, PTFE / PFA lined pipe and fittings, flexible hose, Teflon coating and other fluorocarbon or fluoroplastic relative products. Our Products Range Include: 1. Semiconductor Products: TEFPASS Ductwork with ETFE Coating PTFE/ TFM/ PFA Lined EL Grade Tank PTFE / TFM / PFA Tank lorry / ISO Containe.....

    Titanco International (Pte) Ltd.

    [Singapore, Singapore]
    Wholesaler & Exporters of hardware to industrial, petro-mechanical and consumer products. Our product range includes: -YALE locks & builders hardware -STANLEY hinges -HILLALDAM COBURN door gears -Car Wash Systems -BOSTIK Industrial adhesives & sealants -RAVEN door seals -SALTER bathroom scales -REX handy hooks & DIY products -Architectural & Builders Hardware -DIY & Consumer Products.....


    [Seoul, Korea, South]
    We are Manufacturers & Exporters of Coated Abrasives Products. Our Products Include : 1. Cloth Products Wood Working Metal Working Non-ferrous Metal, glass Working Flap Wheel, flap disc Heavy Metal Working 2. Paper Products Wood Paint & Primer Working Auto-mobile working Wood Working 3. Fiber Products Metal Working.....

    Limac Company Ltd.

    [DALIAN, China]
    Manufacturers & Import/Exporters Of Machinery and Power-Generating Equipment Products. Our Products Range Include: -Nuclear industry and power -Pressure vessel and whole set -General machinery and elecxic -Casting and forging products -Handtools -Agricultural implements -Valves -Mining machinery -Rubber and plastic machinery -Ship-repairing -Ship-building -Capacitors/lamp.....


    [Wenzhou, China]
    We are a manufacture in china, specialy produce all kinds of fittings for machines, such as valves, flanges, nozzles and connectors, and we can produce products according to your demands!
    our company has passed iso9001:2000, so we can assure the the quality of our products. And our price is very competitive.

    Wenzhou Henghe Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd is located beside the Nanxi River,whi.....

    Jay Enterprise

    [Mumbai, India]
    Dealer & Manufacturer's representative for cable raw materials and Industrial Products like: Cable Raw Materials:- - Co-Polymer Coated Steel Tapes for Optical Fibre Cables from Korea. - Sequential Meter Marking Tapes (Hot Stamping Foils) in various colours for Cables and Pipes. - Semi-Conducting Terene Tapes for HV & EHV Power Cables. - Non-Woven Water Blocking Tapes for cable applic.....

    Preciturn Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

    [Mumbai, India]
    As engineering enterprise we offer following services : - Design develop & manufacturing various engineering products. - Mfg. Products through outsourcing forgings casting etc. And machining in-house. - To determine material quality and correct grain structure outsourcing of material testing and heat treatment facilities. - For optimum utilization of CNC machines outsourcing of primary oper.....

    Hunan Zhongnan A&T Co., Ltd.

    [china, China]
    Manufacturers & traders & Exporters of building or construction products, steel and construction raw materials; mechanical and electric equipments; products of light and chemical industry; Products of textile, costume, silk. Building Wares Wheels and Casters Non-ferrous Metals Rare Earth Products Hunan Chemicals Mineral Products .....

    Saroj Enterprises

    [Coimbatore, India]
    Manufacturers & Exports of- Industrial Safety Helmets Executive Helmets Helmet-Ratchet Type Dust Glass Welding Goggles Hand Shield Welding Helmet Acid Gas REspiratory Dust Respiratory Welding Respiratory Form Ear Muff Reusable Ear Plug Ear Muff Chemical Protection Apparels Fire Protection Apparels Chemical Protection Apparels Fire Protection Apparels Welding Gloves Leather .....

    Larson Davis

    [Utah, United States]
    Designers & manufacturers and distributers of acoustic and vibration measurement systems and industrial hygiene instrumentation. Acoustic Test Products Group- Laboratory, Research & Development Products: Sound Level Meters Real-time Analyzers Noise and Vibration Analyzers Audiometer Calibration Systems Data Analysis Software Microphones Pre-amplifiers Calibrators Accessories Environm.....

