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Sincerehope Industry Co., Ltd


Sincerehope Industry Co., Ltd

Air filters-HEPA separator filters


A Quality Product from
Sincerehope Industry Co., Ltd [View Profile]
Shanghai - China

Description :
Separator Standard Capacity SEMI-HEPA Filter

*Separator Semi HEPA (thickness 5 7/8inch, 150mm)
*In accordance with EN 1822 Class H10

*Max temperature 80℃
*Max humidity 100%RH

Testing (D.O.P. OR P.S.L.)
95% at 0.3μm

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Sincerehope Industry Co., Ltd

Offering air filters and air filters part Pocket air filters, Rigid pocket filters, Plastic frame for V bank filters, Pocket filter with plastic frame, Plastic frame for rigid pocket filters, Plastic frame for pocket filters, Mini pleated v bank HEPA filters H13, HEPA separator filters, Minipleat filters, panel pleated filters G4, compact filters, bag filters F6, box filters, wire filters, filter panels, fancoil filters, wire mesh, Rigid Cassette Filter, air filtration, clean room air filters, High temperature filters, Plastic frame for Medium Efficiency pocket filters, rigid plastic header frame

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