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Imperial Lab Equipments Private Limited


Imperial Lab Equipments Private Limited

Unevenness Tester

New delhi

A Quality Product from
Imperial Lab Equipments Private Limited [View Profile]
New Delhi - India

Description :
It is used to check the unevenness and irregularities of the road. It is accomodated with a dial gauge to keep a check.
Cat. No.
IL- 814

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Imperial Lab Equipments Private Limited

Manufacturer and exporter of Concrete Testing Machines - Proving Rings, Lateral Extensometer, Length Comparator, Longitudinal Compressometer Permeability Tester, Penetrometer, Slump Test Apparatus, Vibrating Table, Air Entrainment Meter, Air Permeability Apparatus, Moulding, Demountable Mechanical Strain Gauge, Compression Testing Machine, Flexure Strength Testing Unit, Flow Table, Hydraulic Jacks Rock Testing Machines - Brazilian Test Apparatus, Constant Pressure System, Core Cutter & Grinder, Core Drilling Machines, Flat Jack Outfit, Point Load Index Tester, Polishing & Lapping Machine Cement, Lime, Mortar Testing Machines - Cement Tensile Testing Machine, Flexure Strength Testing Machines, Gauging Trowel, Gillmore Needle Apparatus, Jaw Crushers, Jolting Apparatus, Laboratory Ball Mill, Laboratory Cement Autoclave, Le Chatlier Apparatus, Mortar Mixer, Pulveriser, Ring Press, Vibrating Machine, Vicat Apparatus Geotextile Testing Machines - Puncture Test, Cross Permeability Test Apparatus, Dry Sieve Test Apparatus, Gradient Ratio Test Apparatus, Permeability Test Apparatus, Universal Testing System Sand, Aggregates & Tiles Testing Machines - Aggregate Impact Tester, Length Gauge, Abrasion Testing Machine, Thickness Gauge, Tile Flexure Strength Testing Machine, Tile Abrasion Testing Machine Paint, Petroleum & Bitumen Testing Machines - Automatic Compactor, Benkelman Beam, Centrifuge Extractor, Ductility Testing Machine, Dynamic Cone Penetrometer, Marshall Load Frame, Paint Pressure Tester, Pavement Core Drilling Machine, Ring and Ball Apparatus, Ring Press, Salt Mist Chamber, Scratch Hardness Tester, Film Stripping device, Unevenness Tester, Profilograph, Flexibility and Adhesion Tester Soil Testing Machines - Constant Pressure System, Compaction Test Apparatus, Cone Penetrometer Method, Consolidation Apparatus, De-Aired Water Apparatus, Direct Shear Apparatus, Penetration Test Apparatus, C.B.R. Apparatus, Liquid Limit Device, Load Frames, Permeability Apparatus, Pore Pressure Apparatus, Proctor Penetrometer, Pycnometer, Sample Divider, Sample Extractors, Sampling Auger Outfits, Sampling Tubes, Sand Pouring Cylinder Apparatus, Shrinkage Limit Set Sieves, Moisture Meter, Split Spoon Sampler, Standard Penetration Test Set, Static Cone Penetrometer, Swell Test Apparatus, Thin Wall Samplers, Triaxial Cell, Triaxial Test Outfits, Vane Shear Apparatus Other Miscellaneous Testing Machines

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