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Selangor d.e

A Quality Product from
INMECH (M) SDN. BHD. [View Profile]
Selangor D.E - Malaysia

Description :
Automatic monitoring system to detect the slightest
water hardness leakage

What is COLORMETRY (for Hardness) ?
What hardness is considered to be the most common factor in damaging a boiler. The hardness level (ionic concentration) of water inflow to a boiler has been checked manually by using chemical reagents as an indicators. The manual measurement of these conventional methods comprises such problems as; time consumption; personal error or deviation; andlack of continuity in monitoring hardness leakage. COLORMETRY solves all these problems by offering an automatic monitoring system for sample water collection, chemical reagent injection, mixing and evaluation.

CSpecial features

1. Automatic monitoring system for hardness leakage
-Totally automatic control, simple and timesaving procedure.
-No routine calibration neccessary.
-Set standard time period for monitor. (for example, everyday between9:00~17:00)
-With remote control, initiate and terminate the monitoring system outside the boiler room.
-Monitor hardness leakage at each set time (for example, every hour), which enables early detection of hardness leakage.

2. Detect the slightest hardness leakage
-Delect low levels of hardness leakage such as 1~2mg/L by optically and electronically morning the color of sample water.

3. Easy to read digital screen
-The result of the evaluation for hardness level is shown on the digital screen (for example, 0-1 mg/L), which indicates the efficiency of water softener. Instant recognition of the stage of operation by digital signature.

4. Alarm buzzer for information function
-Buzzer alarms when any hardness leakage is detected. With the external alarm contact outlet, the alarm can be sent to a remote location.
-Equipped with self check/confirm function. In case the device faults, the main cause of the problem is shown in the same manner as the evaluation of hardness leakage on the digital screen.

5. Momory function for recording hardness leakage incidents
-Memorizes date, time, duration of hardness leakage and time of reinstatement for up to three consecutive incidents. Memory function assists in analysis of causes of hardness leakage.

6. One-Touch Cartridge Replacement
-The cartridge contains all the necessary chemical reagent and can be replaced with a one-tough, simple motion. in normal operation the cartridge does not have to be replaced for approximately 4 months. (Note 1)

7. Compact Design
-Unique compact design automatic colorimeter device.
-Easy installation on the wall with mounting brackets attached to the device.
-One-touch connection of collection and drain lines to the device.

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Manufacturer & Exporter of Engineer Products BOILER:- Electric Steam Boiler, Oil & Gas Steam Boiler, Hot Water Boiler, Thermal Oil Heater. STEAM TRAPS, VALVES & EQUIPMENT:- TLS Steam Traps & Air Traps, Valves, Testing Equipment OTHERS:- Piping Contractors, Chemical feed Systeam Pressurer Vessels & Boiler Equipment.

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