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Hitech Enterprises


Hitech Enterprises

Concrete Batch Plants

New delhi

A Quality Product from
Hitech Enterprises [View Profile]
New Delhi - India

Description :
We manufacture super tough crane wheels for application with severe flange loading. With our specially engineered crane wheel, flange breakage is no longer a concern for older cranes and misaligned crane runaways.

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Hitech Enterprises

Manufacturer and Supplier, Exorter of:- Manufacturers, Suppliers of Extraction Equipment, Industrial Silo Feeding Equipment, Aeration Conveyor, Flow Control Gate, Cut-off Gate, Diverter Gate, Distribution Box, Lump Crusher, Vibrating Screen. Bulk Handling Equipment:- Manufacturers of Conveyor Belts, Screw Conveyors, Bagasse and Ash Handling Conveyor, Cleated Belt Conveyor, Bag Diverter, Truck Loaders, Rotary Air Lock, Rotary Feeder, Single, Double Flap Gates. Extraction Equipment:- Manufacturers, Suppliers of Extraction Equipment, Industrial Silo Feeding Equipment, Aeration Conveyor, Flow Control Gate, Cut-off Gate, Diverter Gate, Distribution Box, Lump Crusher, Vibrating Screen. Gears:- We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of industrial gears in India. The range of industrial gears includes spur gears, worm gears, helical gears, internal gears, pinions, sprockets, precision hardened & ground gears. WORM HELICAL BEVEL & SPUR GEARS:- Double Helical and Box Internals upto 1600 mm in profile ground. PINIONS:- For Cement, Sugar, Chemical and Mineral Processing Plants, Coal Handling Equipment, Rod Mills, Ball Mills & Industrial Sector. WORM GEARS:- Upto 5000 mm OD 50 Module in Cast Iron & Steel (Single, Double & Multi Starts) for Cranes, Material Handling Equipment and other industrial sectors. PRECISION HARDENED & GROUND GEARS:- Bevel, Ring, Pump, Motor, Traction Gears etc. Upto 1600 mm Dia x 16 module INTERNAL GEARS:- Upto 3500 mm ID for Couplings and Material Handling Equipment SPROCKETS:- Upto 6" pitch for Material Handling Equipment, Machine Tools, various types of equipment used in all industrial sectors. Gear Reducers:- Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Gear Reducers like hardened gear reducers, ground gear reducers, crane duty gear reducer, customized gear reducers, worm gear reducers etc. Hardened and Ground Gear Reducers Worm Gear Reducers:- Type "HU" - Horizontal Under-driven units with input under output shaft. Type "HO" - Horizontal Over-driven units with input over output shaft. Type "V" - Vertical units in standard, stirrer & Heavy stirrer types. Type "VA" - Agitator/Cooling Tower Units with Extended Bearing Housing Type "UM" - Units with alternative adaptable feet for a variety of mountings Type "SM" - Units having hollow output shaft Type "HUD" - Double Reduction with Horizontal Input/Output shaft Type "HOD" - Double Reduction Units with Overdriven Arrangement Type "VD" - Vertical Double Units with Upward /Downward Shaft Level Sensors:- We are manufacturer and exporters of Level Sensors like RF Liquid Level Sensors, RF Solid Level Sensors etc. RF Liquid Level Sensors and RF Solid Level Sensors General Application of Level Sensors:- EIP Level Sensors designed to provide accurate and reliable level information of Solids (Powder & Lumps), Liquids and Slurry applications for point level detection in storage Bins, Silos, Hoppers, Tanks, Chutes and any other vessels / tanks where material is stored, processed and discharged even at high temperature / pressure/corrosive applications. Function of Level Sensors:- Fly ash Salt Cement Silicone carbide Urea Coal tar Lime Pigments Soda ash Bauxite Coal powder Fruit pulp Coal lump Iron ore Alumna Iron chromate Wheat & other food Sodium nitrate Grains Kaolin clay Detergents Zinc oxide Talc Strach Polyester Sewage sludge Plastic pellets Slurris Pvc resin Clay Glass batch Aluminum oxide Silica sand Lead oxide Oils Glass cutlet Silica flour Borax Sugar Earth And many more Cement Plant Parts:- We are manufacturer of Cement Plant Parts like Kiln Rollers, Rolling Drums , Gear & Pinion for Ball Mill, Liners for Ball Mill, Bolts for Ball Mill, Air Slides and Air Slide Fabric, Screw Conveyors, Rotary Air Locks, Flap Gate for Grate Cooler. Liners for ball mill Bolts for ball mill Air slides and air slide fabric. Screw conveyors. Packing machine spares any make imported /Indian. 