    Systems & Equipment Maintenance Co.

    [Delhi, India]
    Manufacturers & Traders of Quality Steel Forgings and Casting products. - CASTINGS :- - Steel Castings - Grey Iron castings - Ductile iron/S.G. Iron castings - FORGINGS :- - Drop forging (hammer-forgings) - FABRICATED/WELDED COMPONENTS :- - Fabricated Heavy Structural - Tanks/Frames - Assemblies/Sub-Assemblies consisting of various products - CNC MACHINED COMPONENTS -.....

    Changshu Zhongan Plastics Industry

    [Jiangsu, China]
    Manufacturer & Exporter of Mould plastics products series, Hollow shaping products series, Electrical Accessories Series, Equipment. Our Products:- Mould plastics products series:- Plastic Components for TV sets / Plastic Components for Refrigerators, Freezsers / Plastic Cyclic Containers. Hollow shaping products series:- Electrical Accessories Series:- Nylon Packaging Tapes / Electric.....

    Tianjin Lianda Group Co., Ltd

    [Tianjin, China]
    Main products of the corporatioins include: 1. Oil products: Lubricating oil Special solvent oil 23# 27# 80#ink solvent oil; 2. Trade: We have a few of chain supermarkets, with a fine goods transportation and a large expansion ability for new goods; 3. Engineering service:Our corporation has a strong technique ability and advanced equipments, also is qualified as the 2nd Level Corporati.....

    Liaoyang Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd.

    [Liaoning, China]
    Manufactures pharmaceutical and chemical processing equipment, including glass-lined apparatus, centrifugal separators, and packing machines. Our product range includes: Centrifuge & Separator - The Centrifuges & Separators are suitable for the separation of liquid-solid suspension, separation of liquid-liquid emulsion or separation of liquid-liquid-solid. Its main kinds are three column ce.....


    [London, United Kingdom]
    We are distributor/wholesaler of medical equipments. Our products include: airway management systems, breathing systems, cardiothoracic, dialysis, electrodes, kangaroo enteral feeding products, incontinence product range[clinical], inhalation therapy - products for humifidication and nebulisation, laparoscopy, needles and syringes, pulse oximetry monitors, oxygen therapy, oximax sensors, sharps di.....

    M.T. International

    [Ludhiana, India]
    We are Manufacturers & Eporter of various kinds of equipments. They include bicycle parts, sewing machines, hand tools and varied range of products. Our Products are - Sewing Machines :- All types of domestic, industrial and commercial sewing machines, overlock sewing machine, and button pressing machines. Also deal in sewing machine spare parts. - Bicycle Parts :- For different models.....

    Graham Corporation

    [Batavia, United States]
    Graham Corporation designs and builds vacuum and heat transfer equipment for process industries throughout the world and is a worldwide leader in vacuum technology. Principal markets served include the chemical, petrochemical, petroleum refining, and electric power generating industries, including cogeneration and geothermal plants. Other markets for Graham equipment are metal refining, pulp and.....


    [JAKARTA, Indonesia]
    Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters/Importers of Chemical Group : Handles polymers and elastomers, specialty and fine chemicals. Their diversity of application covers the manufacture of rubber, polystyrene and plastic products; waste water treatment; paper production; leather processing; petroleum and petrochemicals; animal health and nutrition products; sugar refining and food processing; co.....

    LEPS Loadlink Engineering Products & Services

    [Singapore, Singapore]
    We are Design, Manufacture & Remanufacture of Following Products. Our Products are : Products currently manufactured ( Standard & Custom made ) 1. All capacities of load pins, tensile and compression loadcells 2. All cable and remote panel, handheld programmable LED and LCD load indicators. 3. Computer Data Logging System. Products :- 1. STANDARD & CUSTOM MADE LEPS TENSILE LOADCELL.....

    Anping No.9 Wire Mesh Factory

    [Anping, China]
    We are Manufacturers & Exporters of Wire Mesh Products. Our Products are : 1. Wire Mesh Products : -Stainless Steel Wire Mesh -Insect Screen -Welded Wire Mesh -Hexagonal Wire Netting -Gal. Square Wire Mesh -Chain Link Fence -Black Wire Cloth -Filtering Mesh -Brass Wire Mesh -Other Wire Mesh Products 2. Wire Products : -Barbed Wire & Razor Wire -Wire Series .....

