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engineering Member Directory(Binders)

Intech Orchem Private Limited

[Mumbai, India]
Manufacrure & Exporters of wide range of self adhesive tapes, rubber adhesives, emulsion polymers, adhesive binders, nonwovens catering to textiles, finishing & printing, paints. Non- wovens:- -styrene-acrylic -vinyl acrylic -purely acrylic emulsions for interlinings -filter fabrics, carpet back/ top coating. Textiles finishing and printing:- -extile finishing -pigment printing -floc.....

Big Rock Supply

[Melrose Park, United States]
We offers hand tools and on deck products for the professional roofer. Our Product list includes: -Adhesive Brushes -Aluminum Drains -Anchors (Fall Protection) -Asphalt Carrying Buckets -Asphalt Pouring Can -Axes -Back Braces -Bags, Clean Up -Bandannas -Barricade Fencing -Bedder Tool -Better Spreader Glue Machine -Black Mesh Debris Tarps -Blades (Knife) -Blowers -Braces - Exten.....

SSB Tractor

[Farmingville, United States]
We are Trader of We are a complete farm tractor supply headquarters offering antique tractor parts, farm tractor manuals, implements and other items for farm tractors Tractor Parts : Allis Chalmers Tractor Parts John Deere Tractor Parts Case Tractor Parts Kubota Tractor Parts David Brown Tractor Parts Long Tractor Parts Deutz Tractor Parts Massey Ferguson Tractor Parts Ford Tractor .....

Medicare Products, Inc.

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Diagnostic Products - Stethoscope and Spare Parts, Sphygmomanometers and Spare Parts, Reflex Hammers, Tunning Forks, Laryngoscopes and Spare Bulbs, Otoscope (Auroscope) Sets, E.N.T. Sets, Proctoscope with Battery Handle, Clinical Thermometer, Height & Weight Measuring Scales-Mechanical. Disposable Medical Products - I.V. Cannulae, Nelaton (Jacques) Cath.....

Pidilite Industries Limited

[Mumbai, India]
We Are Manufacturer & Exporters Of Consumer Products:- ART MATERIALS:- Students, Stationery, Hobby. PUBLICATIONS:- Fevi Art, Fevicryl Hobby Books & VCDs, Fevicryl Hobby Recipes, Fevicol Furniture Books, Building Blocks. CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS & PAINTS:- Waterproofing Products, Repair Products, Tile Fixing Products, Sealants, Concrete Admixture, Flooring Products, Grouts, Wall Finish, Wood Finish.....


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturer & Exporters of Multi System-Standard cabinet (with 4 sizes of drawers, Multimedia Organiser, Modular System & Modules i.E. 12/6/4/3 Drawers, Office Trays i.E. Concepta / Regal / Streco / Paper Trays, Rounda-File / Suspension Files, Lever Arch Files, Computer Data Binders & Low Dust Chalks......


[Mumbai, India]
Manufacturers, Traders, Exporters and Importers of All types of office automation equipments right from creation of the document, presentation, storing, archiving, to destruction of it. Copiers, printers, production printers, laminators, binders, shredders, franking machines etc. Being the business partners of world leader xerox corporation, in document management we provide the quipments from xer.....


[Kanpur, India]
Pigment dispersion
acrylic binders
polyurethane dispersions
wax emulsion
lacquer emulsions

Medicare Products, Inc.

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturer & Suppliers & Exporter of Ultrasonic Foetal Heart Monitor Medicare Products : Diagnostic Products : Stethoscope and Spare Parts, Sphygmomanometers and Spare Parts, Reflex Hammers, Tunning Forks, Laryngoscopes and Spare Bulbs, Otoscope (Auroscope) Sets, E.N.T. Sets, Proctoscope with Battery Handle, Clinical Thermometer, Height & Weight Measuring Scales-Mechanical. Disposable Medic.....

Super Bond Adhesives Pvt. Ltd.

