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Adzion Incorporation


Adzion Incorporation

Conventional Filters


A Quality Product from
Adzion Incorporation [View Profile]
Mumbai - India

Description :
Type F filter is used for applications in which the highest degree of filtration is required.

Type F filters has very deep pleats (150 mm to 292 mm depth ) which ensure longer service life and lower pressure drops.

EFFICIENCY : 99.999% on 0.3 microns

OPTION : Higher Efficiency U 15, U16 and U17

PACKAGING : Each absolute filter is conditioned in three-walled cupboard packaging, which allows perfect protection and resistance.
Type F filter is suitable to the applications of : Clean rooms, Laminar Air flow Cabinets, Security Hoods, and Biohazards Hoods

Product Applications :
Type F filter is the integral element responsible for Absolute filtration, when no dust particles can be tolerated for High tech industries such as:
-Micro Mechanic
-Pharmaceuticals industries
-Food processing
-Bacteriological laboratories
-Homeopathic production

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Adzion Incorporation

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