    Shen Zhen Jian Zhong Jia Cai Polymer Products Co., Ltd

    [Hong Kong, China]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of Foaming, slicing, heat pressing and die cutting products, Antistatic Foam, Carbon Filters, Environmental Protective Products, Ester Foam, Health Care Products, Materials, Printer Cartridges, Semi-Conductive Products......

    Kamtex Industries Pte Ltd.

    [Singapore, Singapore]
    Importers and exporters of products like Products :

  • Solar Products & Projects - Solar Panels, Solar Power Systems, Solar Educational Products, Solar Light Products, Solar Power System Projects, Energy Saving Bulbs, Solar-powered Camping Lamp, DC Batteries, Solar Floating Lights.
  • Energy Drink - MSG Seasoning, Multi-layer Cake (Kueh Lapis)
  • Specialty Chemicals - Antioxida.....

    Makrite Industries Inc.

    [Taiwan, Taiwan]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of:- nonwoven and vinyl products, including thermal bond back vinyl tablecloths, upholsteries, patio covers and face masks exported to Europe, U.S.A. And worldwide. Nonwoven and vinyl products- PVC ( plastic) products- flannel back PVC tablecloth, thermal bond back PVC tablecloth, PVC shower curtains, PVC patio covers, PVC bean bags, PVC tonneau covers, PVC sparewheel c.....

    Paradise Industrial & Trading Co.,Ltd.

    [ZHEJIANG, China]
    We are Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of light industrial products. NEW Laser Products Islamic Products Lab Supplies Medical Supplies Glow and Light OEM TURF. NEW:- -Gel Bracelet -Planetary Tuner. Laser Products:- -Laser Pointer -Laser Collimator. Islamic Products:- -Hand tally counter -Compass. Lab Supplies:- -Tuning fork -Tuner -Clamp -Pulley .....

    Layne Christensen Company

    [Kansas, United States]
    We are Trader of water well drilling, mineral exploration and diamond drill bit technology. - Water Treatment Products - Christensen Pumps - Groundfreezing - International Directional Drilling - Layne Safety and Environmental Health Sciences (SEHS) - Tecniwell The company provides sophisticated services and related products in four principal markets: water related services & product.....

    YTO International. Ltd.

    [LUOYANG, China]
    Traders, Importers & Exporters of High-quality machinery, electrons, hardwares, chemical products. - Machinery Products :- - Farming Machinery :- - Tractors :- - Crawler Tractor - Wheeled Tractor - Walking Tractor - Harvesting Machinery :- - Equipment - Agriculture Processing Machinery - Agriculture Forest Machine - Oil Pre - Rice Miller - Engineering Machinery :- - R.....

    Unicoop Company Ltd.

    [Taiwan, Taiwan]
    Founded in 1981.Manufacturers & Importers & Exporters Of:- Import products include hot stamping foil koma and crown; export products include outdoor bags, tents, sleeping bags, folding chairs, other camping products, outdoor camping equipment, camping supply, camping tent, camping supplies & accessory/ accessories, outdoor leisure time products & leisure goods- outdoor bags, tents, sleeping bags,.....

    Yeou Shing Machinery Co., Ltd.

    [Taiwan, Taiwan]
    Manufacturers of:- iced products, soft drink and related processing machinery. Supplies whole plant equipment for making snack and beverages. The products include equipment for bong bong ice ( ice stick ), popsicle, jelly, juice, coconut jelly, mineral eater & tea products, soft drinks, and wheat crepes, mineral water, pudding, soy bean milk, cup water and other life drink products. Iced produc.....

    Gill Rock Drill Co. Inc.

    [Pennsylvania, United States]
    We are Manufacturer, distributor and service provider of Gill Beetles products and equipment. - Our Products are :- - Gill Beetle? Drill Rig - Rotary Drill Pipe - Driltech Mission & Secoroc Hammers and Bits - Adapters - Stabilizers - Fishing Tools - Additional Rotary Products - Cable Products - Additional Cable Products - Our Services Such as :- - Down the hole joint break.....


