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Energy Audit


A Quality Product from
Nagpur - India

Description :
Auditing Services

We serve diverse industries like pharmaceutical, chemicals, food, textile, etc., with
our audit services. We carefully conduct the audit in proper manner keeping in mind
all the intrinsic details so that no loopholes are there and the auditing is done in
a perfect and professional manner.

We provide Turnkey projects for the entire plant as :

Implementation, Design and Fabrications
Design of Heat Recovery

Thermal Boiler Auditing

In thermal boiler audit, thermal boilers are audited for oil, coal and co generation plant. Oil fired audit: It includes audit for CO2, SO2, O2, exhaust air, efficiency and fuel gas analyzing. Coal fired audit: Our coal fired audit for thermal boilers include: efficiency of blower, capacity of blower, power consumption measurement with the help of power meter and overall efficiency. Co generation plant: They are used to generate electricity. In this plant steam is generated under low pressure using high temperature gases and this steam is used in production area. Our co generation plants are also checked for fuel consumption, power consumption, blower check and pump check.

Boiler Auditing

Our efficient team of technocrats conduct in depth boiler analysis both directly and indirectly through smoke analysis. We conduct audit for all types of IBR and non IBR boilers. Our audit is conducted for boilers, which are used in various industries like: food, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile and processing industry, etc. Our auditors compare the actual and designed performance and also give suggestions to improve the overall efficiency.

Energy Auditing

Our energy audit system includes both audit of electrical instruments and thermal audit. In electrical instruments, we conduct the audit for motors, lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration, pumps and cooling towers, whereas our thermal audit includes boiler, thermopack and hot water generator. Our audit process is conducted in order to improve the overall efficiency and working life of the machines. Our audit is conducted in all commercial and industrial sectors. Steps Of Energy Audit:

Preliminary Survey

Techno Commercial offer including guestimate saving opportunities

Order finalization

Schedule of the work

Actual data collection

Analysis of data

Discussion on the analysis of the data

Final report

Discussion/Presentation of final report

Technical energy audit in which contents harmonic effects, all electrical, panels, cable losses

Refrigeration system includes overall efficiency of the system, study of the distribution system of the air.

Electrical Auditing

Our electrical auditing includes audit of motors, lighting, pumps, air conditioning, refrigeration, etc. Our expert audit team checks the actual flow of pump, suction head a discharge head. For air conditioners, we check the wet built temperature, humidity, inlet and outlet temperature and air-handling unit. We check the refrigeration effect and comparison of actual and designed efficiency for refrigeration.

Electrical Pump Auditing

In electrical pump audit, our auditors strive to improve the overall efficiency and working life of pumps. They check the pump in terms of its actual flow, suction head and discharge head. The pumps are also compared for their actual and designed efficiency and give suggestive checks.

Electric Motors Auditing

Our electric motors are audited for their under and overload conditions, working efficiency, durability, resistance and various other factors which affect the working of the electric motors. We conduct this audit keeping in mind the various elements, which can cause an effect on the working or proper functioning of electric motors.

Electric Cooling Tower Auditing

We conduct audit for all types of electric cooling towers, which are used in chemical, pharma and engineering. This audit is basically conducted for lowering the temperature. Its efficiency check includes inlet water and outlet temperature, position study, pump study and humidity check

Thermal Auditing

We provide consultancy pertaining to thermal auditing. Through this service, we identify where are the wastes occurring more and why. And as per our understanding, we give advice exactly how the the wastage can be minimized and how the excessive power usage can be minimized. We give consultancy services to the company so that maximum output can be achieved at minimum input.

Thermopack Auditing

We also audit Thermopack, thermopack is an oil heating equipment, which is used in heat generation. The thermopacks are checked for their efficiency, power losses and heat generation and distribution. This auditing provides a complete working idea and maintenance condition of the machines

Steam Distribution System Auditing

Our audit of steam distribution system includes check for losses in steamline due to leakage or improper insulation. They are also checked for various other losses like Line losses, pressure losses and distribution losses.

Electrical Refrigeration System

We audit and check electrical refrigeration system for the efficiency of the system both in commercial and industrial sectors. They are also checked for refrigeration effect and cooling effect. Our professional auditors also compare the actual and designed efficiency and suggest measures and support to improve it.

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The Indo Engineering Project Corporation is a Technical Consultancy Group & E P C providers with Project Engineering and Project management services.
Power Plant: Captive Power Plant, Coal and Waste Heat, Bio-Mass, Mini/Micro Hydel, Wind Energy.
Steel Plants: Sponge Iron, Hot Rolling, Cold Rolling, Induction Furnance, Calcinations Plant
Loading Systems: Coal Washery, Coal Handling, Flood Loading, Ash Handlig and Cooling Tower.
Other: Water & Waste Treatment Plant, Fire Fighting & Protection, Control System, Automations, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Water Supply System.

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