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Grind Co.


Grind Co.

Crankshaft Grinding Wheels


A Quality Product from
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Delhi - India

Description :
CUMI’s Crankshaft Grinding Wheels are made using special, high performance bond systems in an unique manufacturing process, tailored to suit each market segment. This manufacturing technology coupled with the application engineering expertise offered, makes CUMI’s Crankshaft Grinding Wheels highly cost effective. Besides optimising grinding efficiencies, these wheels also provide a surface finish as fine as 4 microns.

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Grind Co.

Manufacturers, distributors and exporters of Industrial Abrasives, Electrodes, Cutting & Power Tools, Cutting Oils, Industrial Taps, Measuring Instruments and Diamond Products. Our Products of: -Abrasives : Grains : -Aluminium Oxide -Brown Aluminium Oxide -White Aluminium Oxide -Pink Aluminium Oxide -Black and Green carbide Bonded Abrasives : -General Purpose Grinding Wheels -Tool Room Grinding Wheels -Ball Grinding Wheels -Centreless Grinding Wheels -Rubber Control & Rubber Centreless Wheels -Cylindrical Grinding Wheels -Razor Blade Grinding Wheels -Needle Grinding Wheels -F-Type & G-Type Grinding Wheels -Depressed Center Wheels -Cutting Wheels/Slitting Wheels -Speciality Stones, Hand & Triangular Polishing Blocks -Mounted Points -Snagging Wheels -Segments -Crankshaft Grinding Wheels -Internal Grinding Wheels -Honing & Super Finishing Sticks -Saw Grinding Wheels Coated Abrasives : -Flint Paper -Emery Paper -Emery Cloth -SiC Water Proof Paper -SiC Resin Cloth -Aloxite Resin Paper -Aloxite Paper -Aloxite Resin Metal Cloth -Aloxite Cloth -Zircon Resin Sander Disc -Aloxite Sander Disc Non-Woven Abrasives : -Hand Pads -Flap Wheels -Polishing Wheels -Convolute Wheels -Discs -Rolls Super Abrasives: -Single & Multiple Diamond Dressers -CBN Products -Diamond Wheels -Diamond Cutting Wheel -Cutting Oils : -Metal Working Fluids -Tapping Compound -Industrial Cleaners -Corrosion Preventives -Drawing Fluids -Waterproof Grease -Fluid Control & maintenance devices -Automatic Fluid Recycling equipment

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