[Thane, India]
We Are Manufacturer Of Industrial range products:-Synthetic resin adhesive for paper industry, Pressure sensitive adhesive, Synthetic polymer emulsions for paint industry, Acrylic Binders for non-woven, textile and flocking industry, Fixative - Non-foaming hydrolyzed PVA solution. Consumer range products:- Rubber Based Adhesives, PVAc Based Emulsions & Adhesives. .....

Opto AB

[Vasteras, Sweden]
We are Designs and manufactures paper punches for all hole configurations. Our Product includes: *Punches: -Al-one -Vertical -Original -Scalar *White Board Accessries: -WB Ruler -WB Cleaner -WB Orgainser *Office Products: -Memo Holder -Calender/Ruler -Pen and paperclip Holder -Post-It Holder *Binders .....

Medicare Products, Inc.

[New Delhi, India]
Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of diagnostic products like: Diagnostic Products :- - Stethoscope and Spare Parts, Sphygmomanometers and Spare Parts, Reflex Hammers, Tunning Forks, Laryngoscopes and Spare Bulbs, Otoscope (Auroscope) Sets, E.N.T. Sets, Proctoscope with Battery Handle, Clinical Thermometer, Height & Weight Measuring Scales-Mechanical. Disposable Medical Products:- .....

H-Lift Industries Co., Ltd

[Hangzhou, China]
We Produced produced with the most advanced and cost effective technologies Our products are Lifting equipment, Polyester sling, Synethetic sling, Lashing equipment, Hydraulic equipment, Rigging hardware, Anchor & Chain. Lifting equipment:- Chain hoist, Lever hoist, Electric chain hoists, Electric wire rope hoists, Wire rope pulling hoist, Closed headroom trolley hoist, Plain & Geared trolley, .....

Sheng Yao Enterprise Co., Ltd.

[Taoyuan Hsien, Taiwan]
Manufacturer and exporter of buckles, forgeds, hooks, winchs, trailer equipments, tie down hardwares and accessories. Hook - Shank Hooks, Eye Hooks, Swivel Hooks, Eye Grab Hooks, Eye Slip Hooks, Snap Hook, Clevis Grab Hooks, Clevis Slip Hooks, Triangle Hook with Safety Lactch, Grade 80 Self Clevis Safety Hook, High Strength Hook. Links - Weldless Sling Links, Weldless Alloy Master Link, Grad.....


[Istanbul, Turkey]

  • Manufacturer and Exporter of Ropes and Safety Products .
    Marine Ropes, Rescue Ropes, Military Ropes, Climbing Ropes, Industrial Ropes, Safety Ropes, Ropes for Special Purpose, Packing Yarns, Full-Body Harnesses, Safety Belts, Work Positioning Belts, Fall-Arrest Harnesses, Fireman Harness, Rescue Harness, Boatsmans's Chair, Special Harnesses, Accesories, Lanyards, Ro.....

    H-Lift Industries Co.,Ltd.

    [Hangzhou, China]
    We are Manufacturers & Exporters of Lifting and Lashing Equipment. Our Products are : 1. Lifting equipment -Chain hoist -Lever hoist -Electric chain hoists -Electric wire rope hoists -Wire rope pulling hoist -Closed headroom trolley hoist -Plain & Geared trolley -Beam clamp -Lifting clamp -Snatch block -Permanent magnetic lifter 2. Polyester sling to EN 12195-1/2 .....

    Wallingford's Inc.

    [Oakland, Canada]
    We Manufacturer and Services as Offering a wide selection of logging supplies, tire chains and industrial chain & accessories. WIRE ROPE, CHOKERS, WINCHLINE RIGGING and MORE : Wire Rope, Wire Rope Accessories, Winchline Hooks, Cable Chokers, Forestry Winch Rigging, Choker Chain & Assemblies, Chain Choker Accessories, Chain, Hooks & Binders, Flail Chain, Shackles. INDUSTRIAL CHAIN, TIRE CHAI.....

    Chies Produtos Ltda.

    [Porto Alegre, Brazil]
    Manufacture & Exporter Of Lever Arch Files, Binders, student files, and photo-Albums......

