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Ball Valves


M.KUMAR TECHNOCRATES offers 3 way ball valves & Four way ball valves in L port, T port, & LL port design .3 way valves are very special for flow control ....

Gas Solenoid Valves and Coils

Classic Enterprises has various types of Solenoid Valves and coils supplied by Brahma s.p.a., Italy and Karl Dungs, Germany.Kromschroder, Honeywell for Gas Applications & Parker,L ....


One of the most compact and light-weight valves available. Used for a wide range of applications, the choice of seat, lining and disc options has increased significantly over recen ....

Control Valves

We''ve designed our full range of Control & On/Off Valves to match any rigorous application in your plant. Pneumatic diaphragm type actuators offered as standard, with other actuat ....

Auto Drain valve

a ) Direct Acting Type Range : 1/8” to 3” b ) Internal Pilot Operated Range : 1/8” to 3” c ) External Pilot Operated Range : 1/8” to 3” ....

Solenoid Valves

VEHICLE: Diesel Fuel Injection, Natural Gas, Fuel delivery, Anti-Lock Brakes, Traction Control, Turbo Boost Control, Transmission Control Valves, Timing and Phase Engine Control, A ....

AVCON Product Range includes

Solenoid Valves ( Many Non Standard Version available). • Motorized Controls Valves. • Pneumatic Controls Valves. • Cylinder Actuated Globe Valves. • Cylinder Actuated ....


The most common and traditional type of valve. The valves are large to accommodate the yoke and stem mechanism, but fully open the full bore design provides an uninterrupted flow p ....

Avacon Controls

AVCON Product Range Includes : * Solenoid Valves ( Many Non Standard Version Available.) * Motorised Control Valves. * Pneumatic Control Valves. * Cylinder Actuated Globe Valve ....

Flow Control Valves

Hydraulic valves-flow control valves Feed control valves Raypoo hydraulic valves-flow control valves Feed control valves are the combination of flow control valve, a deceleratio ....

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