    [RAJKOT, India]
    Manufacturers & exporters of, 1.AUTOMOBILE COMPONENTS : -Cylinder Liner and Sleeves -Brake Linings & Pads -Piston Sets -Engine Valves & Guides -Axle Shafts -Universal Joint Cross -Engine Bushes -Engine Filters, Air & Fuel -Radiator Hoses -Automotive Fasteners -Automotive Rubber Components -Crown Wheel & Pinion -Leaf Springs -Clutch Plates & Facings -Piston Rings -C.....

    Yeou Shing Machinery Co., Ltd.

    [Taiwan, Taiwan]
    Manufacturers of:- iced products, soft drink and related processing machinery. Supplies whole plant equipment for making snack and beverages. The products include equipment for bong bong ice ( ice stick ), popsicle, jelly, juice, coconut jelly, mineral eater & tea products, soft drinks, and wheat crepes, mineral water, pudding, soy bean milk, cup water and other life drink products. Iced produc.....


    [Jiangsu, China]
    Manufacturer & Exporter Of FRP flowerpots, Vase, Rearing Pond, Rockery, etc. Our Products Ranges:- Fiberglass Products:- Alkaline-resistance mesh fabric Self-adhesive mesh tape Wall patch Corner tape Outlet patch Glasswool ceilin Decoration printing mat Decoration cloth Wallcovering Reinforcing Netlike Fiberglass cloth for Grinding Wheel Netlike piece for fiberglass reinf.....

    Witeg-Labortechnik GmbH

    [Wertheim, Germany]
    We Manufacture, Supply & exports Laboratory glassware:- basic products (Preciso), components (Preciso), thermometers (glass, elektronic), apparatus (Preciso), educational kits for schools and universities, graduated products (Diffico), pressed ariticles, Viskosimeter (Glass), custom products. Liquid Handling products:- Dispensers (Labmax, Minispensor), Pipettors (Witopet, Witopet digital, Witopet.....

    Nanjing Auheng Industries Co. Ltd.

    [Jiangsu Province, China]
    We provide specialited in producing castings, die-castings, forgings, gears, machining components by CNC machine tools and plastic Products. With equipment of quality and competitive costs, our products have been exported to some countries for years. Castings :- Our main castings products consist of gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, ductile cast iron, carbon or low alloy cast steel and sta.....


    [VALSAD, India]
    Manufacturers and exporters of : Composition cork rubberised cork, Cork sheets automobile gaskets, Anti vibration materials, Transformer gaskets. Plain Cork Sheet, Decorative Cork, Rubberized Cork Sheet for all Application, Ribbed Rubber Sheets, Anti-Vibration Pads and Machine Foundation Slabs, Transformer and Automobile Gaskets and Components, Wine and Champagne Bottle Stoppers, Gift Items mad.....

    Hup Sheng Machinery & Industries

    [Melaka, Malaysia]
    We provide Manufacturers and export of food machinery and packaging. Our products :- DRUM OIL FRYING MACHINES :- Drum Roasting Frying Machine is suitable for products required long frying time like raw peanuts, coated peanuts, green peas etc. The refilling system will top up the frying oil automatically. This machine is equipped with variable heat controller to meet various products frying .....

    E-Trade2China Inc.

    [Shanghai, China]
    Manufacturers a huge range of both consumer and industrial products, manufacturing and production, quality control, assembly, packaging, logistics, and ultra-fast delivery. Clothing and Apparel Jewellery, Bags, and Accessories Injection-molded Plastics Giftware Textile Products Sporting Goods Furniture and Shop Fittings Footwear Airline In-Flight Products Steel Products and Co.....

    Fike India Pvt Ltd.

    [PUNE, India]
    MANUFACTURERS AND EXPORTERS OF- Fike Pressure Relief:- Rupture Disc Fike rupture discs protect your vessels, piping and pressure relief valve, saving you money, improving your process safety and protecting your valued equipment. Hygienic / Sanitary In Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries, having the most sanitary work environment is VITAL. Fike has specific rupture discs .....

