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Cem-Fil Anti Crak-hd12 (Prevent Cracks)


A Quality Product from
FOUR-P INTL PVT LTD [View Profile]
Chennai - India

Description :
Prevent cracks in new buildings.

Our product Cem-FIL Anti-Crak HD 12 has been tested and approved for concrete reinforcement at IIT, Mumbai and IIT, Chennai.

features :
Control and prevention of cracking in fresh and hardened concrete

High dispersion (220 million filaments per kg, 205 Kms running length in 1 pouch of 85 Gms)

Overall enhancement of durability and mechanical properties of concrete

No need to alter the water cement ratio.

Excellent workability

Effective at a very low dosage

Invisible on finished surface

Homogeneous mix

Safe and easy to handle

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Distributors for dowcorning silicone sealants & molykote speciality lubricants.
We Trade in pulses, Dhalls, Black Pepper, Garlic, Teak Timber, Molykote LubricantsDow Corning Products, Silicone Oils / Fluids, Silicone Greases, Silicone Compounds, Silicone Removers, Loctite SuperWiz, Caulking/ Sealant/ Applicator Guns,Mould Release Spray-Silicone, Anti friction coatings, ABRO Masking tapes, Normount - Mounting tapes, Norseal PU foams, Norton double side adhesive tapes.

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