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Flap Disc


A Quality Product from
Kocaeli - Turkey

Description :
UCER FLAP DISCS The flap disc has become a well accepted product in the abrasive market. It is a well know and respected product in the field of grinding and polishing against for example the traditional grinding wheel or fiber disc. The advantages of a flap disc against these traditional products are numerous; - The lifetime of a flap disc is much longer than other more traditional grinding products - The use of a flap disc is quiet and free of vibration - The end result of a flap disc is much better - The flap disc is more convenient for the grinder to grind and polish - The flap discs can be used for a number of purposes The build up of a flap disc depends on a number of characteristics; a. CLOTH There are a number of different types of cloth. The kind of grain can be different and also the backing of the cloth can be different. In principle UCER Flap Disc can convert any type of cloth. The most common types which UCER Flap Disc converts for its flap discs are following; Aluminum Oxide: Mostly used for regular steel, wood and plastic. Zirconium: Most commonly used cloth for flap discs. There are several qualities available, in which different ratios between Al Ox en Zirconium grain is used. Zirconium is a composed grain which is self sharpening by its build up. This grain has a tremendous removal rate and is mostly used for the tougher kinds of steel, especially INOX. Ceramic: Also a modified type of grain, at the moment the most aggressive and gives an unprecedented removal rate. This type of cloth is available in different mix ratios with Zirconium. Ceramic cloth is used where a great removal rate is required en very suitable for the tougher kind of steel. All these types of cloth as described above are available in different types. Most of them are a combination of two types of grain. Besides the different types of grain, cloth has also different types of backings. Most cloth has a cotton backing but it is also available with a cotton backing which is reinforced with polyester. There is also the possibility that the grain is top sized with a coating which reduces the temperature during grinding considerable. UCER would be please to inform about all possibilities. b. GRITSIZE the grit size determines mainly the removal rate of the cloth. In general you might say that the coarser grains are more suitable for grinding where the finer grains are more meant for polishing purposes. As a total supplier and specialist for flap discs UCER Flap Disc is of course able to supply all grit sizes available in the area of flap discs. We carry the following grit sizes in our assortment; 36, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 120 Please note that not all different types of cloth are available in all grit sizes. c. BACKING the most commonly used backing for flap discs is the fiberglass one. This one has a good stiffness en disappears in a regular way during grinding and does not harm the work piece when it is touched. Nevertheless there are more types of backings possible. The final choice depends on its user friendliness en the needed stiffness during grinding. UCER can supply its flap discs with following backings; - Fiber Glass - Plastic d. DIAMETER the backings and consequently the flap discs made out of them are available in several diameters. UCER has the following diameters standard in its stock; 100mm, 115mm, 125mm, 150mm and 180 mm This equals to; 4”, 4.5”, 5”, 6” and 7”

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άηer has a product portfolio of 10, 000 different products, ranging from 3 mm to 1060 mm in size. With our production of ceramic and bakelite bonded Grinding Wheels, standard emery stones, and grinding wheels with shaft, we have been providing services to sectors such as automotive and automotive-related industries, tool grinding, iron and steel, wood, glass, porcelain, leather, casting and defence industries, and construction industry... We continue our production activities by manufacturing special Grinding Wheels, paying special attention to customer satisfaction.

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