    Cimc Dalian

    [dalian, China]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of All kinds of pallet products designing, research of worldwide pallet products and technology of goods transportation, management of pallet products technology and broadening of pallet market, sale of pallet products, and serving clients, Pallet products concerning many trades, such as synthetic rubber, vegetables, chemistry, foodstuff, tires, etc. Synthetic rubber.....


    [Ahmedabad, India]
    Manufacturing polymer & engineering components for oilfield & pipeline applications. PRODUCTS LIST FOR OIL & GAS PIPELINES AND RELATED SERVICES I. Equipment for Internal Cleaning, Batching, Gauging & Commissioning of Pipelines A. Engineered/Fabricated Products: -PIG (Scraper) Launchers -Traps/Receivers -Quick Opening Closures (Q.O.C.'s) -Flow Through Tees -PIG Passes Indicators (Sig.....


    [Richmond, United States]
    Pacific Marine and Industrial has provided the highest quality maritime and industrial products and services. Our Products Such as : Industrial and Marine Engineering Products: Alfa Laval - Spare Parts, Bearings [Shaft and Rudder], Bearings [Split Roller], Controls and Instrumentation, Crankcase Emissions Filter, Damper Drive Plates, Engine Mounts, Engine Exhaust Components, Filters [Replacement -.....

    Dalian Chem Imp. Exp. Group Co., Ltd.

    [Dalian, China]
    Traders and Exporters of Wooden Products Plastic Material : HDPE Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Petroleum Chemicals : Paraffin Wax Fully Refined-Grade B 58/60 Paraffin Wax Semi-Refined 56/58 Organic Chemiclas : Accelerator DM, M, CZ, DPG, TMTD, etc ACCELERATOR DPG Antimony triacetate CHOLINE CHLORIDE Cobalt acetate Cyanuric Chloride Diphacinone Glycine Native Products a.....

    E-s-w-n Industrial Group Limited.

    [Guangzhou, China]
    MANUFACTIRERS OF FOLLOWING PRODUCTS:- Off-road vehicle: >>ATV, >>Go Cart >>Dirt Bike >>Motorcycle >>PARTS, MOULD, ACCESSORIES of above products On-road vehicle: >>EEC approved/motorcycle Products for home: >>Electronics Products >>Electrical Products >>Audio System >>Video system >>Gifts >>Crafts Sound System: >>Professional Sound Box >>Home Sound Box, .....

    Camlab Ltd.

    [Cambridge, United Kingdom]
    We are Suppliers of Following Products. Our Products are : * Camlab Innovations in Plastic Micro-array Plastics Racks for Micro tubes Storage Boxes Inventory Systems Freezer & Microplates Microtubes Spin Store Tubees Labels Cryogenic Storage Boxes Multichannel Pipette Reservoir Screw Cap Beakers Microscope Slide Box * Plastics & Labware Beakers Plastic Beakers Glass Bottles G.....


    [Para?aque, United Kingdom]
    Manufacturers of high performance cast polyurethane and rubber, engineering plastics, and machining services. Our product range includes: Industrial Products - -Hose and Cable Reels -Industrial Power Tools -Accessories, and Abrasives -Extractors / Dryers -Compressed Air-driven Vacuum Cleaners -Industrial Process Equipment -Electric Power Tools -Polyurethane Products -Spring Bal.....


    [Fuan, China]
    We are a specialized manufacturer and marketer of instruments and meters. .
    major products:
    1]rotary speed measurement of the machinery manufacturing equipment: multi-function rotary speed meter; photoelastic rotary speed meter;
    2] air quality testing instrument: hygrothermograph, hygrometer;
    3] water quality testing[monitoring] instrument: ph meter, ec/tds conductivity meter, pna met.....

    Air Gas Engineering & Co.

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturer and exporter of Compressor spare parts, Air & Gas Compressor spares like Suction / Delivery Valve Assembly Our Replacement Compressor Spare Parts - Air Gas Refrigeration CNG Compressor Spare Parts Compressor Suction / Discharge Valve Assembly Compressor Suction Valve Plates Air gas Compressor Spares Parts Gas Compressor Spares Parts Air Compressor Spares Piston Pisto.....


