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National Engineering Works


National Engineering Works

High Tensile Alloy Steel Link Chain for Bucket Elevator & Scrapper Conveyor


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National Engineering Works [View Profile]

Description :
National Engineering Works manufactures High Tensile Alloy Steel Round Link Chains ( Up to 50 mm Dia) for Bucket Elevators and Scrapper Conveyors . These chains are specially case hardened to withstand continuous corrosion owing to handling of abrasive particles . High Tensile Link Chains for Bucket Elevator (as per DIN 764 & DIN 766) is manufactured from premium grade refined Ni-Cr-Mo Alloy Steel. These chains are gas carburized to a case depth of 0.01 mm ensuring uniform surface hardness . Alloy Steel Chains for Scrapper Conveyors, are double quenched and tempered to achieve surface hardness of 57 – 60 HRC . These chains are specially heat-treated to achieve proof strength of almost 100 N/mm˛ . Link Chains are calibrated and supplied in matched pairs and occasionally smeared with protective coating for anticorrosion resistance . Corresponding Chain Bows (U-Links) as per IS 10131 & DIN 745 for Bucket Elevator and Chain Shackle for Scrapper Conveyor are manufactured from fine grained carbon steel by drop forging method . The wearing portion at the crown of the shackle is specially heat-treated to a hardness of 55-57 HRC to a case depth of 0.1 mm . The U Links and Chain Shackles are supplied with carbon steel distance plate , hex nuts and spring washers . Our complete range of Short Link Chains include Grade 80 Alloy Steel Chains (IS 6216), Grade 60 Alloy Steel Chains (IS 6215), Grade 40 Alloy Steel Chains (IS 3109), Grade 30 Alloy Steel Chains (IS 2429), Stainless Steel Chain ( SS-304L , SS-316L, SS-310 ), Butt Welded Chain, Endless Short Link Chain, Hoisting & Lifting Chain Slings, Multiple Leg Chain Sling etc.

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National Engineering Works

Transmission & Conveyor Chain : Conveyor Chain, Inverted Tooth Silent Chain & Tooth Conveyor Chain, PIV Gearbox Chain, Drop Forged Chain Link, Redler type Forged Block Chain, Forked Drag Link Chain, Scraper Chain, Roller Chain, Bushed Chain, Bucket Elevator Chain, High Tensile Alloy Steel Link Chain for Bucket Elevator & Scraper Conveyor, Bucket U Link & Chain Bows, Chain Connector Shackle & D Shackle, Lifting Chain Slings, Endless Load Chain etc. Chain Sprocket : Roller Chain Sprocket ( up to 4 inch pitch ), Conveyor Drive Sprocket ( Max OD 1225 mm, Module 30 ), Elevator Drive Sprocket , Link Chain Wheel, Silent Chain Sprocket ( up to 2 inch pitch ), Cast / Forged Segmented Rim Sprocket , Drive Sprocket , Shaft Sprocket etc. Industrial Gears & Pinions : Spur Gears (Max OD 625 mm , Mod 20) , Helical and Double Helical Gears (Max OD 525 mm, Mod 12) , Bevel Gears (Max OD 425 mm , Mod 12) , Spiral Bevel Gear, Internal Gears (Max ID 425 mm , Mod 12), Worm Wheel (up to 12 inch Center Distance , Mod 16) & Worm Shaft ( Worm Gear ) , Gear Rack & Pinion, Rack Pinion Gears (up to 3000 mm length , Mod 20) , Spur Gear Rack , Splined Shaft , Pinion Shaft, Gear Axle and Reduction Gearbox Spares etc. Material Handling Products : High Tensile Alloy Steel Round Link Chain for Bucket Elevator & Scrapper Conveyor, D Shackle & U Bolt, Chain Bows for Bucket Elevator, Lifting Chain Sling, Endless Lifting Chain, Butt Welded Chain, Stainless Steel Link Chain, Load Chain, Spur Gear Chain Pulley Blocks ( up to 10 MT ), High Tensile Bolts etc.

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