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Beijing Injectronix Co., Ltd.


Beijing Injectronix Co., Ltd.

common rail system tester


A Quality Product from
Beijing Injectronix Co., Ltd. [View Profile]
Beijing - China

Description :
Product Functions
Repair Tester for CR Systems combines a CR pump tester and a 6-injector tester. Therefore, the functions of the CR system tester are the combination of the corresponding two testers. A standard high pressure pump test bench with a CR system tester will achieve most tasks for repairing a CR system and the components.
The CR system tester has two models. One is for CR systems with Bosch CP1/CP2/CP3 and Delphi pumps; the other is for Denso system with U2 pump.

Design Features
- Modulated driving signal to ensure the safety of the solenoid of the CR pump
- Adjustable duty cycle for the pump driving signal
- The frequency and the pulse width of the injector driving signal are user adjustable.
- Short circuit protection for the output circuitry of the solenoid driving signal
- Measure and LCD display rail pressure
- The tester model for Denso U2 pump inputs and process the signal from pump speed sensor, and ensure the driving signal synchronous with pump speed.

features :
Common Rail System Tester CRS-1000 simulates an engine ECU, to drive a solenoid on CR pump, such as Bosch CP1/CP2/CP3, Delphi CRSP and Denso HP2/HP3, and solenoids of 6 CR injectors. A standard high pressure pump test bench with a CR system tester CRS-1000 will fulfill most tasks for repairing a CR system and the components, such as injection quantities, injector fuel return, nozzle injection spray atomization, pump condition and fuel rail pressure control.

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Beijing Injectronix Co., Ltd.

Common rail injector tester, common rail pump tester, common rail system tester, Repair Testers for EUPs and EUIs, After-Market Repair Equipment Series for Diesel Engine Electronic Fuel Injection Systems ECU, EUP, EUI

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