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BDK Group of Companies


BDK Group of Companies

Control & Choke Valves ( Choke Valves)


A Quality Product from
BDK Group of Companies [View Profile]
Mumbai - India

Description :
A choke valve that is used for control of high pressure well fluids. The Blakeborough range of Choke Valves, BV992/3, will meet the requirements of choke applications in oil production, gas injection, and sea water injection applications where pressure drops of up to 500bar are common.The choke valve is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of API 6A for Product Specification Levels (PSL) 1, 2, 3 and 4, Material, Temperature and Performance Ratings. The valve incorporates a complete range of trim designs from standard through to multi-cage manufactured from tungsten carbide or advanced ceramic materials for increased erosion resistance.

features :
- Control of all types of well fluids and solids.
- Cage trim valve for low pressure recovery.
- Valve can be fitted With multiple cages for high pressure reduction.
- Stable cage guiding.
- Energy resistant trim to handle high pressure fluid particles.
- Simple low cost inline maintenance.
- Comprehensive interchangeable parts system.
- High flow capacity.
- Anti cavitation & low noise trims.

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BDK Group of Companies

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