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Description :
Mist eliminators remove corrosive mists from exhaust air streams when large entrained droplets are present. Many processes generate mists which do not require a scrubber for pollution control. In these applications, mist eliminators perform effectively at a much lower cost than conventional packed bed scrubbers. Mist elimination is a relatively old science. Small mist particles [tiny particles of liquid or dissolved solids suspended in a stream of gas] are an inevitable product of many manufacturing processes. Within a process, these particles can cause problems such as corrosion of equipment, contamination of product, fouling of heat exchangers and catalyst and damage to instruments, When released to the atmosphere, these mist particles can cause violations of air pollution emission standards or of apacity regulations. Mist Eliminators are used to remove liquid droplets from a gas stream to:

  • Control stack emissions to the atmosphere.
  • Eliminate or reduce damage of equipment caused by corrosive or fouling liquid droplets.
  • Recover valuable liquids.
  • Many processes for the production of sulfuric acid, chlorine, inorganic fertilizers and refined oil products rely heavily on well designed mist elimination equipment.

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    We are manufacturers of Heat Exchangers [Shell and Tube], Reaction Vessels, Columns, Storage Tanks, Demister Pads, Fibrebed Mist Eliminators, Multimesh Column Packing, Chevron Seperator, Acid Distributor, Liquid Distributor.

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