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Calibration Tools


A Quality Product from
Mumbai - India

Description :
A) Reference Gauges- Gauge Blocks (or Slip Gauges), Gauge block accessories, Wear Blocks, Black Granite Surface plates.
B) Gauge Blocks- Reference or '00' grade gauges blocks, Maintenance kit for gauge blocks, Cerastone.
C) Outside Micrometer- Gauge Block Sets for Micrometer inspection, Optical Flats & Parallels, Micrometer Standards (or Setting Rods), Micrometer stands & Lube oil.
D) Inside Micrometer- Inside Micro Checker, Master setting Rings.
E) Depth Micrometer- Depth Micro Checker, Black granite surface plates.
F) Holtests Master- Setting Rings.
G) Bore Gauge- Calibration Testers, Master Setting Rings, Height Masters.
H) Caliper- Caliper Checker, Gauge Blocks.
I) Height Gauge- Height Master, Riser Blocks, Caliper Checker.
J) Dial Indicators- Calibration Testers.

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Manufacturers and Importers of Precision Measuring Instuments, Original Miturtoyo Spares / Accessories, Micrometers, Dial Gauges, Vernier Calipers and Height Gauges, Calibration Tools, General Purpose Precision and workshop tools, Stastical Process Control Tools, Optical Inspection Instruments, Precision Gauges, Testing Instruments, Electrical parameter measuring & Testing instruments, Magnetic Tools, Measuring & machine shop aids, Torque Tools, Micrometers Accessories: Micrometers standards [or Setting Rods], Stands, Interchangeable anvils for Screw for Screw Thread, Gear Tooth, Universal type & Adjustable type mic, Master Setting Rings, Depth extension rods for Holtests, SPC cables, SR44 battery, 3-Wire units, Interchangeable rods for Depth & Inside Micrometers, Micrometer Heads, Vernier Calipers and Gauges, Gauge Accessories, Dial holding tools, Dial Test indicators , Dial Test Indicator accessories, Precision Squares [Engineer's, Bevel edge, Adjustable], Sine Bars, Sine centres, Combination Square Sets, Universal Bevel Protractors, Spring Dividers, Inside & Outside Spring, Firm joint type calipers, Steel Rules, Precision Levels, Micro Jack, Counters [ Revolution, Stroke & Impulse], Circometer [or PI tape], Statistical Process Control [SPC] Tools: Digimatic Mini-Processors, Electronic comparators, axial & Lever probes, SPC Cables, RS-232C cables, Optical Inspection Instruments, Multimeters, Tongtesters [or Clamp-On meters], Insulation testers [orMeggers], OHM meters, Micro-ohm Meters, LCR meters, Earth testers, Continuity testers, Magnetic V-Block, Magnetic stand, Magnetic holder& Adjustable links, Magnetic hold-fasts, Pot magnets, Torque & Pipe Wrenches & Their Accessories, Torque Screw Drivers, Torque Multipliers, Electrical parameter measuring & Testing instruments, Surface roughness tester [ or SURFTEST ] & Comparison charts, Hardness tester for rubber, Plastics & metals, Coating thickness gauges, Ultrasonic digital thickness gauges, Tachometers, Stroboscopes, Sound level [Or dB meter], Portable temperature measuring instruments, Digital pH meter, Relative Humidity meter or Hygrometer, Light intensity [both visible & UV light] or Lux meter, Air velocity meter or Anemometer, Optical Density meter or Densitometer, Ultrasonic leak detector, combustible gas detector, Halogen leak detector, Radiation detector, Monitor & alarms, Molybdenum detector, Steel testing kit, Push-Pull meter for force Measurement, Tension gauge.

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