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TVL Steams Traps & Air Traps

Selangor d.e

A Quality Product from
INMECH (M) SDN. BHD. [View Profile]
Selangor D.E - Malaysia

Description :
TM5 instrument combines three instruments in one probe; ultrasonic and temperate measurement plus data logging function.
TM5 tests a steam trap by comparing its operation to data from laboratory tests of an identical trap held in its memory.
The TM5 jedgement is automatic and repeatable.
Data from TM5 is easily uploaded to the TrapManager Software.
TrapManager summarizes and analayzes the results, making the data available in a variety of reports, tables or graphics.

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Manufacturer & Exporter of Engineer Products BOILER:- Electric Steam Boiler, Oil & Gas Steam Boiler, Hot Water Boiler, Thermal Oil Heater. STEAM TRAPS, VALVES & EQUIPMENT:- TLS Steam Traps & Air Traps, Valves, Testing Equipment OTHERS:- Piping Contractors, Chemical feed Systeam Pressurer Vessels & Boiler Equipment.

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