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Test Equipment


A Quality Product from
Mumbai - India

Description :
Manufacturer and Traders of Test Equipment.

Portable and handheld equipment for test and measurement of air flow, water flow, wind speed, combustion, electricity, distance, light, sound, gas detection, humidity, pressure ,temperature, pH, ORP, water quality, thickness, and rotational speed.

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Manufacturers and Exporters of Controls and instrumentation products. Products include the following -

  • Pressure - Single Pressure Transmitters, Differential Pressure Transmitter, Differential Pressure Transmitter, Inclined Manometers, Laboratory Manometers, U-tube Manometers, Single Pressure Switches, Differential Pressure Switches, Single Pressure Gages, Differential Pressure Gages, Switch/Gages, Timers, Accessories.
  • Flow - Switches, Indicators/Transmitters,Sight Windows,Flow Sensor, Mass Flow, Flowmeters, Accessories, Totalizers.
  • Air Velocity - Transmitters, Test Instruments, Flow Sensors / Pitot Tubes, Kits, Indicators.
  • Level - Indicators, Controllers, Continuous Level Transmitters, Ultrasonic Level Transmitters, Submersible Level Transmitters, Liquid Level Transmitter, Float Type Level Switches, Chamber Type Level Switches, Optical Level Switches, Sludge/Slurry ,Radio Frequency Switches, Dry Bulk Switches
  • Temperature - Temperature Controllers.
  • Valves - Position Indicators, Ball Valves, Control Valves, Butterfly Valves, Needle Valves, Specialty Valves, Actuators / Positioners, Regulators.
  • Combustion Testing - Monitors, Analyzers, Detectors, Kits.
  • Data Acquisitions - Data Loggers, Recorders, Transmitters / Alarms, Signal Conditioners.
  • Test Equipments - Calibrators, Tachometers,Ground Continuity, Current Switches / Transformers, pH Testers, Particulate Sensing, Position Sensing, Signal Generators, Multimeters, Relays, Accessories.
  • Accessories - Gage Fluids, Gage Tubing, Static Pressure Sensors, Valves/Connectors, Fittings/Filters, Pumps, Carrying Cases, Thermometers, Psychrometers, Slide Charts, Accessory Kits for Air Filter Switches.

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