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Indopol Food Processing Machinery (P) Ltd


Indopol Food Processing Machinery (P) Ltd

Fruit and Vegetable rack


A Quality Product from
Indopol Food Processing Machinery (P) Ltd [View Profile]
faridabad - India

Description :
Used in malls, super market, shops for fruit and vegetables.

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Indopol Food Processing Machinery (P) Ltd

Our two decade of experience has helped us a lot in offering a wide range of flour milling and other food processing machines and solutions to clients. All the products and we offer have been proved to be the best in the industry. The products we offer include: - Grain processing machinery - Food extrusion machinery - Material handling & dust control equipment - Milling automation - Laser cutting and Other CNC fabrication services - Ready to Eat Food like Indiamix, Sattu, Wheat Flour, Corn Grit, Soya Bari, Extruded Snacks, etc. Service Scope We offer a wide range of services to clients dealing with various food processing problems. The services offered include: - Turn key new Projects. - Expansion, Upgradation projects - Quality improvement, production enhancement - Individual solutions on Machinery, commodity supply - Customized solutions Consulting for spares and new development

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