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Shree Intertrade Pvt. Ltd.


Shree Intertrade Pvt. Ltd.

COATING LAMINATION MACHINE for Flexible Packaging Printing


A Quality Product from
Shree Intertrade Pvt. Ltd. [View Profile]
Ahmedabad - India

Description :
Shree Intertrade Pvt. Ltd., India offers this specially designed Coating Lamination Machine as a multipurpose plant with additional facilities like waxing, silicon coating, adhesive coating for tapes and stickers, heat sealable coating on blister foils and OLB paper.

This machine is suitable for the double - layer and multiple layer lamination of such roll film materials as BOPP, PET, Nylon, CPP, CPE, Aluminum foil, Paper etc. The machines are comprising of : Unwind unit, Coating Unit, Drying unit, Lamination nip unit, Rewind station.

Salient Features :
? Rubbed Anti Vibration Cast Iron Body for Vibration free Performance
? Pneumatically Operated Pressure Roll with Independent Flow Control Valves to ensure both ends of rubber rolls descend in parallel.
? Pneumato Hydraulic Web Guiding System, to direct web to the specific path on unwind one.
? Fully pneumatically lifting tunnels and impression rollers..
? Chaser to align both films simultaneously.
? Comfortable exhaust system for solvent fumes.
? Sound/uniform heating system at high speed tension control for excellent result.
Technical Data :
o Web width : 200 mm to 1050 mm
o Maximum speed for solvent based adhesive 100 m.p.m;
for water based adhesive 20 m.p.m..
o Maximum reel dia. 800 mm

Standard Features :
 5 Nos. of chambers fabrication for structural frame..
 Blowers connected with side view.
 All chambers lifting pneumatically.
 Chamber inside guide roll manufactured Aluminum roll.
 All bearings fitted outside T.R..
 All chamber rolls positive drives.
 All shafts are made of EN 19 hard steel.
 Rubber roll bearing mounted inside.
 Exhaust provided.

Product Range : (for Flexible Packaging ? Printing)
o Rotogravure Printing Machine upto 12 colour.
o Rotogravure Printing Machine with on line Lamination System.
o Flexographic Printing Machine upto 8 Colour.
o Coating Machine.
o Laminating Machine.
o Slitting and Rewinding Machine.
o Web Aligner Unit.
o Winding - Unwinding Machine.
o Tension Control Unit.

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Shree Intertrade Pvt. Ltd.

The Company Offer plant& machinery for setting up an industry in the fields of Plastis, Metal Foundry, Metal Forming, Packaging, Chemical Industry, Printing, Rubber, Paper Conversion, Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing, Textiles, Workshop Machinery, etc. For small, medium& large scale industry on turn key project basis.

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