3 Position cylinders for packing M/c's (Indian / imported) or as per design. Slide plates for packing m/c (Indian / imported ) or as per design. Rotary air locks. Distribution box for raw material. Flap gate for grate cooler. Flow control gate for cement & fly ash. Slide gate (manual & pneumatic) Truck Loader for handling cement bags. Conveyor rollers, impact rollers, return rollers, belts rollers. Buckets & chains for bucket elevator. Inline Packaing machines, vibro feeders, vibrating screens, silo extraction & feeding euipments. Packaging Machine:- Manufacturers and Suppliers of Packaging Machine, Bagging Machine, Packaging Machine Parts, Bag Packaging Machine, Pneumatic Cylinder from India. Bagging machine for powders, cement, silica powder, ash etc. HITECH Impeller / Air packer with its simple construction and operation has proven its capability in the process industry. With High Carbon steel impeller for abrasive products like Flyash. Suitable for valve bags/open bags filling. Simultaneous weighing during the filling process. Manual / "180" Overhead / Vertical bag discharge. Available in 1-6 filling spouts in stationary models & 3-12 filling spouts in Rotary Models. Digital weighing system with indication. A flexible belt drive protects the filling impeller against the stress caused by load peaks. Maintenance-free Electronic weighing systems. Output up to 300 Bags/Hr depending on the product with single spout impellor. The vertical impeller wheel for high products densification. The one-sided impeller wheel also protects the shaft seal. Removable cover for easy access to the impeller box. Special impeller box lining for abrasive products ( optional). Different impeller wheel diameters for different product bulk densities. RPM adjustment (optional). Short filling channel for high weight accuracy, densified & compact filling. Easy accessibility for maintenance and cleaning. Pneumatic Cylinder:- A Range of Pneumatic Fittings and Control... Hitech Enterprises is an established and leading company in the manufacture of pneumatic fittings, controls and cylinders, supplying to major companies and machine manufacturers in India. The company has a large in-house manufacturing set-up at Chennai with well equipped R&D centre and quality assurance system. These products are backed by a nation-wide network. With these capabilities, you can be sure of quality, service and the true value of your money. Rolling Mill Rolls / Crane Wheels:- Manufacturers of Rolling Mill Rolls, Crane Wheels, Mill Rolls, Trak Wheels, Worm Wheels, Custom Mill Roll Applications etc. Features of Our Product:- 1.They possess small to large volume capability 2.They guarantee shape and size flexibility 3.Gives strong Metallurgical bond 4.Ensures no Cracks 5.Leaves no room for dilution 6.Gives alloy Combination Flexibility Reasons to use Our Product:- 1.Provides a corrosion resistant barrier. 2.Provides a wear resistant barrier. 3.Needs the Mechanical property combination of two alloys. Advantages of Our Product:- 1.Economises the cost 2.Leaves no space for rework or rejection 3.Creates Competitive advantage 4.Supplied as Rough Blank or Precision Machined 5.It has an extended product life cycle 6.Short Manufacturing times Some Examples Of Our Product:- 1.Extrusion Barrels 2.Extrusion Screws 3.Mill Rolls 4.Valves 5.Piping and Tubing 6.Inserts and Sleeves. Track Wheels / Crane Wheels:- On the job, track wheels and crane wheels are replaced because of flange wear, flange breakage, and Mechanical overloads characterized by pitting and spalling. Each of these in service factors must be carefully considered before the combination of wheel design, material selection, hardness pattern, and heat treating technology is selected. Waste Treatment Plants:- Hitech Enterprises is manufacturers of waste treatment plants like sewage treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, sewage water treatment plants, bio medical waste treatment plant, bag filters and bag house. Also engaged in providing complete feasile solutions to environment-related problems. For this purpose, it undertakes assessment of pollution load in industrial house that includes getting approval from concerned pollution boards, installation of the system Waste Treatment Plants:- Waste Treatment Plants Sewage Treatment Plants Effulent Treatment Plants Bag Filters and Bag House Bio Medical Waste Treatment Plant Municipal Soild Waste Treatment Plants Roller Shafts/Trolly Wheels/Cylinders. Silo Feeding and Extraction equipment:- Aeration Conveyor (air slide) Flow control gate (Motorized / Pneumatic) Cut-off gate (Pneumatic / Manual) Diverter gate (Splitter) Distribution Box Lump Crusher Raw Meal Distributor Vibrating Screen Packing Machine/Bulk Handling Products Screw conveyor:- Pneumatic Conveying System for fly ash, cement, rice husk, groundnut shell Screw Conveyor Belt conveyor for coal/husk/cement/bagasse & ash handling Cleated Belt Conveyor Bag Divertor Truck Loaders Expansion Joints /Flexible Hose Rotary Air Lock / Rotary Feeder Big Bag Filling Machine Single line AIR/ IMPELLER Packer On Line Check Weigher Bag Counting System Weigh Feeders Bin Weighing System Belt Weighing System Load Cell Process interlocking accessories PLC Based atomation Waste Treatment Plants Effulent Treatment Plant Waste Water Treatment Sewage treatment Bag Filters and Bag House Bio Medical Waste Treatment Municipal Soild Waste Other Product Range Spares for Packing M/c any make all our World. Elevators and their spares e.G. Buckets, Chain Links, Pins, Connecting Links, Bow Links, "U" Links.

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