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Adzion Incorporation


Adzion Incorporation

ETO Steriliser


A Quality Product from
Adzion Incorporation [View Profile]
Mumbai - India

Description :
ETO GAS : Ethylene Oxide is the simplest member of the class epoxides having a boiling point of 10.73 Deg. c at atmospheric pressure and a freezing point of -111.3 Deg C.

Pure ETO forms an explosive mixture with air over a wide range of concentrations. This property has been greatly reduced by cfiluting ETO with an inert gas such as Carbon Dioxide or Nitrogen.

Sterilization by ETO involves alkylation of micro-organisms i.e. alteration of genetic cell material.
Process variables that play an important role in the process are.
1. ETO concentration.
2. Relative Humidity.
3. Temperature.
4. Exposure time.
These factors are carefully monitored in order to ensure complete sterilization.

Steilizer Design : Chamber is made of stainless steel. The rectangular section of the chamber is re-inforced with U-profile jacket welded around the chamber. The chamber is insulated by resin-bonded glasswool covered BY Aluminium sheets.

Jacket Heating Systems : This comprises of a shell & tube type heat exchanger & a circulating pump. The water, used as heating medium is circulated by the pump in the closed loop comprising of the jacket, heat exchanger and necessary piping. Steam is used as source of heat. Chamber temperature is automaticallv controlled for efficient sterilization

Steam Generator : The steam Generator is fabricated from S.S. 304 sheets with industrial immersion heaters. The steam generator is provided with automatic pressure control and other safety features like low water cut off to safe-guard heaters, safetv valve gauge glass etc. The steam is used for :
- Humidification of the load for increasing efficency of the Sterilization Process.
- To heat the D. M. Water used for jacket heating.

Vacuum System : Water ring type rotary vacuum pump driven by 3 ph. flame proof motor. The other Salient Features are :
- Settable evacuation rate of suit packing material.
- Emergency evacuation phase for fast evacuation of gas incase

Gas Evaporator : This will utilise hot water for evaporating the gas to ensure gaseous sterilant even at low ambient temperature.

Gas Detection : For safety ETO gas detectors are provided at different locations to monitor any leak and to set off audio-visual alarms.

Gas Circulating System : To achieve uniform concentration of ETO gas in large chambers special Gas Circulation Systems have been developed. System design ensures.

Gas Scrubber : With our strong committment to environmental protection and social consciousness we have developed Gas Scrubbing system for converting the ETO gas exhausted from the chamber to Ethyene Glycol a bio-friendly substance which can be easily discharged into the municipal sewage.

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Adzion Incorporation

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