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Flow Metering Systems


A Quality Product from
Thane - India

Description :
We have varieties of Fuel Dispensing Systems & Batching Systems like Can / Drum / shock absorbs Filling Systems, Industrial Dispensers for Drum / Tanker unloading systems, Fuel Consumption Systems for Generators / Furnaces etc. on fuels like Furnaces / Boilers / Gen sets / Vehicles etc.

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As we offer wide range of Process Control Instruments, lot of combinations are possible in our existing product range, so please feel free to contact us to get the best solution for your specific process application. Our Range of Products are listed below : 1)Pressure Switches, Differential Pressure Switches & Vacuum Switches. (CE Certification and approved by a leading European Lab – “BASEEFA” for ATEX & ICEEX certificates) Diaphragm type, Piston type, Diaphragm Sealed – in Dustproof, Weatherproof or, Flameproof enclosures. 2)Pressure Transmitters, Differential Pressure Transmitters & Vacuum Transmitters. Blind type, Transmitter along with Digital Indicator – in Weatherproof and Flameproof enclosures as well as Transmitters suitable for hygienic applications. 3)Differential Pressure Gauges and Differential Pressure Gauge with Switch. (DP Gauges are CE Certified) Magnetic Coupling type Piston and Diaphragm type etc. 4)Temperature Sensors, Temperature Switches and Temperature Transmitters Varieties of Temperature Sensors, CE Certified Temperature Switches, Head Mounted Temperature Transmitters, ATEX certified Temperature Transmitters, Temperature Transmitters for hygienic applications. 5)Level Switches, Level Indicators & Level Transmitters. Level Switches : Float type, PP Cable Float type, Capacitance type, Conductivity type, Vibrating Fork type, Vibrating Rod type, RF Admittance type, LFFS for hygienic applications, LBFS series, Rotating Paddle type, Hydro Static type in weatherproof or, Flameproof enclosures Level Indicators : Float & Board type, Float type, Capacitance type, Potentiometric type, Ultrasonic type, Radar type, DP type, Follower type, Bi-color type, Tubular type. Level Transmitters : Float type, Float & Board type, Capacitance type, Potentiometric type, Ultrasonic type, Radar type, DP type – in weatherproof or, Flameproof enclosures 6)Flow Meters Mechanical Flow Meters like Paddle Wheel Flow Indicators, Pelton Wheel Flow Indicators, Rota Meters. Digital Flow Meters like Turbine type Flow Meters, Positive Displacement type, Ultrasonic type Flow Meters, Metal Tube Rota Meters. All these meters are with options of Flow Rate Indicators, Totalizers, Pulsers, Batchers & Transmitters. 7)Flow Metering Systems We have varieties of Fuel Dispensing Systems & Batching Systems like Can / Drum / shock absorbs Filling Systems, Industrial Dispensers for Drum / Tanker unloading systems, Fuel Consumption Systems for Generators / Furnaces etc. On fuels like Furnaces / Boilers / Gen sets / Vehicles etc. Flow Meters : Turbine type, Electromagnetic type, Positive Displacement type – in weatherproof or, Flameproof enclosures. 8)Flow Switches Flow Switches : Blind type, Tubular Glass type, Paddle type suitable for varieties of liquids and gases – in weatherproof or, Flameproof 9)Vibration Switches High Sensitive Vibration Switches – Manual Reset type as well as Remote reset type 10)Online Conductivity Indicator, Online Conductivity Controller and Online Conductivity Transmitters. On Line Conductivity/TDS Indicators and Online Conductivity/TDS Indicating Controllers for liquids. We also have Temperature Compensated On-Line Conductivity Indicating Transmitter, suitable for hygienic applications. 11)On Line Moisture Meters Very sturdy and reliable Microwave sensor type On-line Moisture Meter mainly used in storage silos and storage vessels as well as in mixers. 12)On Line Density Meters Nucleonic Density Meters for on line Density measurement of flowing liquids and slurries through the pipe line. Along with the Digital Display, the instrument will have 4 to 20 mA output as well as Optional features like Modbus RTU, Profibus DP Device Net, Hart Protocol, Foundation Fieldbus 13)Tailor made Instruments. Customized Instrumentation : Programmable Process Indicators and Controllers, Loop Powered Indicators, Large Sized Digital Indicators, Square Root Extractors, Flow Totalizers, Scrolling Displays, Data Loggers, Process Scanners, Data Acquisition Systems, Programmable Timers, Batch Controllers, Dosing Controllers, On-Off Controllers, PID Controllers, PID Controllers with Ramp & Soak, Bar Graph Indicators, RS 232 to RS 485 Converters, RS 422 to RS 232 Converters, Temperature Humidity Controllers, Capacitor Testers, Universal Tensile Testing System, Continuous Emission Monitoring System, Earth Open Controllers, Multi Channel Indicators / Controllers or, any multiple Input with multiple output Controllers - as per client’s specific requirements.

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