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Titaninum Tantalum Products Ltd


Titaninum Tantalum Products Ltd

Pressure Vessel / Column / Tower


A Quality Product from
Titaninum Tantalum Products Ltd [View Profile]
Chennai - India

Description :
Since 1981, TiTaN the manufacturer & supplier of various types of solid / lined / cladded (clad) exotic metal (titanium, tantalum, zirconium, nickel, hastelloy, monel, duplex) pressue vessels, columns & towers for wide application in many adverse and aggressive service conditions in pressure, nonpressure and vacuum environment for ambient or elivated temperature.
TiTaN pressure vessel, columns and towers incorporate many of the follwing design features such as...
construction of either solid or clad type
supplied with skirt or leg support
designed & manufactured in accordance with international std.
TYPES WE OFFER ( construction wise )
solid metal pressure vessel / column / tower (Ti, Zr, Ni, duplex)
cladded (explosive bonded / clad) vessels / columns / towers
exotic metal lined vessel / column / tower (titanium, zirconium)
Ethylene stripper columns
Distillation columns
Drying columns (zirconium)
Saponification columns
Light ends columns (Zr, Ti)
Absorption towers
Leach vessel (titanium) emergency scrubber
(titanium) absorbing tower
venturi (ventury) scrubber
(titanium, zirconium) flash vessel
(nickel, duplex) cyclone separator
(nickel) knock out drum
Titanium pressure vessels, colums, towers (solid / lined / clad)
Zirconium column (for acetic acid, sulphuric acid applications)
Nickel tower (for caustic soda or chlor alkali service)
Monel pressure vessel / non pressure vessel (lined / cladded)
Inconel tower, column, nonpressure vessels (lined or cladded)
Hastelloy (Hast C) pressure vessels (solid / lined / clad)
Incolloy columns, towers, pressure vessels
Cupro Nickel pressure vessel, column, tower (solid / lined)
Duplex pressure vessel, column, tower (solid / lined / clad vessels)
Acetic acid, Suphuric acid plant column (solid / lined zirconium)
Sodium hydroxide plant pressure vessel (solid / lined / clad nickel)
Chlorine dioxide plant tower (solid / lined / cladded titanium)
Copper sulphate plant pressure vessels (leach vessel)

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Titaninum Tantalum Products Ltd

Manufacture Exotic Metal Chemical Process Equipments, Electrochlorinators, Platinized & Cathodic Protection Anodes and Tantalum Repair Kits. Equipment:- Heat Exchanger:- Titanium reboiler, chlorine chiller, nickel preheater, Zr shell & tube heat exchanger, chlorine cooler, duplex evaporator, zirconium, nickel condenser, monel crystallizer. Pressure Vessels:- Titanium non pressure vessels, zirconium columns, duplex lined Towers, titanium cladded vessel, Nickel clad vessel Chemical Industrial Storage Tank:- Titanium storage tanks, nickel tank, hastelloy tank, duplex explosive cladded tanks, zirconium lined tank, Ti / Ni tanks Chemical Process Reactor:- Titanium lined reactors, titanium cladded reactor, solid zirconium reactor, hastelloy clad reactor, duplex reactor, inconel reactors Custom Built Equipment:- Titanium lined chemical mixer, plug screw conveyor, quench cooler, nickel vapour duct, Ti Gr 7 acid lance, ritort, ventury, Ni spray header Rotodynamic:- Pumps:- Titanium vacuum pumps, nickel centrifugal pump, monel metering pumps, duplex dosing pump, inconel pump, chemical feed pumps, zirconium pump Blowers:- Titanium centrifugal blowers, cupro nickel fans, monel radial fan, super duplex blower, inconel blower casing Electrodes:- Activated Ti Metal Anodes:- Box anode, rod , mesh anodes, plate, louver anode, ribbon, tubular , string, runner anode Platinised Nb Metal Anodes:- Platinized rod anode, platinised mesh anodes, plate anodes, wire anode etc Special Electrodes / Anodes:- Platinized titanium anode, platinised niobium anodes, platinized tantalum, zirconium anode Electroplated Pt Anodes:- Platinized titanium , niobium anodes, platinized tantalum, zirconium anode Platinised Ti Metal Anodes:- Platinized rod anode, platinised mesh anode, platinized plate anode, platinized wire anode Lead dioxide metal anodes:- Lead dioxide titanium anode or PbO2 titanium anodes, Lead dioxide graphite anode Lead dioxide graphite anode:- GSLD plate anode, GSLD rod anodes Standard Products:- Agitators:- Titanium reactor agitator, zirconium stirrer, chemical tank agitator, monel stirrer, inconel agitator, hastelloy mixing vessel mixer, Nickel vessel mixer Valves:- Titanium globe valves, zirconium ball, gate valve, monel butterfly valve, duplex needle valve, check, plug valves Pipe Fittings:- Titanium, Ni, Ta reducer, zirconium flange, nickel stub end, duplex dish end, tantalum pipe spools, hastelloy fitting, incolloy concentric, eccentric reducer Fasteners:- Titanium bolts, zirconium nuts, duplex stud, nickel sleeve, monel washer, tantalum screws, rivets Heaters:- Titanium industrial heater, tantalum bionet heaters, zirconium water immersion heaters, oil immersion heater, coil heater, ss band heater, catridge, drum heater Coils:- Zirconium heating coils, tantalum cooling coil, titanium electroplating bath heating coil, serpentine, helical coils Thermowells:- Titanium threaded thermowells, zirconium flanged thermowell, nickel socketed thermowell, duplex straight thermowell, hastelloy tapered thermowells, monel socket weld thermowell Tower Internals:- Titanium tower, column packing, tantalum pall rings, zirconium raschig, tube rings, plate, grid, riser, trays Electroplating:- Anodes:- Hard chrome plating anode, gold , copper, rhodium plating anodes Baskets:- Titanium anode baskets & hooks, zirconium anode basket & hook, monel, SS anode baskets & hooks Tanks:- Electroplating bath storage tank, titanuim storage tank, pickling tanks, anodizing tank, electroplating dip tank Coil:- Plating bath heating coils, plating plant chemical heating titanium coil, zironium coil, monel coil Heaters:- Titanium electroplating plant heater, tantalum plating plant catridge heaters, drum heater, gold plating plant Ti heater Jigs & Fixtures:- Titanium jigs & fixture, zirconium jigs and fixtures for plating plants, single stem jig & fixtures, spine plating jigs & fixture Copper Flexibles:- Switch gear copper flexible, electrolytic cell Al flexible conductors, Aluminium, Cu flexibles Cathodic Protection:- Sacrificial Anodes:- Sacrificial zinc anode, sacrificial magnesium anode, sacrificial aluminium anodes, marine / offshore anode, condenser anode, ship hull / bracelet / platform anode Impressed Current Anodes:- Special Service:- Tantalum Repair Kit:- Tantalum domed washers, set screws, slot screws, Ta cap nut Caustic Fusion Accessories:- Nickel preconcentrator tube, nickel vapour duct, Ni falling / raising film evaporator, nickel seal pot, nickel vat, Ni lye collection cup Electrochlorinators:- Cells Electrolyzers (electrolysers):- Salt water chlorinators, electrochlorination system, electrolyser assembly, industrial chlorination systems

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Pressure Vessel / Column / Tower

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