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Kulkarni power Tools ,Ltd.


Kulkarni power Tools ,Ltd.



A Quality Product from
Kulkarni power Tools ,Ltd. [View Profile]
pune - India

Description :
Non pulsating & oil free air.all machines are air cooled.suitable to vertical as well as horizontal air flow application.integral lobe & shaft for better performance.dynamically balanced rotor to ensure vibration free arrangement in V belt or direct coupling.PTFE strip on rotor lobe to minimize back flow.all blower accessories are part of standerd supply.custom built acoustic hoods for sound abetment.
Capacity 20-12000 cum/hour
-Pressure up to 1000 mbar (10000 mmwc)
-Vaccume up to 500mbar (5000 mmwc)

Product Applications :
Pneumatic Conveying Systems.

Effluent treatment plants

Water treatment plants

Sewage treatment plants

Slurry Agitation

Silo Fluidization

Sulphitation Process-Sugar Industry

Gas Boosting

Dairy and Bakery Industry

Petrochemical, Chemical, Fertilizers, Mining , Glass, Power Plants, Agriculture, Food Processing Plants.

Air Knife Applications

Centralized Vacuum Cleaning Systems

High Altitude Pressurized Chambers

Bulk handling Applications

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Kulkarni power Tools ,Ltd.

-Twin Lobe Blowers/Exhausters. -Tri Lobe Blowers -Vehicle Blowers -Gas Blowers. -Packages/Acoustic Enclosures. -Centrifugal fans.

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