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A Quality Product from
Bharuch - India

Description :
Tough Kevlar outside, soft cotton / Acrylic inside
Knit construction fits with superior comfort
Great for hot and abrasive handling
Light weight and Medium weight gloves feature plated design on which Kevlar and Cotton / Acrylic are bonded together
Heavy weight gloves feature glove-within-a-glove design.

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Manufacturers and Exporters of

  • Head Protection: Multirib Helmet [HP-MR], Nape Style helmet [HP-NU], Industrial Helmets [ HP-A], Fibre Glass Helmet [HP-NF], Helmet with Earmuff Attachment, Helmet with Face Shield Attachment, Helmet with Earmuff and Face shield Attachments, Multi Rib Glow helmet, Concord Helmet [HP-NC], rachet Head Brand, Tough hat.
  • Face Protection: Face Guard [FG-10], Fuel View [FG-C 20], Face Shield Type I [without crown protection], face Shield Type II [with crown protection ]. Standard Face Shield, Furnace mask [FG-FM], Wire Mesh Face Guard, Welding head Screen, Pinhole Head gear, Visor Movement, Racht Head Gear.
  • Eye Protection I : Indirect Impact Chemical Splash Goggle, Rubber -Spec Goggles, Cover all Goggles, Flexifit Goggles, Multi fit goggles, Janata Wear Flip up, Bocal goggles, Leather Mask Goggles.
    Eye Protection II : Clear Cover Spectacle, brow Guard, Executive Model, Suraksha, Eye Guard, safe view, Wide Vision, Perfect Fit, Hybrow Spectacle, Side Shields.
  • Ear Protection : Ear Guard, Sure Guard, Hear Guard, Pu Foam fit, Comfit Ear Plugs, safe Fit, General Purpose Ear muffs, Premium Gear Ear muffs.
  • Hand protection : PVC Unsupported Glove, Unsupported Gloves, Knitted, Polka, Hosiery, Drill Canvas, Black Rubber, White Rubber, Orange Rubber, Chrome Canvas, Metal, Chrome Split Leather, Asbestos Gloves, Aliminised Gloves, Surgical Gloves, Disposable Gloves, PVC Suppotrted Gloves, Electrical Gloves, Lifter Gloves, Special Hazard Glove, Nitrile Dip Hand GLoves, Chempro Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Grip n Gloves, Uncoated Cotton, Kevlar bend cotton, Butyl/ Neoprene industrial Gloves.
  • Body Protection : Aluminised Fire Proximity Suit, PVC Apron, Rubber Apron, PVC Over all, Boiler Suit, Asbestos Suit, GuardWell PVC Suit, Tyvex Delux Coveralls, Reflective Jackets, Tychem, Simplair A. E. Suit,
    Resparotary Protection : Countifit Gas mask, Cloth Masks, Disposable Non Oven Mask, Disposable Green Cloth Mask, Disposable Cloth Mask, Countered Disposable Dust Mask, Disposable Metty Cloth Mask, Fume Masks, Artificial Respirator, Dust Mask, PVC Respiratior, Three in One Orange Mask, Breath Mask, PVC Respirator, Dust / MIST Respirator, Particulate Respirator,
  • Respiratory Protection II: Half Mark With corrugated tube, Pneumatic Full vision mask with connected tube, UP Draft Full FRP hood with apron, Randle Half FRP hood with apron, Sand Blast Rubber coated head with air line, Bubble Hood-Clear hood with impeller Bubble Coate-Clear hood & full coat with impeller, Presure Suit, Filtration Unit, Airline Kit, Baset Refilling Centre.
  • Fall Protection : All Purposes Safety Harness Belt, Linemans pole Strap Belt, General Purpose Safety Belt, Linemans safety Belt, All Purpose safety Harness Belt, Vertical lift safety Harness, Bonus Chair, Rope ladder, Rope Fitting, net, Full Body Harness, Fall Arrestor, Winding Fall Arrestor, Tripod, Roof Top Ladder.

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  • Specially formulated Synthetic rubber compound
  • Dust free internal & external surface
  • Improved Fat & Abrasion resistance
  • Lower ....

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