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Mercury switch type with 4 switch model no. 9002


A Quality Product from
MUMBAI - India

Description :
Technical Details:

Dial diameter : 115mm- segment dial.
Angular sweep : 60?.
Range : 0-120?C, 0-150?C, 20-140?C &
-30 to 150C.
Accuracy : + 2?C.
Graduations : 2?c per division.
Electrical Connection:

All line to body (Earth)
High voltage breakdown
tested : 2.5 KV AC, 50Hz. For 60 seconds.
Terminal Type : WAGO Terminals press fit type.

Switched configuration :

Maximum No. of switches : 4
Switch type : dry electrode mercury in glass
Switch Rating : 5A AC/DC at 250V.
Switches : Normally open type.
Adjustable Range : 10-90% of full scale range.
Switch differential : 6-100?c (close to open & vice versa)
Switch accuracy : + 2.5?C of set value.

Instrument case : Weatherproof pressure die cast aluminium alloy
Casting with epoxy coated at all sides.
Protective class IP55 as per IS 13947 part II.

Capillary Entry : Bottom or top of the case.
Capillary length : Upto 25 mtrs.
Capillary tube : Capillary line protected by flexible stainless steel armour & additional stainless steel armour to
Reinforce at the entry to the case.
Standard fittings:
1. Switch testing knob.
2. Resettable maximum pointer.
3. Anti-vibration mounting Grommets.(for projection mounting).

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Manufacturing of Osmadial brand instruments like pressure gauge, thermocouple wires, pressure and temperature recorder, temperature indicators, temperature controllers, Oil / winding temperature indicator, bearing temperature detectors, dial thermometers, thermo wells, RTD's thermocouples etc, Differential Pressure Gauge, Pressure and Temperature Recorder, RTD's & Thermocouple Wires, Bearing Temperature Detectors, Temperature Gauge, Dial Thermometer, Thermo Wells, Standard Temperature, Pressure Measuring Instruments, Oil/Winding Temperature Indicators, Contact Type Pressure Gauge, Mercury in Steel Dial Thermometer "BELLTEK" brand Mercury switch type & Micro switch type temperature gauges with Maximum Number of Switches, 4. Vairies with different models. Switch Type, Dry electrode mercury in glass ... Type of Instrument: Oil Temperature Indicator or Winding Temperature Indicator.

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