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A Quality Product from
Pune - India

Description :
Ice Rakes North Star's patented ice rake systems automatically store and discharge ice from large storage bins. The systems operate with any kind of ice: flake,tube, plate or shell.
North Star's first ice rake, built in 1952, is still operating today. The heavy duty galvanized steel frame, chain and sprockets, driven through a fluid coupling with mechanical and electrical overload protection, has proved through the years to be the most dependable method of handling ice.
How An Ice Rake System Works
During the fill cycle, the rake sweeps the ice from under the ice makers and levels the ice over the length of the bin. A hoist automatically adjusts the height of the rake to the volume of the ice in the bin. A limit switch on the hoist stops the ice makers and the fill cycle when the bin is full. During the discharge cycle, the hoist automatically lowers the rake which sweeps the ice into one or two discharge screws at the end of the bin. A second limit switch stops the hoist in the down position when the bin is empty.
Triangular Vs. Rectangular Systems
There are two types of North Star ice rake systems, the triangular rake and the rectangular rake. In a triangular bin, the drive end of the rake is fixed at an elevated point at the discharge end of the bin. Only the idle end of the rake is raised or lowered by the hoist. The floor of the triangular bin slopes upword from the idle end to the drive end peaking at the maximum ice depth. A single screw at the upper end of the floor carries the ice out either side of the bin. In a rectangular bin, the entire rake is raised or lowered by the hoist and is kept parallel to the bin floor at all times. A motorized bin door at one end of the binopens during each discharge cycle exposing the ice to twin screws which convey the ice out either side of the bin.The bin door automatically closes at the end of each discharge cycle.
Which System is Best for you?
Triangular rake systems are less expensive because less mechanical equipment is required. The triangular design also has the ability to discharge ice eight feet above the bin floor for easy delivery into carts or an external conveying system. A triangular ststem is ideal for plants where ice is used throughout a 24 - hours day and therefore a large storage capacity is not required. These systems are often found in the chemical processing industry. Rectangular rake systems have both a greater overall storage capacity than triangular systems as well as a greater capacity per unit of floor area. A rectangular system is ideal for operations where ice usage varies considerably from day to day such as in the fishing industry.
Storage Capacities For Any Operation
For increased storage capacity, two ice rake systems can be located end - to end. Ice makers are located between the bins and the ice can be loaded into either bin by a movable deflector or a reversible diverter belt. Two or more inc bins can also be located side - by side with common twin discharge screws. In this case, individual ice makers are normally located over each bin. All North Star ice rake systems are designed and engineered to meet the customer's specific needs and are approved for use in food plants inspected by the U. s. Department of Agriculture. The bin dimensions listed on the opposite page are the maximums for that particular size of rake. If a larger dimension is required, the next larger rake must be selected. Bin dimensions can be reduced to fit the space you have available expect for the 12 - triangular ice rake which has fixed dimension.
Trouble - Free Electrical Control Panels
The industrial - quality electrical control systems supplied with North Star equipment are designed and manufactured to specific job requirements. All control panles are factory - tested by experienced engineers to insure trouble - free start - ups and dependable performance. North Star can meet your specific needs with special features such as programmable controllers.

Product Price :-

features :
Special features included a Rake drive with fluid coupling & speed sensing control (which deenergizes)the rake motor in case of mechanical overload), electrically operated hoist & bin door & plastic sprockets. Plastic rake chain is optional.
Also available are special screw conveyors to minimise ice brackage & dewatering systems.

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1] Flake ice maker :- Capacity from 3 to 45 Tones per day, patent protected for side entry water inlet, optional SS integral water chiller to cool supply water to 10 C, Built in Thermosyphone REFRIGERATION evaporator, easy to use, Available in Stainless Steel Or Carbon Steel Freezing surface.
2] Packaged / Containerized Flake ice plants - ready to start with continuous maintenance free operation.
3] Tube ice machine / Tube ice plants:- Capacity from 3 to 20 Tons per day, easy to use
4] Containerized Ice water systems / Falling film chillers / containerized chilled water plants.
5] Ice Rake & Delivery System.
6] Special duty Screw Conceyor for ice.
7] Pneumatic Conveying Systems for ice flakes.
8] Evaporative / Shell & Tube / Atmospheric type condensers
9] Aggregate Cooling Equipments (Patent Protected).
10] Ammonia Absorption Refrigeration System.

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