    Print & Finishing Equipment Co., inc.

    [Maple Hill, United States]
    Manufacturers of Used and rebuilt printing and bindery equipment for resale worldwide. Equipment videos- Brackett Utility Video Brackett Circular Padder Heath Microchek Press Kugler Checkbinder Inventory- Bindery: Cutters, Stitchers, Folders, Perfect Binders Pak to Pak: Presses w/numbering, Bursters, Crimpers Press: Single & Two Color Presses, Accessories Misc.: Compressors, Co.....

  • Engineering Members Directory(Binders)

    Nippecraft Limited

    [Singapore, Singapore]
    We Are Manufacturer Of Collins:- Professional, Commentator, Tel / Address, Organizer, PDA, Organizer, Co-Pilot, Co-Plan Calendar Block, Tiffany, STOP, Silver, Impressions, Deskline Planner, Refills. Elite:- Large Print, PVC Planners, 2 Yr Planners, Tel / Address, Organizers, Merchandise. Top Grade:- Polyprop - Binder, Polyprop - Planner, Pajco, PVC, Binders, Design Planners, Layouts, Merchandise.....

    Qingdao Rodaste Rigging Hardware Co.,ltd

    [Qingdao, China]
    Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of Rigging hardware, forging, casting, moulding, heat Treatment, machine processing, as well as checking & testing. - SHACKLES - TURNBUCKLES - THIMBLES & SWIVELS - HOOKS & LINKS - WIRE ROPE CLIPS - LOAD BINDERS - EYE BOLTS & NUTS - PULLEYS & BLOCKS - CHAIN BLOCKS & LEVER BLOCKS - GRADE 80 PRODUCTS - STAINLESS STEEL PRODUCTS - ANCHORS .....

    Powder Technology Incorporated

    [Burnsville, United States]
    Our Services: POWDER TECHNOLOGY INCORPORATED STANDARDS OF ANALYSIS Powder Technology Inc. Is pleased to cooperate with companies to discern the feasibility of new products, applications, use of waste material, and manufacturing efficiency through the use of specially designed and modified processing equipment. To view a list of materials that PTI has experience in processing click on the Ma.....

    Qingdao Jinmaocheng Import & Export Co., Ltd.

    [Qingdao, China]
    Importers & Exporters of Metal Hardware & Light Industrial Products. - Rigging Hardware - Load Binders - Shackles - Hooks - Turnbuckles - Eyebolts - Anchors - Chains - Blocks - Wire Rope Clips - Ratchet Buckles - Straps, Safety Matches .....

    K. Wilson & Company Inc.

    [South San Francisco, United States]
    Suppliers of Graphic Arts Equipment. Offset Presses- Hamada Presses Hamada B552 Hamada B452 Hamada B252 Hamada A252P Hamada H234A Hamada H234 Hamada RS34II Hamada VS34 Hamada DU34II Hamada SU47 Hamada 665 Sakurai Presses Sakurai 2101EPII Sakurai 474EPII Sakurai 474EPII DI Sakurai 672EDII Sakurai 572EDII Sakurai 472EDII Sakurai 272EPII Sakurai 272EII Sa..... Ltd

    [Sussex, United Kingdom]
    We Manufacturer and Services as 1. Tractors (a) Wheel Tractors(b) Crawler Tractors(c) Hand Tractors/Power Tillers(d) Rebuilt and Used Tractors for Export(e) Tractor Linkages and Attachments(f) Tractor Components(g) Mini Tractors (4 wheel)(h) Hillside Tractors(i) Tractor Seats. 2. Land Reclamation and Development (a) Bulldozers(b) Earthmoving Scrapers and Graders(c) Land Planes and Laser .....


    [Qingdao, China]
    Manufacturers and Exporters, industrial supplier of forged parts, cast steel, cast iron, stamping part, machining parts, aluminum die casting and extrusion, regular plastic die injection casting and special UHMW-PE die casting and extrusion, rubber parts and rubber extrusion. Our product range of container parts, container lashing equipments, cargo lashing materials such as truck winches, trailer.....

