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Continental Conveyors (P) Ltd


Continental Conveyors (P) Ltd

Vulcanising Solution


A Quality Product from
Continental Conveyors (P) Ltd [View Profile]
Delhi - India

Description :
The reliability of conveyor belt joints, repairs, pulley lagging fixing is dependent on inputs i.e. vulcanizing compounds, expertise and workmanship.

The INSTACON R & D team has designed and developed INSTA FIX a high peel strength, reliable, instant ready to use jointing/ vulcanizing solution for belt jointing, belt repairing, pulley lagging fixing etc.

features :
Instant Reliable Ready to Use Vulcanizing Solution for Conveyor Belt Jointing, Pulley Lagging, Repair etc.

High targets, tight working schedules, synchronization and interdependence of plants envisage instant solutions to various issues related to the plant maintenance and up keep. Sudden break downs/ stoppages due to damage/ cut/ tear/ joint failure lead to loss of time and production, these being irrecoverable render shear loss in terms of ever lagging targets, dissatisfied customers, loss of incentives, sagging morale of workers etc.

The maintenance/ heavy maintenance departments of all continuous/ seasonal bulk conveying/ handling units are always under tremendous pressure to deliver within the minimum possible time, the reliable conveyor belt jointing, repairing, pulley lagging fixing, patch repairing jobs etc, but unreliable and long time consuming (3- 4 Hours) jointing/ vulcanizing solutions available in the market make their job cumbersome and still unreliable - - - -

Just to accommodate the long curing (vulcanization) time taken by the conventional vulcanizing solutions, it is very difficult for continuous/ seasonal plants to take long shut down and/or to keep the joint area clean for longer period.

Benefits of "INSTA FIX"

1. The belt joint, repaired portion can be put to use instantaneously, it is readily available, easy to handle and store.
2. High peel strength.
3. "Insta fix" can be used for jointing, repairing, lagging etc.
4. The chances and fear of jointing area contamination is eliminated as the jointing is instant and no drying or waiting is required.
5. It does not require special procedures. Require normal storage conditions.

We are more than positive that after going through the merits of "INSTA FIX" you would like to go for a trial to avail all the benefits offered by "INSTA FIX" to the best of your organizations gain e.g. reliable, instant, easy, clean, jointing/ repairing of the conveyor belts thereby saving precious time and money.

On our part, through our other quality products and services, we assure reliable, easy and cost effective material conveying at all times.

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Continental Conveyors (P) Ltd

1) Rubber Conveyor Belt 2) Heat Resistant Belt 3) Oil Resistant Belt 4) Chemical Resistant Belt 5) Rough Top Conveyor Belt 6) Chevron Cleated Belt 7) Fire Resistant Belt 8) Hygienic Food Grade Belt 9) Bag Diverter Conveyor Belt 10) Jointless Conveyor Belt 11) Pipe Conveyor Belt 12) Belt with side wall 13) PVC Solid Woven 14) Wavy Top Conveyor Belt 15) Accessories - Tool Kits, Vulcanizing Solution, Belt Repair Patches, Impact Rings, Impact Bars, Impact Idlers, Belt Cleaning Accessories, Elevator Buckets & Skirt Boards.

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