    [Dubai, United Arab Emirates]
    We manufacture the following Products -
    Construction fasteners : Piping Stud bolts, High tensile bolts, Nuts, Washers, Custom made special bolt .
    Pipes, Fittings & Flanges : Forged, Screws, Compression fittings.
    Valves, Gauges & Instruments : For Pressure, vacuum, Potable water services.
    Pipe supports, Slide bearings, Industrial safety products : Standard, .....

    Argo International Corporation

    [New York, United States]
    Manufacturers & Exporters of Products by Industry : Automotive, Chemical Construction, Food & Beverage, General Manufacturing, Marine, Material Handling, Mining Oilwell Drilling, Paper, Pharmaceutical, Power Utility, Refinery, Steel. Electrical Products : AC Motors, AC Motor Parts, Air Conditioning & Refrigerating Units, ARGO BRANDED MOTORS, Armature Coil, Arresters, Ballasts Brakes, Bra.....


    [Jeddah, Saudi Arabia]
    We deal in Water Analysis Systems and all kinds of Laboratory Equipments and their accessories completed with our main research chemicals laboratory. We Trade in bulk chemicals, laboratory chemicals, systems for water, wastewater analysis. products for soil testing and petrochemicals. equipments for laboratory for industrial and medical applications. Fully equiped workshop for repair and calibrati.....

    International Machine & Tool Corp.

    [Rhode Island, United States]
    Traders of High quality rotary motion and indexing systems, engineered products for industry, and a variety of specialized products and services to improve productivity, reliability and quality. Motion systems & devices- Inertial navigation testing Space science & research Industrial inspection & metrology Precision manufacturing Engineered products- Machine spindles Spindle bearings .....


    [Sharjah, United Arab Emirates]
    We are into export-import of agricultural diesel engines, centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, diesel generating sets, related spare parts, agriculture implements, liners, sleeves & pistons [these products are iso 9001 qs certified], casting & forging of various items as per the clients' requirements & drawings, automobiles spare parts, marine spares, hand pumps [mark ii, unicef approved], marble.....


    [Ahmedabad, India]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of- Plant Machinery & Spares Agro Machinery Hot and Cold Rolling Mill & its all spares (Aluminium, Steel, Copper, Brass, M. S .Round, CTD Bar, Angle, Flat etc., ) All type of Crucibles (Cast iron, Silicon Carbide, Graphite etc.) Moulds for the melts Straightening machine Circle cutting machine Alumina Fire Bricks Overhead Cranes Jib Cranes Weigh Bri.....

    FEI XIA Medicine & Health Products Factory

    [Jiangsu, China]
    Manufacturer and Exporter of Surgical Dressing, Medical Gauze, Gauze Sponges, Medical Bandages, Zinc Oxide Adhesive Plaster, Surgical Tape, Non-Woven Sponge, Non-woven dressing. Our product range includes: Bandage - -Cotton Stretch Bandage -Crepe Bandage -P.O.P Bandage -W.O.W Bandage -Elastic Bandage -Side woven gauze bandage -Triangular Bandage Gauze products - -Absorbent Cotton Ga.....

    Szrek2Solutions, LLC

    [East Greenwich, United States]
    We provide Services of Previously they helped GTECH Corp. Grow from a small startup into an industry leader in on-line lottery systems. We software systems secure solutions. Our Products :- Szrek2Solutions, the experts in secure gaming systems, now offers two innovative products to the gaming industry: 1)Trusted Play™ :- Trusted Play™ is a secure subsystem for determining win.....

    White Dove (GROUP) IMP. EXP. Co., Inc

    [Henan, China]
    Manufactures & Exporters of Abrasive materials and grinding products. ABRASIVE MATERIALS : Brown aluminum oxide White aluminum oxide Pink aluminum oxide Single crystal aluminum oxide Microcrystal aluminum oxide Zirconia aluminum oxide Black aluminum oxide Black silicon carbide Green silicon carbide Physical characteristics Comparison table of abrasives symbols Comparison table of s.....

