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Maruthi Engineering


Maruthi Engineering

Panel air conditioners


A Quality Product from
Maruthi Engineering [View Profile]
Bangalore - India

Description :
Electrical / Electronic control panels working for different applications like CNC machines, thermal power plants Super computers, process control, telecom etc., Dissipate heat during operation. If the working temperature of the electronic components goes beyond tolerable limits, the components could mal - function and deteriorate earlier than predicted. Our Panel Air Conditioners are rated considering the heat dissipation due to the system components m the heat infiltration due to high ambient temperatures. Further, advantages like partial dehumidification and dust free working environment can be assured in the control panel. Considering the varied atmospheric conditions like ambient temperature and humidity factor across the country, our Panel Air Conditioners are designed to maintain 27 ° C and 50 RH. We have various models and capacities to suit specific requirement. These air conditioners perform only on completely sealed cabinets.

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Maruthi Engineering

Manufacturers & Traders of Industrial Cooling Systems. - Micro Processor Controlled Fully Automatic Chiller - Panel Air Conditioner with Hot Gas By-Pass System & EMI Noise Filter - Computerised Digital Chiller

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