    Print & Finishing Solutions

    [Orange, United States]
    Manufacturers of;- Binders Collators / Bookletmakers Cornerounders Cutters Drills / Hole Punches Joggers Punch and Bind Equipment- (Plastic Coil, Comb, Wire, Velo) Tabletop Commercial Shrink Wrap and Packaging Systems Staplers Stitchers Stock Carts / Padders Trimmers Perf / Score / Slit / Number Systems Used Machinery and Limited Specials Parts and Supplies.....

    H-Lift Industries Co.Ltd.

    [Hangzhou, China]
    Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of Lifting & hoisting equipment, lashing equipment, material handling equipment, hardware, tools & other products. - Lifting equipment :- - Chain hoist - Lever hoist - Electric chain hoists - Electric wire rope hoists - Wire rope pulling hoist - Closed headroom trolley hoist - Plain & Geared trolley - Beam clamp - Lifting clamp - Trolley cla.....

    Hyperwell Industrial Corp

    [Taichung, Taiwan]
    Company is a manufacturing and sales organization that is owned by a consortium of some of Taiwan's leading manufacturing companies. Main products including a series of safekeeping products using for Cargo Transporting and Fall Protection Systems. Our main Products include:- OEM -Assemble -Casting Parts -CNC Machining Parts -Die Casting Parts -Forging Parts -PlasticInjection Moulding P.....

    H-Lift Industries Co., Ltd

    [Hangzhou, China]
    We are manufacurers and traders of lifting & hoisting equipment, lashing equipment, material handling equipment, hardware, tools & other products. Our products include:- 1)Lifting equipment -Chain hoist -Lever hoist -Electric chain hoists -Electric wire rope hoists -Wire rope pulling hoist -Closed headroom trolley hoist -Plain & Geared trolley -Beam clamp -Lifting clamp -Sn.....

    Janta Mechanical Works.

    [Amritsar, India]
    Manufactures & Exporters of Printing Machinery. Our Products Range Include: 1. Paper Cutting Machines: - Programmable Hydraulic Heavy Duty Paper Guillotine - Self Clamping Fully Automatic Guillotions - Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine - EMC 2000 Semi Automatic Paper Cutting Machine - Ordinary Paper Cutting Machine 2. Flim Lamination Machine: - Film Lamination Machine (Plain.....


    [Shenzhen, China]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of Foundry and steel mill consumables. We manufacture Filters, Feeding Systems, Ferrous / Non-Ferrous metal treatment, inoculants and Fluxes, Sand Binders, Metal Transfers, Coatings, moulding Materials......

    Maurer Manufacturing

    [Spencer, United States]
    We Manufacturer of Specializes in farm equipment, trailers, hitches, and contract manufacturing. Includes categories Grain Trailers, Drop Deck Trailers, Hydraulic Tail Trailers, Utility Trailers, The Plow, Grain Tank Extensions, Folding Auger, Header Trans. STEEL GRAIN TRAILERS :- -A CLEANER-LOOKING MORE ATTRACTIVE STEEL GRAIN TRAILER THAN A MAURER HAS YET TO BE MADE. -Singlehopper, Tande.....

    SRC Metal (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

    [Shanghai, China]
    Manufacturers and Exporters of Engineering Products. Such as:- Binders Rivets -Aluminum rivets with aluminum mandrels -Large flange, aluminum alloy rivets with aluminum mandrels -Aluminum rivets with steel mandrels -Large flange, aluminum alloy rivets with steel mandrels -Closed end, aluminum rivets with steel mandrels -Multi-grip type, aluminum rivets with steel mandrels -Peel type, alum.....

    Gargi Huttenes Albertus Pvt. Ltd.

    [Mumbai, India]
    Manufacturer Of complete range of Phenolic No Bake, Novolak, Cold Box - Furan Foundry Resins, Dressings for Moulds and Cores. GARGI is producing world class quality foundry Chemicals and Fluxes. It has a wide range of chemicals from Inoculants for Ductile cast Iron to Insulating/Exothermic sleeves, hot tops, Refining and Melting Chemicals for Non-Ferrous Industries, Alkyd Resin - Three Part No.....