    Tide International Co., Ltd

    [Longkou, China]
    Import and Export Business of Native & Livestock Product. Our Products Ranges:- Textile, clothes & caps, daily-used products, culture, education & gymnastic products, general merchandise, paper and paper product, hardware, mechanic fittings, chemical products, mineral products, woods, steel, building materials, cement, machinery, electronic equipments, shaped aluminum, grains, foodstuff, etc.....

    ChongqingYuejin Machinery Plant

    [Shanghai, China]
    Manufacturer & Exporter Of Machinery Plant Products:- Our Products Ranges:- Main products of the factory are : 150mm-400mm bush for intermediate & high speed diesel engine, valve, camshaft(cam bit), connecting rod clevel, lubricating oil pump, fresh water cooling pump. In recent years, we developed bush for low-speed diesel engine in over 400 cylinder bore, valve, camshaft, petroleum machiner.....

    Zhejiang Metals & Minerals Imp. & Exp. Corp

    [zhejiang, China]
    Suppliers of Hardware : Tools/Agricultural Implements, Communications Equipment/Materials, Medical Instruments, Electronics/Electrical, Suitcase Bags/Shoes/Caps, Garment, Solar water heater Metallic Products : Auto, Motorcycle/Parts, Machinery, Rubber Tyre/Products, Home Appliances, Arts and Crafts, Household Utensils, fire fighting products Non-metallic Minerals/Products : Air-condition & R.....

    Fujian Quanzhou Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corp.

    [Fujian, China]
    Manufacturers Traders & Exporters Of Hardwares/Forging Products & Casting Products. Hardwares/Forging Products:- Die forging, Finish forging and Free forging products at very competitive prices. Casting Products:- Investment casting, sand casting, lost foam metal casting, vacuum casting and electric inductive furnace......

    R. D. & Company

    [Chandigarh, India]
    Traders, importers & exporters of, Exporters of following orthotics products related to medical line. For further information regarding these products, kindly get in touch with us. ORTHOTICS PRODUCTS : A - Body Belts & Braces : Abdominal Support/Belt, Lumbo Sacral Belt, Rib Belt, T. T./ Abdominal belt, Contoured LS Support, Chest Binder, Ash Brace, Taylor's Brace B - Wrist & Forearm Pr.....

    Heating Induction Services, Inc.

    [Michigan, United States]
    We have developed a full line of induction power supplies, material handling and induction ancillary equipment. We sell our products through retail direct sales on a national and international basis. We also sell wholesale direct to several retail induction companies under their name. Our core power supply products include a full line of SCR based power supplies called the Auto-Match. We also .....

    Plating Engineering Limited.

    [Birmingham, United Kingdom]
    We provide designing, manufacturing, and installing metal-finishing and similar surface treatment equipment. We specialise in providing an extensive range of metal finishing equipment to clients worldwide. Our products :- We have highlighted several categories of metal finishing products to enable you to easily choose the specific area in which you may have an interest. Simply click on the.....

    Jaguar Overseas Ltd.

    [New Delhi, India]
    Manufacturers & exporters of Steel, Engineering Products, Minerals, Chemicals, Ferro Alloys, Home Furnishing and Consumer Products across the globe. PRODUCT RANGE : ?Engineering Products : -Steel Pipes -Fittings -Steel Products -Machinery -Plants -Construction Equipment -Electrical Equipment, Appliances -Sanitary Fittings. 1.Automobile Components :We offer automotive components, spare.....

    ChinatungstenOnline(Xiamen) Manu. & Sales Corp.

    [Fujian, China]
    We are Manufacturer and Exporter in Mainland of China, we supply nearly all kind of products made of tungsten carbide, e.G. Drawing dies, seals, bars, rods, button, rings, blades, blocks and so. Our Products are :- -Tungsten Carbide Rod -Tungsten Carbide Bar -Tungsten Carbide Drawing Dies -Tungsten Carbide Ring -Tungsten Carbide Seals -Tungsten Carbide Blade -Tungsten Carbide Insert -T.....

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