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Myra Foreign Trade


Myra Foreign Trade

Electrodes, Welding Wires, Welding Machines


A Quality Product from
Myra Foreign Trade [View Profile]
Istanbul - Turkey

Description :
Established in 1970, ASKAYNAK became the exclusive distributor of Lincoln Electric's welding machinery
and equipment in 1992. In 1998 this relationship became a fully-fledged partnership with the acquisition
of a 50 % shareholding in the Company by Lincoln Electric. Lincoln Electric is the world leader in the
design, development and manufacture of arc welding products, robotic welding systems, plasma and oxy-fuel
cutting equipment.

Lincoln Electric has its manufacturing operations, joint-ventures and alliances in 18 countries, and a
worldwide network of distributors and sales offices covering more than 160 countries.

The plant and the Head Office are located in Kartal, an industry-intensive area of Istanbul, set on 23,000
sqm of land. ASKAYNAK has about 250 employees. ASKAYNAK has a production capacity up to 22,000 mtons of
welding electrodes, 3,500 mtons of submerged arc welding wires and 15,000 mtons of MIG/MAG welding wires
annually. ASKAYNAK distributes these products through a network of 700 authorized dealerships throughout

It has also built up a substantial export network, with exports to more than 40 countries. The Company's
main export markets include Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, S. America and the Far East.

Kaynak Tekniği has been manufacturing "ASKAYNAK" and "KOBATEK" branded welding electrodes and wires. In
addition to that, the company has been performing the sales of ?LINCOLN ELECTRIC? branded welding wires,
electrodes, welding machines and generators as well as stainless steel MIG/TIG wires, flux-cored wires,
carbon electrodes, and tungsten TIG rods under its own registered brandname of "STARWELD".

The major application areas of ?ASKAYNAK? branded MIG/MAG wires, SAW wires, stick electrodes and ?STARWELD?
branded stainless steel MIG/TIG wires are industrial production and construction. ?KOBATEK? branded products
are used in protective repair and maintenance welding applications. "LINCOLN ELECTRIC" products are used in
both application areas.

ASKAYNAK offers complete solutions by providing a broad range of high performance, superior quality and
cost-effective coated electrodes specially designed to meet different welding requirement. ASKAYNAK welding
wires provide excellent weldability and superior mechanical properties due to a consistent chemical
composition, optimum feedability and a smooth, stable arc.

KOBATEK products provide the customer with the most complete and advance product range available. By
increasing the wear resistance, Kobatek products help to reduce maintenance periods and spare parts
inventories. By providing total solutions with an outstanding welding performance, Kobatek product range
minimizes production losses and increases plant efficiency.

ASKAYNAK was the first manufacturer of welding consumables in Turkey to receive ISO 9001 Certification, one
of the most comprehensive and prestigious international standards for quality systems from RWT?V in June 1995.
This certification was a significant corporate milestone illustrating ASKAYNAK's overall commitment to superior
quality and to enhance her operational productivity and efficiency. ASKAYNAK's strong position in the Turkish
market is underpinned by its strong reputation for quality.

In 1999, the Company received the prestigious "T?SİAD-KalDer Quality Award" for Small and Medium-sized
Enterprises. International standards including EN, AWS, DIN and ISO are used in the production and testing of
ASKAYNAK products. ASKAYNAK products have been approved by leading international certification bodies,
including : Rheinish - Westfalischer Technischen ?berwachungs Vereine (RWT?V), Deutsche Bahn (DB), GOST,
American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Bureau Veritas (BV), Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LRS), Germanischer Lloyd
(GL), Det Norske Veritas (DnV).

Customer-Focused Culture : In ASKAYNAK, we have adopted quality as away of life. In every operation we perform,
in every product we produce, and in every service we offer, our target is the highest quality level. Our
approach to quality is shaped by our concern for the customer.

Continuous Improvement : The pioneering spirit which we have never lost is open to change and globalization.
Being innovative in our operations is a long standing tradition.

Participation : Our management philosophy rests on the principal of employee participation. We all believe that
we have the right to get involved in issues that interest us. We believe that we should continuously improve our
personal capabilities to reach the highest levels possible.

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Myra Foreign Trade

We are Traders of Hydrogen peroxide, welding wire, welding electrode, welding machines.

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