    H-lift Industries Co.,Ltd.

    [Hangzhou, China]
    Manufacturer of lifting and lashing equipment, material handling equipment, rigging hardware. Our product range includes: Liffting equipment - -Chain hoist -Lever hoist -Electric chain hoists -Electric wire rope hoists -Wire rope pulling hoist -Closed headroom trolley hoist -Plain & Geared trolley -Beam clamp -Lifting clamp -Snatch block -Permanent magnetic lifter Poly.....


    [Qingdao, China]
    We are Manufacturers & Trader of Eqipments. - container parts - container lashing equipments Cargo lashing materials such as : - truck winches - trailer twistlock - cargo bar - rubber straps - load binders and so on. .....

    Qingdao Qinde Rigging Hardware Co.,Ltd.

    [Qingdao, China]
    Manufacturers, Importers & Exporters of Drop-forged tensile rigging hardware products. - Load Binders - Shackles - Hooks - Turnbuckles - Links - Connecting - Wire Rope Thimble - Wire Rope Clip - Chain - Winch and Winch Bar - Equipment :- - Air Pressing Machine - Air Incise Machine - Welding Machine - 160T Punch Line - 160T Punch Milling Machine - 560KG Air Hamme.....

    POLYMERight, Inc.

    [Fremont, United States]
    Development, sales and marketing of epoxy and polymeric materials for such applications as adhesives, binders, encapsulants, coatings, sealants, plastics and composites. POLYMERight Inc. Develops and supplies products for many applications. Here are our product groups: Epoxy Resins with Expanded Capabilities Primer for Cyanoacrylate Adhesives Acrylic UV- and Peroxide-Curable Adhesiv.....


    [Hilzingen, Germany]
    Flooring : Industrial Floorings : PVC Flooring, Rubber Flooring, Floor Coating, Raised Floors Flooring : Ecostat - SL Mega - 4.0 Rubber, Ecostat - SL Duo - 2.0 PVC, Standard Floor Mat, Anti-Fatigue Mats, Anti-Fatigue Mats Workstation : Benchtops : Hard Laminates - SAFESTAT, Benchtops Workstation Systems : Benchtops, Cabinets, Shelves Personnel Grounding : Footwear open : Women's / Men's Clog.....

    Associated Cement Companies Limited.

    [Nagpur, India]
    Manufacturers, Traders & Exporters of Cement, ready mixed concrete and refractory products, machinery and equipment such as bulk transporters, vertical pregrinding roller mills, blowers, tyre and rubber making machinery and special alloy steel castings. - Bricks & Fired Shapes - Castables - Construction Products - Spray Coated Materials - High Alumina Binders - Insulating Bricks .....

    Sonachi Industries Limited

    [Mumbai, India]
    Textiles Chemicals A) Softeners :  Cationic Softeners : silicone softeners non silicon softeners non yellowing softeners  Nonionic Softeners :  Anionic Softeners :  Amphoteric Softeners: Application Cotton, Wool, Silk, Polyester, Acrylic, Synthetic Fibers and their blends. B) Finishing Agents :  Non foam finish for denim. .....


    [Delhi, India]
    All type of office automation products I.E projectors, photocopiers, fax, paper shredders, binders......


    [Chennai, India]
    We market Paper Shredders,CD,VCD & Floppy Shredders.The range of 40 models right from Personnel Shredder to Heavy Duty Shredders that can shred upto 550 sheets at one go.Industrial Shredders. We also market Laminators, Binders & Consumables and undertake maintenance of the Equipments......


    [Mumbai, India]
    Office Automation Systems, Processing Machines For Corrugated Boxes, Binders & Laminators.....


    [Thane, India]
    Resin Binders For Foundries, Refractory Coatings.....


    [Mumbai, India]
    Machines For Paper Printers, Binders, Corrugated Boxes......


    [Thane, India]
    Textile Binders.....


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